Learn How to Make Semen Taste Better – Changing the Taste of Semen to Improve It

  • Jun.25.2021
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how to make semen taste better

Can You Make Semen Taste Better?

Having someone finish in your mouth or finishing in your partner’s mouth can be a totally hot and steamy experience for all involved. Unless, however, the taste of your partner’s semen really ruins the hot moment. Some people find the taste of semen really unbearable, but did you know that there are ways to improve the taste of semen, or at least make the flavor less strong and more bearable when you want to have that specific ending to a super hot blow job? Learning how to make semen taste better can be a total game changer for oral sex.

What Makes Semen Taste Bad?

If you want to know what to do for improving sperm taste you might find it more helpful to figure out what might be making your sperm taste bad in order to figure out what makes sperm taste better. There are some lifestyle changes that you can make that will easily improve the taste of your semen and might improve your health in general too. Dehydration is a big culprit for bad tasting semen, so if you want to make your semen taste better you should make sure that you are well hydrated before you get to it. You should also make sure that you are practicing good hygiene. Sometimes the taste and smell before the semen is present can be enough to turn a person off, so wash thoroughly and appropriately before asking someone else to put their mouth and nose near your intimate bits. Bathing regularly can also ensure that you don’t have anything unsavory hanging around near the opening of the urethra which could also make for a bad flavor. It is also important to eat a healthy diet and get plenty of rest so that your body is operating at its best and your blood circulation is good. When it comes to things that make semen taste better, there are specific foods that you can eat or avoid that will change the way that semen and other bodily fluids taste and smell.

Foods to Make Semen Taste Better

foods to make semen taste better

Ways to make cum taste better is avoiding certain foods and eating others to naturally enhance your flavor. Let’s talk about what to eat to make your cum taste better. Foods to eat for making semen taste better to include pineapple, berries, plums, melons, cinnamon, celery, cilantro and spinach. All of these foods have components like fructose and chlorophyll which are known to make semen smell and taste better. Foods that are sweet and have fructose are good for enhancing the flavor of your semen because of the sweet flavor that they can bring through your bloodstream. Chlorophyll-rich foods can lower the saltiness levels in your semen and make your stuff taste fresher and less musty.

What Not to Consume

The foods that you should avoid include garlic, onions, milk products, asparagus and red meat. These things can give semen a musty and unpleasant odor and or taste. Onions and garlic have an extremely strong odor that you might have experienced in your breath after eating them. This odor can also be found in your semen after the onions and garlic get digested and broken down in the body. Asparagus makes pee smell terrible, so it makes sense that it would make your semen smell not so great too. Meat makes semen a little more salty and musty, and dairy can make semen a little sour. Avoid these foods or at least avoid too much of these foods the day of if you are planning to have oral sex. There are also important beverages and inhalants to avoid. Smoking, drinking alcohol, drinking coffee and doing hard drugs can negatively impact the taste of your semen. This is partly because of the dehydrating property of these things but it can also give semen a chemical-like taste when consumed in excess. A glass of wine might not hurt but keep this in mind if you plan to have oral sex after a bender.

Supplements to Make Sperm Taste Better

ways to make cum taste better

If you want to know how to change the taste of sperm without having to change your diet too much, it is possible to get the same nutrients from the foods that make your semen taste better in pill form. You can take cinnamon capsules and wheatgrass shots for better tasting semen. You can also take cranberry pills to balance your pH which will, in turn, better the taste of your semen. There are also supplements on the market that are specifically targeted to people who want to enhance the taste of semen like the “yummy cum men’s supplement” which you can find on Amazon and take daily for a better-tasting oral experience.

Note that while all of these recommendations for how to make semen taste better work for the male reproductive system, they are all applicable to people with vaginas who wish to make their sexual fluids taste their best. While it is typically a different amount of fluid a person might come into contact with during cunnilingus, it is still something some people like to consider when engaging in oral sex. You can choose whether you care about abstaining from garlic for the sheer purpose of tasting your best or you can share a whole loaf of garlic bread and bond over the shared smells you might later encounter.

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