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Erotic hypnosis is a form of sexual hypnosis that can result in powerful orgasm without physical touch. Real erotic hypnosis is all about having a full body sensuous experience, and while hypnosis orgasm can be extremely powerful as a result of erotic hypnosis, the hypnosis is about much more than just the orgasm. The erotic hypnosis experience can help heal people with sexual or physical trauma, it can help someone who has sexual dissatisfaction or blockages, and it can be useful to those who want to form stronger connections or bonds with their partner(s). Additionally, erotic hypnosis sex can be part of BDSM role play or exploration.

What Is Erotic Hypnosis?

The erotic hypnosis experience is something that has been practiced for a long time throughout history. The name of it may change in the lineage of time, but sexual meditation is as ancient as the human race. Erotic hypnosis triggers intense vibrations sensations and can lead to powerful orgasm, even without any physical touch whatsoever. There are many ways that you could get into erotic hypnosis.

You can get sessions with an erotic hypnotist at home via online videos or audio or in person with a professional. There are good and bad things about both formats. Some people feel a lot more safe and comfortable being able to achieve hypnosis in the safety of their own home through the computer, but there is also a lot more of a chance that the videos you watch or the audio you listen to online will be underwhelming or not professional.

There are thousands of videos and websites dedicated to erotic hypnosis, but it’s best to do some really good research to find out who the best hypnotist is for you. This also goes for hiring a professional to do a session in person with you. You will want to vet the person and make sure that they are a good personal fit with you and your reasoning for getting hypnosis in the first place.

If you want to get hypnosis to heal trauma, you will want to hire a sex positive hypnotherapist. If you want to get into erotic hypnosis because you like the idea or it or because you want to play out a BDSM scene, you could get sessions with a dominatrix or a hypnotherapist.

Erotic hypnosis, or hypnosis in this sense in general, is not like what you might have seen in movies. It will not make you suddenly do things you’re not wanting to do or aren’t aware of. It is instead, a state of intense and deep relaxation, similar to the state your body is in right before you fall asleep at night.

It is at this deep and intensely relaxed state that you will be able to tap into deeper parts of yourself, your body and your mind. It is typically done through the use of voice, potentially with the addition of soothing sounds or audio, and it can be done with or without touch. Some hypnotherapists may use their presence as a tool in the hypnosis without the use of actual tactile touch to their client’s body.

This experience of guided voice, and potentially guided touch, will help clients tap into their body’s internal feelings and sensations, leading often to the experience of intense sensations and for many leading to full body orgasm even without any manual stimulation.

Does Erotic Hypnosis Work?

In short, yes, erotic hypnosis can be very effective in achieving results whether that be experiencing powerful orgasm, healing past trauma or shame, or intensifying your connection with your partner. Most people won’t be able to get to the full body orgasm on their first try, but after a few sessions the sensations will intensify greatly.

Most practitioners of erotic hypnosis agree that everyone is capable of successful erotic hypnosis, however some people take longer to get there than others, and for some who are closed off to the idea, it can be effectually harder to experience hypnosis to orgasm or simply to allow pent up energy to release from the body. Erotic hypnosis will not always work for everyone, especially if your hypnosis therapist is not a good fit for you.

This is why it is extremely important to find a hypnosis therapist that is a good match for you and caters to your specific and personal needs. Even if you find a great person to give you erotic hypnosis, it may still take a bit of practice to figure out exactly how to get the most benefit from the experience. This is why people tend to go to multiple sessions, because with each session more is unlocked, and a practice is affirmed. Again, it is possible for everyone to achieve results from erotic hypnosis, but it might take a pit of elbow grease depending on you, your therapist, and what you are wishing to achieve through the experience.

How to Perform Erotic Hypnosis

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While many people who want to experience erotic hypnosis invest in an erotic hypnosis session or two with an erotic hypnosis guide who specializes in sensual or sexual hypnosis, there are ways you can practice and learn how to experience and perform erotic hypnosis by yourself or with a partner. It is important to study whether that be through guidance from a professional, books, or instructional videos. Then you can practice with yourself or with a consenting partner. It is important to understand that if you are wanting to perform erotic hypnosis with a partner in order to heal their trauma, you are better off getting help from a professional, as this requires proper training. If you want to practice erotic hypnosis with a partner just because both of you are interested in the idea, you can totally use tutorials and books to help you try to break into the hypnosis world. You should start off by asking them what they are hoping to achieve in the session, then guide them through a relaxation and coach them with your words to tap into the sensations and feelings that they wish to explore. If you’ve never done this before, do your research, and don’t be afraid to explore, regroup and communicate.

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