How to Shave Your Balls Properly and with No Cuts – Man Shaving Guidelines

  • Oct.25.2021
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how to shave your balls without itching

Manscaping can be a daunting task, especially because you’re working with an area of skin that is super sensitive and important. You want everything to look nice and shaped up, but getting the right angles and any attempts at preventing razor bumps can make attaining that ideal really difficult. The big patch of hair on the public line is one thing to tackle, but ball grooming? That’s a different rodeo altogether.

Should Guys Shave Their Balls?

According to health experts, shaving your balls is not recommended. For starters, there is a reason that we grow hair on the genital area. While it may seem silly and insignificant, hair on the balls is a protective measure developed through millions of years of evolution. It’s not so silly when you think of it that way, is it? Hair on your balls is there to help with temperature control, protect against chafing, and even keep some debris and bacteria from finding their way to that sensitive part of your body. Is it safe to shave your balls? It can be perfectly safe if you’re doing it right, but many people can sustain injuries from unsafe attempts at ball shaving. People who shave their balls are ultimately more likely to suffer from scrotum injuries like cuts and ingrown hairs. For the most part, all of the benefits of shaving balls are aesthetic, with the exception of a select few medical conditions or procedures requiring a clean shave. All of this being said, if you simply feel better and more confident with no hair down there, you should certainly learn the safest way to shave balls. This article will inform you on everything you need to know about how to shave balls safely from the best tool to shave balls to detailed instructions. For the 411 on a tough job, this guide will give you some useful stuff.

Best Way to Shave Balls

what is the best way to shave your balls

What is the best way to shave your balls? Well, with the help of this shaving balls tutorial, you’re about to find out! The easiest way to shave balls might be to just go at them with a razor in the shower, but that might end in sheer discomfort if not disaster. If you want to know how to safely shave balls, and how to shave your balls without itching, you’re going to need to take a few more steps to prepare and do things properly.

What to Use to Shave Balls

Can you shave your balls with a razor? You can, but in order to do things in the safest and most effective way, you should definitely invest in either a safety razor or potentially an electric trimmer. There are specific razors out there that are meant specifically for manscaping, so one of those would probably do the trick, but a safety razor or a beard trimmer would also work well. You don’t want to be using an old razor, or a cheap disposable. The skin on the testes is extremely thin and sensitive, so tugging and pulling with an old or cheap razor could end up with some pretty damn painful results.

The trick is to use a safety razor or a beard trimmer that will be for the specific purpose of manscaping (careful not to cross-contaminate the microbiome on your balls and your face). That’s right, if you’re going to really go for it, you should have a separate razor for your face and your nether region. The trimmer will cut the hair extremely short without pulling or scraping the skin. This might seem less effective because it won’t give you the clean shave you’re looking for, but do note that the hair that grows on testicles is not the same as the stuff that sprouts up on your face or the pubic triangle.

Ball hair is thin, and it isn’t particularly dense, so even shaving with a trimmer will give you the appearance of a baby smooth scrotum. It will also prevent you from getting itchy ingrown hairs and razor bumps. You don’t want to be sitting in discomfort 24/7 or always feeling the need to stick your hands in your pants to itch. Ingrown and bumps can also raise your risk of infections and rashes.

These are totally things that you can and should want to avoid. Don’t cheap out with your money or your time. Invest in the proper tools in order to master the safest and proper way to shave balls.

How to Shave Your Balls

best way to shave balls

Now that we have established the importance of the right tools, let’s get to the preparation for the ball shaving. Firstly, you’re going to want to take a shower or a bath to wash the area. Use a gentle soap to clean the balls and wash with warm water.

Not only are you cleaning the area to prevent infection, but it may help to shave after having your sac in a sterile and warm environment for other reasons too. Soaking your scrotum in some warm water could help loosen the follicles and the pores to help things go smoothly and safely. Warm is key here, not too cold or too hot. Then you can trim the hair so that it doesn’t pull or snag on the razor. Trim as much as you can without getting too close to the skin. You can either use a pair of safety scissors or a hair trimmer to do this.

Once the hair is trimmed, you would need to apply some gentle shaving cream or gel to the area. Use a product that isn’t particularly astringent or intense. This is a sensitive area, so use a product that won’t shock or irritate you. Then stand in a position that is suitable for you to get to your scrotum most easily with your razor. If you need to prop your leg up on a chair or a bench, do so. Don’t prop your leg up on something precarious that could cause you to slip.

One of the best shaving balls tips is to use a bucket of water in the tub rather than trying to shave while the shower is running. This way, slipping and nicking your balls with the razor is less of a scary threat. Gently pull the skin, so that there are no wrinkles, and make even and gentle strokes with the razor. Once you’ve finished, use warm water to rinse the skin and gently dab a towel over the area to dry it.

How to shave balls safely

The emphasis here is on sensitivity and patience. Don’t rush through it, or you will be more likely to cut yourself, and you might end up doing a bad job. If you’re careful and take your time, you might get out of there without a single scratch or scrape. If you do end up nicking your skin, which happens even when we are the most careful, treat it with some antibacterial ointment and apply a bit of pressure with a towel or a small bit of toilet paper to clot the blood.

If you’ve managed to finish the job unscathed, apply some soothing sensitive skin balm or lotion to the area to prevent chafing and bumps. Wear loose-fitting cotton underwear to help protect your newly shaven testicles, and enjoy the look and feel of a proper shave.

Now that you’ve learned all of the tricks and information you need to know to shave your testicles in the safest and effective manner, you’re good to go! Whether you want your testes to fit your aesthetic, you’re prepping for surgery, or you simply enjoy the feeling of shaved balls, you should take all of the proper steps to take it safely and effectively. Your skin will thank you later!

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