Kunyaza Research: Incredible African Technique To Achieve Female Orgasm

  • Feb.18.2022
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For centuries, it was believed that a woman should not be sexy. A woman should not think about sex or even enjoy herself in bed. The entire written history of mankind is filled with attempts to control female sexuality. But you’ll be surprised to know that in one of the regions of Africa since ancient times there was a cult of the female orgasm, which was marked as the kunyaza technique.

What Is Kunyaza?

This sexual practice is called “kunyaza” in the Rundi language. The purpose of kunyaza is to facilitate and enhance the female orgasm. In essence, this is what sexologists were telling the Europeans: a man stimulates and caresses a woman and does this until the woman reaches an orgasm, ejaculates, or makes a copious discharge. This sexual practice has been known since ancient times in the Great Lakes region of East Africa: in Rwanda, Burundi, Western Uganda, Western Tanzania, and in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Popular tradition says that the Kunyaza dates back to the time of the Third Dynasty, that is, to the 16th century, when the Nilotic Tutsi tribes came to Rwanda. Tutsi knew kunyaza even before resettlement to the Great Lakes.

African Discovery

So, according to legend, the royal guard, whom the queen chose to have sex, taking advantage of the departure of the king to the war, became very worried. He failed to penetrate the queen’s womb, instead his cock rubbed against her labia and clitoris, delivering satisfaction that led to a copious release of fluid. The term kunyaza itself comes from the verb kunyara, which means “to get wet”.

It was this kunyaza how to enjoy legend that Belgian documentary filmmaker Olivier Jourdain heard in 2009 while filming the progressively titled Go Africa! in Kigali. One of the heroes of the film, according to Jourdain, was a terrible womanizer who endlessly boasted of his amorous adventures. One morning, the director came to his hut and saw that he had laid out a mattress to dry. After a naive question about what happened, the Rwandan sex giant told the Belgian the legend about kunyaza.

It is worth noting that the Rwandans take this legend seriously, and in memory of it, in the bedroom of the royal palace, which was reconstructed in the Nyanza Museum, an ox skin is always on the floor to “absorb love juices”.

Technique and Cultural Practice

Ancient and such modern sexual practices made such a strong impression on all visitors that researchers from different continents began to write books, make films, and even visual practical aids about kunyaza.

Kunyaza research was first introduced in 2005 by Nsekuye Bizimana, a specialist in traditional Rwandan medicine living in Germany. His book The African Secret of Love has even been translated into Chinese. Films about kunyaza were shot by Canadians and Australians. The German studio IntimateFilm released an educational DVD film “Kunyaza – African love game”, directed by the master of the erotic genre Pierre Roshan.

Olivier Jourdain also decided to make a documentary film (55 minutes long) about this African phenomenon that shocked him. The film is called “Holy Water”, because, according to the director, this practice for the Rwandans themselves is a symbol of fertility and marital happiness.

“Water is life, what makes plants grow,” says Olivier Jourdain. “A woman’s ability to give “water” as a sign of her fertility echoes the toponymy of Rwanda, with its luxurious vegetation.” “Rwandan men do not hide the fact that they enjoy penetration more,” Jourdain reveals, “but they still have to follow the Rwanda kunyaza. The pleasure of a woman is the key to the pleasure of a man, and if she is not satisfied, then he won’t be able to feel sexually satisfied either, at least in a moral sense.

Agree that Europeans and Americans are not in vain making films about how to kunyaza and are surprised. In distant hot Africa, on the shores of the Great Lakes, without any Dr. Freud and Dr. Kinsey, the cult of the female orgasm itself arose as an indispensable element of family happiness.

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