How To Swallow Cum: The Best Secrets And Techniques For Swallowing Cum

  • Jan.24.2022
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how to eat cum

The million dollar question: to swallow or not to swallow cum? Of course, there are those among us for whom this is categorically not suitable – learning how to swallow cum with a blowjob. But superfluous skills are not placed on anyone, what if it comes in handy? Arm yourself with new knowledge from this material.

Do You Need to Swallow Cum?

Of course, oral sex to many women and some men seems to be an unnatural combination of “in and out”. The logic is dubious, but it deserves the right to exist. Under the fear of being out of love and abandoned, supporters of traditional ways to eat cum agree to the procedure of performing fellatio, just in case, closing their eyes and plugging their noses and being horrified in advance at the thought of how to eat cum. And everything would be fine if not for a single piquant nuance. Taking advantage of women’s dependability, unbridled men, who have lost control and sense of proportion, insistently demand additional “dividends” for “investment” in the female mouth. “Swallow!” sounds like a death sentence. I want to argue and enter into a politically correct debate, but my mouth is busy. And it remains either to spit in the literal and figurative sense or to step over oneself and allow the partner to commit an act of trampling on female dignity – through the esophagus into the stomach.

Why do men love to feed their beloved with their bodily fluids so much, and what is so important in this process that the persistence of “spite-speakers” sometimes acquires the symptoms of mania? And most importantly – how to deal with it, so as not to remain in splendid isolation due to the refusal to treat the delicacy?

The most important thing that a wise partner should remember is that many male “cockroaches” in the head have a symbolic meaning. Learning how to swallow cum is one of those things. The point here is not at all in the process of eating male seeds but in the principled acceptance or rejection of sperm. The word “dislike” means the inability or unwillingness to accept something from another person. Figuratively speaking, a man needs to make sure that a woman accepts him completely, that she belongs to him and merges with him completely. Therefore, some of us shrug our shoulders and go to Google search engines “learn to eat cum with a blowjob” and study text and video instructions.

Swallow Cum During Blowjob

The word “fusion” itself, about sexual relations, has not only a spiritual, but also a very specific physiological meaning. During a deep sensual kiss, a man and a woman inevitably exchange saliva. By the way, already during the first kiss, you can assess how partners fit together. If the kiss tastes sweet, if nothing causes discomfort, then the fusion has a long-term perspective, at least on a physiological level. Any unpleasant sensation, as a rule, turns out to be a sign that there are some mismatches in the pair. If even just a kiss with a partner causes rejection, then the woman’s conviction that it is right and important – learning to swallow cum won’t help. The signals that the brain gives during the first connection of the lips and tongues are so subtle that they are almost impossible to analyze. You just need to listen to your own body and trust your intuition. But without a passionate penetration of the tongue into the mouth of a loved one, it can be quite difficult to evaluate one’s physiological affection. Although sensuality has reached a high level of development, the issue of acceptance can be resolved even at a distance and without a single touch of the bodies. But this is a matter of experience and susceptibility.

As for the outpouring of semen, the fact of acceptance, that is, absolute feminine affection is important for a man. Therefore, the refusal of the offer to enjoy cum can be subconsciously perceived as some hostility or insufficient affection for the beloved woman. Men are not always able to formulate this causal relationship, they most often do not realize the origins of their not quite traditional sexual desires, but somewhere in the subcortex the information is deposited in a special “dossier” and over time an automatic verdict “she doesn’t suit me”.

Of course, men for the most part have gone far in development from their monkey ancestors, and a powerful human intellect blocks absurd thoughts in cases where a woman does not agree to swallow sperm in any way, with rational arguments “she has huge breasts” or “she is a wonderful mother of my future children”. But if we talk about an ideal situation, then it is better not to give the primitive male subconscious a reason to launch a program of primitive analysis. What about those women who prefer tea, coffee, and light alcohol as love drinks in bed?

Tips for Swallowing Cum

learning to swallow cum
  1. The first trick. As already mentioned, the acceptance of sperm is a symbolic act. A man not so much needs to pour something into the oral cavity of a girlfriend as not to be rejected. So the question is not the best way to eat cum, the most important thing here is not to show your disgust at the result of the healthy functioning of the testicles and prostate. The most terrible female mistake that deserves punishment in the form of denial of cunnilingus is grimacing on the face and loudly expressive spitting. For male dignity, this is tantamount to an insult. You can safely put your hand next to your mouth and let the man spill past your lips. If at the same time, you wrap your fingers around the head of the penis so that there is a feeling of penetration into something warm, this would be quite enough for the man to internally make such a compromise decision.
  2. The second trick. There are a lot of more or less useful sites on the Internet with instructions on how to give a blowjob properly (remember: imagine that you have to suck a lollipop, take a partner’s cock and start sucking it), but few can teach how to drink cum if it causes disgust at the physiological level. I suggest going for a little trick: show that you fully accept your loved one differently. To do this, you need to symbolically demonstrate affection and allow yourself to “shoot” on the chest, stomach, or even on the face. The main secret of this technique is to please the male eye with a picture of smearing seminal fluid on the skin – with pleasure. You can even accompany this process with a few phrases encouraging your partner’s behavior and expressing your enjoyment. The brain of a man would be “full” and satisfied.
  3. The third trick. If you decide to finish the job, you understand that you can’t cope and frantically think about the best way to swallow cum, then in no case take her by the cheek, like a thrifty squirrel, to immediately jump out of a warm bed, and then for a long time shut yourself in the bathroom and, under the roar of a falling water jet, gargle with pleasure and brush your teeth as if you swallowed glue. Even if something terrible happened to you, and your loved one did not have time to get out of your mouth promptly, stock up on a napkin and carefully, so that the man does not notice, turn away and push out the unnecessary liquid from the oral cavity. And then just be patient for a few minutes and with a sweet smile, slowly, go to the bathroom or the kitchen. So you’ll save your chosen one from injury and won’t let him doubt that he is pleasant to you, that is, accepted entirely, completely, to the last drop and with pleasure.

Here are some simple rules or “correct” tricks on how to swallow cum without gagging. If you do not want to accept sperm, then at least take note of our advice!

The creators of the blog wish you an enjoyable blowjob experience and remember that swallowing cum is not necessary at all. Talk about this topic and if you feel uncomfortable doing this, then you need to tell the guy, and not endure it.

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