How to Use a Dental Dam for Oral Sex: The Best Method of STI Protection for Oral

  • Apr.14.2021
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dental dams in use

While most people are in the know about how to practice safe penetrative sex, not as many people are aware of how to protect themselves and their partners when it comes to having oral sex. Of course condoms work for oral sex with someone who has a penis, but if you want to be having safe oral sex with someone with a vulva, or as a vulva owner, you should know about dental dam oral protection. If you’ve never heard of a dental dam, you might be wondering “What is dental dam protection?” Dental dams are a barrier method that protects against STIs during oral sex or any other stimulation of the vulva. If you’ve never used one before and want to know what they’re all about, this is the perfect article to read about dental dams and how to use a dental dam for oral sex.

Get Some Dam Protection!

Dental dams are a useful STI prevention method for oral sex which are easy to use and specifically designed with sensation in mind. Not as many people know about the dental dam how to use it or where to get it, but once you do know it’s a great tool to use and a great way to protect against STIs.

While most people use dental dams as a dam for oral sex with vulva owners, note that you can also use the dam on anuses no matter what, which can add another layer of fun to anyone’s life, and maybe even encourage those who were turned off from rimming because of the taste or negative association.

How Do Dental Dams Work?

With the use of dental dams safe sex can be more accesible to more people. In health and sex education classes around the globe students are taught about the importance of condoms as the primary protector against STIs and unwanted pregnancy. Not as much attention is given to the dental dam. Dental dams are truly important for people who may be able to have or may not choose to have penetrative intercourse, but who still need protection against STIs. Dental dams work as a barrier between the vulva or anus and either the tongue or whatever is being used to stimulate. The dam prevents any actual contact between the area being stimulated and the body part that is being used to stimulate it, so no fluids can be shared and thus no diseases or infections are transmitted. Dental dams are a little bit more expensive than condoms and a little bit harder to find, but they should be available at a sex shop and are easy to locate online. Some universities, initiatives and health services provide free dental dams, so if you don’t have the means to pay for them yourself check out the resources around you to see if you can get them for free.

What Do Dental Dams Look Like?

Dental dams look like a small film of plastic or cling wrap. They sometimes come in fun colors or flavors and they are super thin to allow maximum sensation to be felt through them without any skin to skin contact. Don’t use a dental dam that is in ripped packaging or that has holes or tears in it, as this could mean it is damaged and no longer functional as a barrier method of protection.

Dental Dam Instructions

dam protection

To use a dental dam you simply open the packaging, take the dam out and carefully place the dental dam on vagina and vulva in order to cover any area that will come in contact with another person. Once the dam is securely on your vulva (or your partner’s vulva) you can then go to town with your tongue or your fingers or both!

When the dental dams in use be careful to make sure that it doesn’t slip or rip and become ineffective. You use your hands to keep the dam in place to keep the likelihood of slipping low, and you can also put a bit of lube between the dam and the skin it’s on, which can feel great and keep the dam from curling up or slipping off.

Don’t use too much lube for this or the dam will become so slippery it could slip off, but a small amount should help it stay in place. If the dam does happen to rip at any time, remove it and replace it as soon as possible. Once you’ve come to an end point you can carefully remove the dam without letting the exterior touch your vulva (or your partner’s vulva) and then discard it in the garbage.

Dental Dam Effectiveness

Dental dams are quite effective when it comes to providing a barrier of protection against STDs like gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, HIV, and it could potentially protect against herpes and HPV, but know that it is still possible to contract herpes and HPV if there is any contact with skin surrounding the genitals that is not covered by the dental dam itself. If you or your partner are currently having a herpes outbreak, it is safer to wait until the outbreak clears to engage in any sexual activity. Herpes can be spread through contact that is not directly on the genitals, so it is important to be super vigilant if you or your partner are having an active outbreak.

Dental dams are also less effective in preventing the transmission of public lice, because these parasites can transfer more easily than other STIs and are more likely to stray from the area that the dental dam would be placed over. If you or your partner are experiencing a bout of pubic lice, it’s better to hold off until the outbreak has cleared. Dental dams are most effective at preventing STIs or other infections that are localized to the exact spot you would cover with the dam. Dental dams are super effective in preventing infections from bacteria like E-coli, which is helpful if you and your partner are interested in a safe method of rimming or analingus. It is possible to misuse a dental dam rendering it less effective, but if you use it correctly and change it when it needs to be changed it is quite effective in preventing the spread of STIs and bacteria.

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