How To Predict A Guy’s Size? Top 10 Ways To Determine Penis Size

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how to predict a guy's size

How to predict a guy’s size? A question of interest to many women. Indeed, before starting a sexual life with a man, I would like to know in advance the size of his penis so as not to get embarrassed or embarrassed. Many methods allow you to find out the size of a guy’s penis by indirect signs – foot, lips, and hand. Methods are known to help calculate the parameter by height, skin color, voice, and even sexual orientation.

But these signs do not guarantee an accurate result, because the length and width of the penis depend on other factors. For a general idea, we’ll give the main signs that allow us to judge a guy’s penis, and highlight their features.

1. By Foot Size

how to tell if a guy has a big d

The classic method of how to predict a guy’s size is by the guy’s shoe size. To calculate the length of the foot, the number 5 is added, and the result is divided by 2. Another theory was proposed by Japanese scientists. In the formula, they used 3 parameters – weight, leg size, and nose length. In both cases, the calculations are indicative and do not give an exact result.

If you believe the above calculations, all men have almost the same penis size, which is impossible even in theory. For example, with a leg size of 10.6 to 11.8 inches, the length of the penis would be from 6.3 to 6.9 inches. This approach is wrong because then all the men would be happy with the size and not complex about it. The length of the foot determines not only the dimensions of the penis but also other parameters – life expectancy, fidelity, running speed, and others. But, as with penis size, this is a misconception.

2. By Lips Size

how to tell if he has a big package

An easy way to tell if he has a small package is the thickness of a man’s lips. The more impressive they are, the greater the man’s dignity. The advantage of the method is the ability to determine the size of a member from a photograph without visual contact with a guy. But there is no need to talk about the accuracy of the method – this is a myth.

3. By Hand Size

signs he is well endowed

An alternative way to find out the penis size is to look at the guy’s hand and try to determine the length of the manhood. Here you can use the following options.

Distance from the Beginning of the Palm to the End of the Middle Finger

On average, this parameter is 7.9–9 inches. It turns out that men have a huge sexual organ between their legs, sufficient to satisfy their ego and partner. According to the calculation, basketball players with large arm coverage should have a penis size of up to 11 inches.

Thumb Length

Another hand-related method on how to predict a guy’s size is to multiply the length of the main finger by 3. It’s hard to say where the coefficient came from, perhaps it was derived by long calculations. But it does not matter, because the assumption is wrong. It is impossible to determine the length or width of the penis by the proportion of one finger.

Distance Between Index Finger and Thumb

In theory, to calculate the size of a penis, you need to place your fingers on the sides and measure the distance between their tips. This method is considered more or less accurate and in many cases is true. But the reason is not in the measurement but the statistics. The distance between these fingers in men is approximately the same. This is what leads to such coincidences.

Ratio Between Ring and Index Fingers

The theory is supported by a large-scale study involving 144 Koreans. The essence of the experiment is simple. Men were immersed in anesthesia and the penis was measured. The result was compared with the length of the index and ring fingers. It turned out that guys with long index fingers have a smaller penis.

The disadvantage of how to tell if a guy has a big d study was that the results were only tested on Korean men. The participants in the experiment did not give permission, and the measurement was taken before the operation. Moreover, the researchers pulled the member to its maximum length to see its potential size in an erect state. The hypothesis is based on the fact that the size of the ring finger is laid down at the genetic level and is formed when the child is in the mother’s womb. But even if the statement is true, it is impossible to determine the size of the penis on this basis.

Of the above how to predict a guy’s size methods, the last two are considered the most accurate. But they are not true due to the lack of large-scale studies. Scientists have not yet proven the relationship between these physiological features, and the available statements are just a guess.

4. By Height

how to predict a guy's size

It is a common misconception that the length of a penis is easy to recognize by the height of a man. Scientific studies of how to tell if he has a big package have not found support for the theory. Japanese scientists became pioneers in this matter. They claim that the penis size is calculated as follows – (NoseL*3+Feet L)*35/Weight. As can be seen from the formula, three criteria are involved at once. But even this calculation is not correct. If the length and width of the penis depended only on height, short men would be left without a pair.

5. By Nation

signs he is well endowed

It is believed that the parameters of the male genital organ are easy to determine by race or skin color. If you look at the statistics, there is some truth in this statement. For example, representatives of Asia have an average penis smaller than that of Afro-Americans. Europeans, judging by this stereotype, have a medium-sized penis (an intermediate value between Asians and Africans). But this is not true, because each man has an individual size of penis. It is impossible to calculate it by skin color and nation.

6. By Nose Size

how to predict a guy's size

Some women are still sure that the owners of large noses can boast of large manhood. This is a misconception that has nothing to do with the truth. The parameters of the nose and the penis are not related in any way, so it makes no sense to focus on this information. There are many cases where the owners of small noses have a long penis and vice versa.

7. By Voice

how to tell if he has a small package

A popular method, how to predict a guy’s size, is to analyze a man’s voice. This takes into account the presence of hoarseness and the height of the sound. It is believed that bass owners can boast of a large member. Such a theory is wrong. Voice parameters depend on the state of health, genetic predisposition, characteristics of the ligaments, and other factors. To say that a person with a high timbre is guaranteed to have a small penis is wrong.

8. By Sexual Orientation

Another misconception is that the penis size of gay men is larger than that of standard men. The reason for the appearance of the theory has an official justification. Scientists have proven that the prenatal hormone is simultaneously responsible for sexual orientation and the size of the penis. This is true, but in reality, penis size and a man’s preferences are not related to each other. The studies that were carried out in this direction showed many inconsistencies and did not find confirmation.

9. By Zodiac Sign

how to predict a guy's size

Often there is an opinion that a sign he is well endowed is a zodiac sign. On the Internet, there are even entire horoscopes about this, describing the characteristics and sexual capabilities of men belonging to different signs.

We highlight several features:

  • Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius have small penises and worry about them. This feature affects different areas of their lives and often leads to depression.
  • Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are of medium size. Their features are rapid arousal and persistent erection.
  • Pisces, Scorpios, and Cancers can have members of different sizes. They show an increased interest in pornography and can go without sex for a long time, thanks to self-satisfaction.
  • Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini are prone to penis enlargement and experimentation. They do not disdain women of easy virtue and easily establish sexual relations even with unfamiliar females.

The above features are just assumptions. There are hundreds of such horoscopes on the Web, and they all have differences.

10. Alternative Method

To understand what the penis would be like in an erect state, just look at it in a “flaccid” form. This is another misconception. In practice, small members become large after arousal, and large members in a “flaccid” form, as a rule, do not change much in size when an erection is achieved.

We want to point out that it is not possible to calculate the exact length of a member from the above parameters. This is easily explained by the fact that the size of the male genital organ depends on many factors – heredity, hormonal levels, natural anomalies, and bad habits. Some ways on how to predict a guy’s size are partially true, but they should not be used as the ultimate truth. Even short men with a small nose and small foot size can surprise you with a solid member.

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