How to Prepare for Anal Sex

  • Mar.22.2021
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Anal sex: sometimes it seems like everyone is doing it, but if you’re new to the idea and don’t know how to get started, there are some important pieces of information that you need to know before you proceed. Anal preparation is an important step for beginners and for those who regularly incorporate anal play into their sex life.

For starters, communication is necessary. Anal isn’t really something to try as a spur of the moment decision, this could put you off of anal for a long time or even for good. Usually when people have a negative experience with anal sex, they did not take the time to discuss and prepare themselves before it happened. If you want to get the best experience from anal play, take some time to get ready before you engage.

Those who enjoy anal sex prepare before to ensure that they will have the most pleasurable experience. So if you’re thinking “I don’t know how to prepare myself for anal sex” not to worry, we’ve got you covered with these steps on preparation for anal sex.

Have a Frank Conversation

It is incredibly important to have a discussion with your partner about what your intentions are and what you’re comfortable with when it comes to anal play of any kind. A conversation should be the first step in what to do to prepare for anal sex. Before you get into how to prepare your body for anal sex, you have to start by preparing your mind.

By speaking about what your wishes are, what you want to happen and what you don’t want to happen, you are preparing mentally and in doing so you are preparing physically too, because knowing that there is a plan should allow you to relax and enjoy knowing that your partner is aware of what you want and don’t want to get out of the experience.

General Housekeeping

anal preparations

How do you prepare for anal sex if you want to avoid any accidents or the presence of poop? You will want to consider hygiene and cleaning when it comes to anal preparation, especially if one of your concerns is mess. In most cases, as long as you have healthy regular bowel movements, there shouldn’t be concern that poop will be part of your anal sex experience because poop is “stored” in the large intestine and not in the rectal cavity. This means that a penis or dildo, no matter how large, should not be able to reach the place where there may be poop in your colon as long as you have made a bowel movement already that day.

However, if your bowels aren’t so regular, or you didn’t have a chance to use the bathroom 30-60 minutes before, there is a chance that you won’t feel entirely clean. If you’re concerned or want to be extremely thorough, you might consider doing an enema before you have anal sex. Many people use enemas as part of their anal sex preparation. As anal preparation goes, an enema is as thorough as you can get to ensure that poop will not be part of the equation. This being said, sometimes anal sex does get a little messy. Accidents happen and to truly complete preparing for anal sex, this is something you must acknowledge.

Everyone has a slightly personal experience when preparing anal sex routines, and some people don’t mind as much as others when it comes to the possibility for making a mess. If you’re worried about making a mess, it might make you feel secure to have a towel on hand so you know what your plan will be should anything bring you to use it.

Experiment by Yourself

If you want to try anal play with a partner, it is a good idea, if not an absolute must, to experiment a little by yourself in order to understand what the sensations are like, what needs to be relaxed, and whether you feel ready to go try anal play with a partner or not. In preparation for anal you can try some touching out in the shower. Make sure that you have some lube on hand to ensure a smooth experience.

You could start with just touching your anus, feeling the sensations that come from pressure and touch on the area, and then see how it feels to put a finger inside slowly. You can start with just the top of your finger and then slowly when it feels comfortable, you can start to slide it further inside and take note of what the sensations are like. You can up it to two fingers if you feel ready, and maybe a sex toy to experiment what it’s like to feel more full or have something larger up there. When it comes to knowing how to prepare anus for anal sex, you should be in the know about how there are two sphincters involved in anal penetration.

The first one (aka the butthole) is the one that you should be able to manually relax. The second one, however, your body will need to relax and you can’t necessarily do this by just thinking about it. Your body needs to be truly relaxed and this can take some experimentation and patience. In preparation for anal sex you should be sure to relax and go slow. It’s never a race and should never be a surprise, so doing some self exploration as preparation before anal sex will help you have the best experience when it comes time to explore with a partner.

Don’t Skimp on Lubrication

Lube is an extremely important part of preparations for anal sex and anal preparations in general for any kind of anal play. The anus, unlike the vagina, does not produce its own lubrication. This means that having supplementary lube is your best bet for preventing pain, microtears and discomfort. Using an oil based lube is your best bet for having a super smooth and enjoyable time with anal play.

Typically for anal sex an oil based or silicone based lubricant is preferred because these lubes will not dry out and will provide long lasting lubrication so you don’t have to keep reapplying. Do take note that silicone based lubricants can erode sex toys, so do not use a silicone based lubricant with a silicone sex toy to avoid ruining your toys.

Protection Can Still Be Necessary

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How do you prepare for anal if you haven’t been tested for STIs lately? Just because you can’t get pregnant from anal sex does not mean that condoms shouldn’t be part of your anal sex preparations.

When it comes to knowing how to prepare anal sex is benefitted by condom use when you or your partner haven’t been recently tested for STIs. STIs can be transmitted via anal sex, because there can be microtearing in the anus caused by friction and because there can be an exchange of fluids that occurs during anal.

Make Sure You Warm Up

Just like all sex, warming up or making sure that you’re aroused and ready before any anal penetration is key. Stimulate yourself and or your partner so that relaxation and readiness can occur.

Find different positions you like and experiment with different ways of moving and rocking. You could also try rimming as a way to warm up and experiment with anal play. This will get all of your pleasure centers going and can be a nice way to prepare for going deeper.

Never Switch Back and Forth between Anal and Vaginal or Oral Penetration

Once you decide that the dildo, toy, or penis you are working with is going to go in an anus, you can’t switch it up unless you thoroughly clean in between. Switching between vaginal and anal sex can lead to infections because trace amounts of E-Coli can be found in the rectum. For this reason, some people like to use condoms in order to be able to take off and replace the condom for an easy opportunity to switch things up.

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