How to Make a Woman Orgasm: Female Orgasm Techniques

  • Nov.23.2020
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women having orgasms

How to make a woman have an orgasm is not something you learn from watching mainstream movies or pornography. If you’re having a hard time figuring out how to make a woman orgasm you should read this article about female orgasm tips and learning how to make a girl finish.

Have you ever found yourself searching the internet for things like “how to make a girl cum fast” or “how to have an orgasm woman?” If so you’re not alone. Making a woman orgasm is something a lot of people find mysterious or elusive. The problem with today’s sexual education is that there is very little focus on the woman’s pleasure and women on TV and in porn are having intense orgasms from the kind of stimulation that would leave the majority of women feeling unsatisfied in real life. In TV sex scenes, the actors and actresses might seem like they know how to make a girl orgasm fast but in reality, their methods won’t do. Did you know there is something called the “Orgasm gap?” While 95% of men reported having orgasms with a trusted regular sexual partner, only 65% of women reported the same. So how do you do it? Let’s look at these helpful for how to make a girl cum during sex.


making a women orgasm

Often to our own disadvantage, we center sexual interaction around penetration as if penetration were the only element of sex worth having a go at. This mindset could be extremely detrimental to your sex life. The most important part of sex is pleasure and intimacy. So instead of urging you to get into “foreplay” as if it’s something that’s happening before sex, instead I am going to urge you to take it slow and warm up as part of the sexual experience. What some people might call foreplay, others may call full-on sex, and that just means that it’s all part of the experience and you should never value any of it less. Warming up and starting slowly can help you and your lover have more intense pleasure. Don’t make it about how to make a girl cum fast, make it about how to get a girl (or any human you’re getting steamy with) going. Get every part of the body involved before going to the vaginal region. Get the blood circulating and maintain that the importance is pleasure and sensation rather than reaching a goal. The more you focus on making pleasure happen and being in the moment, the more likely a woman is to orgasm.


For a lot of women, the mental aspect of sex is the most important. Feeling connected to a lover and forgetting about stress or worry can make sex go from okay to mind-blowing. So how do we achieve this carefree and sexy mindset? Contrary to what you may think, telling a woman that you are dying to make her cum might just make her unable to get to a climax. Putting mental pressure on a woman like asking her if she’s close or telling her you’re going to make her cum can take her into a stressed place where she feels pressure to get somewhere instead of just enjoying the sensations. Instead try giving affirmations like “You’re unbelievably sexy” or “You feel so good,” this can give her confidence and turn her on further and that might be how to make her orgasm more consistently than fancy maneuvers and positions.

The Clitoris Is Key!

how to make a girl orgasm

In case you aren’t already aware, only about 18% of women can actually achieve orgasm from vaginal penetration. The other 82% need to have consistent clitoral stimulation to get there. So if you are having a hard time getting to a climax with your lover, the clitoris is a great place to bring your focus. The clitoris is located at the top of the vulva, between the labia and under the clitoral hood. The clitoral hood is there to make sure that this very tiny and very sensitive part of female anatomy isn’t overstimulated. Take your time getting to know the clitoris and find out what feels best. Some women prefer not to have their clitoris directly touched because it can be too intense of a sensation, if this is the case, touching or licking around the clitoris might do the trick. Some women need a gradual ascent into more vigorous clitoral stimulation. Just ask to find out! When the clitoris is stimulated it will fill with blood and become flushed and swollen. This, along with verbal affirmations, is a good sign of arousal. This may be the best way to make a girl orgasm.


Certain positions are better for getting the right kind of stimulation to the clitoris and are more likely to result in an orgasm. Having the woman on top usually allows for better grinding and control on the woman’s part which can make the pleasure much more concentrated. Grinding is a really important part of female stimulation, so getting into a position where grinding is possible will more likely result in the climax. The doggy style might also be a good one to try because the angle of penetration is more likely to hit the G-spot. The G-spot is located a few inches inside of the vagina and the theory is that the G-spot is a way of getting to the nerve endings in the clitoris from inside of the vagina. In the doggy style position, you can always reach your hand to the clitoris for some additional external stimulation. This two-pronged approach might be beneficial in knowing how to make a girl cum during sex.


how to make a woman have an orgasm

If you’ve ever felt like female anatomy is less straightforward than male anatomy, you might be right. Women tend to have a bit more variance in what they like than men, but this does not mean that some women simply can’t cum, it just means you can’t keep trying the same tricks and expecting something new to happen. Ask about what feels good, start gently, and pay attention to the way her body responds. Some women need constant pressure, some need little circles around their clitoris, some might be interested in nipple stimulation with clitoral stimulation. Don’t be afraid to ask what a woman wants. Vagina owners, tell your lover what you want! If you don’t know, spend some solo time figuring out what feels best and that way when you’re with a lover you can guide them with your words or guide their hand with yours.

Use a Toy

Bringing a vibrator into your sex life can bring your pleasure to a new level. I think the addition of toys should be an absolutely normal practice because ultimately it’s incredibly sexy to see your lover in ecstasy. If you want to bring a vibrator into penetrative sex, try a finger vibe for easy use in a wider range of positions. Vibrators are another wonderful tool for women who have had a hard time figuring out what they need to achieve orgasm. Exploring using toys can help teach you how to achieve orgasm alone so you can experience that ecstasy for yourself and if you wish, figure out how to guide your lover.

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