How to Masturbate in the Shower: Using Water Pressure for Pleasure

  • Dec.18.2020
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shower masturbation tips

There are many ways to masturbate in the shower, especially if your shower has a detachable showerhead, different pressure settings, or jets. Don’t worry, if you don’t have these fancy features there are still plenty of shower masturbation tips for you in this article. Knowing how to pleasure yourself in the shower, or how to masturbate with a showerhead doesn’t take a rocket scientist, but there are definitely a few ways you can make that alone time (or time with a partner) more of a euphoric experience.

For some of us living in a full house, the shower is our only bit of respite from the chaos, so let’s talk about how to make that shower break a heavenly oasis of pleasure. With the door locked, and the shower producing enough white noise to keep you from worrying anyone might hear, the shower might just be the most lovely solitary place in the house.

The shower itself can be a really sensual place. The steamy warmth can help with blood circulation, which can enhance arousal and stimulation. The act of being in the nude and touching your own body in order to wash yourself or your hair is in itself a very erotic and sensual experience if you let it be. If you make it your goal to have a sensual and romantic solo shower, the mundane daily act of washing off the day can become an erotic and incredibly pleasing activity.

Want to boost that mood even more? Consider dimming the bathroom lights, lighting some candles or incense, adding some sensuous essential oils to the bathtub or shower which will infuse into the steam, and focusing on washing your body as if you were giving yourself a massage. Wow, that sounds really great doesn’t it? Why not make an evening of it? You deserve that!

using water pressure for pleasure

Okay, so now that we’ve set the mood, let’s talk about ways to get down to it. If you do have a removable shower head, this is a great, cheap, easy way to get some clitoral stimulation without having to buy a sex toy and it’s discrete as discrete can be. If you don’t happen to have a detachable showerhead, one thing you could do that mimics that pressure a bit is to position yourself in a way where the water coming out of the tub faucet hits your clit in a pleasurable way. This may require a bit of flexibility and maneuvering, so be very careful not to slip when you’re doing this. Get in a seated position and hold on to something secure. If you are so lucky as to have a jacuzzi tub or a tub with jets, those are also a really great source of pressure that can lead to some great clitoral stimulation.

You can also bring a toy (or toys) into the mix, as long as they are waterproof! There are plenty of really great waterproof toys out there that are perfect for bringing with you to the shower or bath. For even more soundproofing, putting a vibrator under the water of the bathtub can really stifle those vibration sounds without dulling the intensity of the vibrations themselves.

One thing to watch out for is the possibility of dryness or irritation. Water is not a lubricant, in fact, it actually dries you out, so adding a bit of lube to your masturbation session is a great idea, especially if you’re using toys or penetrating yourself. While it might cross your mind to just use whatever is available for you for a lube, do not! Using soaps or lotions as a lubricant, or simply putting excessive soap on your vulva can lead to a disturbance in your vagina’s PH balance and can bring you irritation or infection. Bringing a body-safe lube will ensure that you’re not going to be irritated later, and you can enjoy that shower for as long as you like with no worries other than maybe the water bill.

So there you have it, simple and easy ways to transform your mundane daily shower into a sensual and luxurious solo experience. You could also bring a partner into the mix with these tips, but don’t skip out on having that moment of self-love first to really explore your own body and preferences.

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