How to Respond to a Wanted D Pic or Nudes: A Selection of Cool Tips

  • Feb.02.2022
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how to respond to a wanted d pic

How to respond to a wanted d pic is a mystery for many people, because at such moments you want to be tactful and not say something superfluous. Remember that wild peaks and nudes are wonderful and amazing! If you managed to get them from a girl, consider 90% of success already in your pocket. However, even at the finish line, you can be stupid. Now we’ll tell you how to respond to a d pics and nudes. It’s amazing what problems modern men face. Before, everything was simple: not to step on a lady’s foot at a ball or not to eat pies with onions before a date.

One of the important aspects of modern dating is naked photos or nudes. Surely every person who has had an affair over the past ten years has received or sent them at least once. However, recently it turned out that girls have a set of unspoken rules and expectations regarding naked photos. That is, even after receiving a nude photo, you can ruin everything and never see this girl live again. We have collected the basic rules for the proper handling of nudes, as well as useful tips on how to respond to a dick pic!

How to Respond to Nudes?

Do Not Hesitate to Answer

So, the girl prepared everything, bought beautiful lingerie, took it off, and you got it and were speechless. Well, okay, I got busy with other things, postponing the pleasant thing for the evening. So, never do that!

She, by the way, crossed over a certain threshold of girlish modesty and is now waiting in doubt and throwing. Is she good? Are you smitten? Reply as soon as you receive it! Even if half the route is already looking at the phone over your shoulder. Let them envy!

Do Not Ask for More Candid Photos

Everything is fine, only you do not understand why this linen. And a hand covering his chest. And the veil in which she wrapped herself as if her house was not heated. For a girl to look beautiful in lingerie is more important than without lingerie. Be silent. Girls find it outrageous if you ask for more revealing photos than she sent. The only thing that is allowed is to ask for the same thing again. Well, yes, this is certainly not PornHub. But it’s for the best, right?

Don’t Joke or be Rude

The worst reactions to nudes are jokes or swear words. The girl is very vulnerable at this moment. Even if you want to swear admiringly from overwhelming feelings, do not do this in messages to her.

The most important advice on how to reply to nudes is not to try to defuse the situation with a joke, as this is not the best idea. Why even discharge it when you need to heat it!

Give Her the Most amazing Compliment You Can

How to react to these damn nudes? You are expected to be admired. Stormy and uncompromising. Many words are not necessary. However, if you are capable of some poetry and artistry, now is the time to apply them!

An unusual compliment that differs from the standard phrases is the most ideal reaction to her naked photos.

Don’t Send Her an Immediate Dic Pic

She showed, so you should show? And here it is not. A girl doesn’t necessarily want to see your naked photos in response to hers. In fact, by sending an unsolicited dik pic, you can spoil all the raspberries at once. At a minimum, ask her if she wants you to continue.

General Advice

Finally, we give you general advice on how to respond to dick pics, as well as to nudes. Never forget that we are in a digital world and naked photos are the very content that many are hunting for. The wisest thing is to remove them from your phone immediately by downloading them to a safe place. This applies to both your and her photographs.

The most stupid thing is to show the photo to someone else. If your partner ever finds out about this, you shouldn’t know what would happen.

How to Respond to Dick Piks?

how to reply to nudes

Blacklisting, famously wrapping a three-story message on foot, accusing him of being an animal that thinks only about sex, is a popular strategy for most women. And losing, by the way! I propose to use this situation for your good and learn how to competently work out a blow against a sudden provocation on your frank interlocutor. And here you can’t do without a good old sense of humor!

Positive Reaction to a Dick Pic

So, if you received a photo from him with his dignity, the first thing to know correctly is how to respond to a wanted d pic – just change the negative to positive, minus to plus. Here are some fun associations to help you with this. Turn on Sherlock Holmes and assume that:

  1. Before you is a man of action and not a lover to fray. Well, great quality for him! Assume that your counterpart wants to say something with this photo, or rather, do something.
  2. James Bond lives in your man, who only opened his lower chakra in front of you in correspondence and took out his “trunk”. Agree, in the movies, you won’t see this!
  3. A man says that he would like to run a marathon with you, is already ready to hand over his baton to you.
  4. He likes to talk firmly about the high, which characterizes him from an excellent side.
  5. This is his talisman, or rather Koshcheev’s death, which he does not hide from you, but is ready to entrust into your hands.
  6. He is ready to protect you with his treasure sword or lead you through life because he has a rod of power.

Did you smile? Super! As you can see, there is no reason for grief and sadness, now you know exactly how to respond to a wanted d pic. Rebuild your energy perception of the received “symbol”, have fun, and direct the vector of this force in the right direction.

Examples of Responses to Dick Pic

Here are some answers that you can write to a man to skillfully demonstrate your unexpected reaction.

  • “Malevich’s black square fades in front of this photo”
  • “Man, you switched to the language of symbols? And it’s all?!”
  • “I was speechless for a whole day, delighted with the photo, and now I have so much to say – please do not deprive me of the power of speech anymore”
  • “And the view from the side and from above, for the time being, perhaps, would remain a mystery”
  • “Why not an ear? I’m going crazy about male lobes!”

So you’ll support the line of behavior of a wise and intelligent hooligan who gives her interpretation and writes a very original answer, unlike many women. Consider the test passed, let’s record!

The Vector of His Actions

A strong, successful, and self-confident man always knows what he wants and understands where he is going. This is called the vector of his actions, that is, some kind of aspiration somewhere towards something. Incorrect, harmonious, and high-quality relationships, a woman should always have one subtle skill – to direct this vector.

Remember: a leader is always a man. He is the head. A woman, accordingly, is led by a flexible neck: where the neck turns, the head looks there. This model is the foundation of a successful relationship scenario.

We return to the situation of how to respond to a wanted d pic. I propose to look at it philosophically. Erotic testing by a man, I’m sure, has arisen more than once in your life. There can be several variations of such delicate situations. For example, you received such a photo – they say, admire, dear. Or have you been asked one of the following questions:

  • “How much is your night?”
  • “Let’s go to the hotel, somersault”
  • “How do you feel about threesomes?”
  • “Have you ever seen yourself in the mirror?”

Naturally, a decent girl after such ambiguous remarks wants to flare up with indignation. But the man doesn’t know you! Therefore, your task is to respond to his first “move” in such a way as to gain respect for yourself. Show yourself as a worthy and interesting woman who knows how, if necessary, to direct the vector of his actions in the right direction. We also want to tell you that dik pik is a popular practice on the Internet today: to “please” the interlocutor with a photo of your dignity in full combat readiness. Of course, if you already had an intimate relationship with him, then perhaps he just missed you and wants to cheer you up. What if there was nothing between you yet? In this article, we taught you the secrets of how to respond to a wanted d pic. Also, now men would know how to properly respond to spicy photos of a girl.

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