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kama sutra positions

What is Kama Sutra and how many Kama Sutra positions are there? We will explain all with a small guide of names of the top Kama Sutra positions. You can now spice up your sex life and try out some new positions.

Best Kama Sutra Positions: Kamasutra Positions Explained

lotus position sex

Learn about the best Kama Sutra positions with this easy guide to what some people refer to as a “sex position manual” that offers philosophy on life and love from ancient times. This article will give you sex positions in numbers, Kama Sutra position with names, and Kama Sutra tips for your use in the bedroom, and the Kama Sutra teachings will help you learn how to lead a life rich with love, passion, and desire outside of the bedroom.

While I would always advise investing in a copy of the Kama Sutra, whether that be Kama Sutra for beginners or an unabridged and annotated copy of the ancient text, in this article I will answer questions like “How many Kama Sutra positions are there?” and “What are the top Kama Sutra positions?” Together we will explore a list of Kama Sutra positions and give you a short and concise Kama Sutra position on a how-to guide.

Before we get into the Kama Sutra sex positions, it is important to understand that there is so much more than pictures of sex positions in Kama Sutra’s writing and philosophy. If you haven’t checked out my article “What is Kama Sutra,” you should give that a read in order to have a better understanding of how the Kama Sutra came to be one of the most highly regarded texts about sex. In short, it’s not just a book about sex.

The Kama Sutra, written in 200 BCE by a Sanskrit monk named Vātsyāyana Mallanaga, is a guide to an ancient philosophy of love and life. The text included information and teachings on how to be a good partner, how to love and be loved, how to make perfume, cook, and write poetry among many other tips for finding pleasure in even the simplest of life’s beauties. It emphasizes sensuality and the importance of touch and eye contact and includes chapters about kissing and embracing. It wasn’t until western writers created poor translations and in ways that exoticized Indian sexuality that the Kama Sutra became known as a graphic manual for the hyper-sexual.

While the book does have much to say about sex, it isn’t simply pornographic but offers quite important lessons on sexuality. There is an emphasis on the sensations and pleasure of sex, and while there is much in the writing about how the journey is more important than the destination, the Kama Sutra teaches that it is most important for women to reach a climax before a man starts thinking about having an orgasm of his own.

The Kama Sutra is applicable for all genders and sexualities and can be useful for people of all physical abilities. How many sex positions are there? Approximately 64 positions. These sex positions that make up about 20% of the text’s content is all about finding pleasure and intimacy with a lover. So now that you know these sex positions come from a much more comprehensive manifesto on love, here are a few of the best Kama Sutra positions to try for a most intimate and sensational sexual exploration with your lover.

best kama sutra positions


Named after Indra, the queen of heaven, this position is known for the heavenly pleasure it produces. For this position, the receiver lies on their back with their knees pulled into their chest while the giver kneels and positions their knees behind their lover’s knees, penetrating them with the possibility to use their hands-free to stimulate their partner from above.


Also known as the tripod, this position is best for a hot and steamy quickie. In this standing position, while both partners stand facing each other, the giving partner picks up the receiving partner’s leg and rests it in their torso region. The two connect with penetration making them into a tripod.

Lotus Position

Some describe lotus position sex as a way to reach a blissful level of intimacy. The giver sits down cross-legged and the receiver lowers themself on top and wraps their legs around their partner. For support, it is helpful for the two lovers to hug. This position allows for a lot of eye contact and sensual grinding.

Milk and Water

For this position, the use of a chair is involved. The giver first sits on the chair and then the receiver sits on top of their lap facing away, allowing both lovers to have leverage and control over the rhythm and speed of penetration.

The Ballet Dancer

This position is one to try if you are feeling flexible and have a good sense of balance. Aptly named after the graceful art of ballet, for this position the two lovers stand and face each other, and the receiver balances on one leg and lifts their other leg up to wrap it around their partner’s waist. Don’t worry if you’re not actually a ballet dancer and need to hold on to a dresser or bedpost for support for this one!

The Tigress

This position is much like the reverse cowgirl. The giver lays on their back and the receiver sits atop their hips facing away and rocking their hips for a controlled penetration. Many people shy away from this position until they get the hang of it, it’s really all in the rocking and rhythm.

The Good X

This position is good for those who want something an extravagant looking position which doesn’t require a lot of flexibility. First, both partners lie on their backs with their feet facing one another. One person puts their right leg over their partner’s left and then their partner’s right leg over their left leg and they connect in the middle allowing their legs to make an X. This position is also good for those who wish to have a little bit more stimulation while being penetrated because the upper body is quite free.

The teachings of the Kama Sutra are applicable outside of the bedroom when you are enjoying looking at the way your partner’s hair falls over their shoulders or the love you feel when your partner brings you a cup of coffee in the morning. Experience sex as a sensational journey of enjoyment, and use these top Kama Sutra sex positions to help you find that intimacy and passion. Mindfulness in sexuality and love will bring you more pleasure in bed and more satisfaction in life.

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