Learn How to Have Shared Orgasms With Your Partner – Tips on Shared Orgasm Experience

  • Jun.30.2021
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what is shared orgasm

How to Have Shared Orgasm

What does it mean to have a shared orgasm? Have you ever fantasized about having an orgasm at the same time as your partner? Maybe you’ve thought about a special moment where you both climax at the same time leading to a simultaneous orgasm and wondered if it could actually happen in reality. This shared orgasm fantasy is pretty common, and lucky for you, it is possible to achieve. For some, this same time orgasm can be harder to attain and requires a lot of concentration and practice. For others, it might just happen without anyone really trying, but might be difficult to have occurred on a normal basis. If you want to learn some tips for how to cum together, you have come to the right place for some helpful shared orgasm tips.

What Is Shared Orgasm?

A shared orgasm occurs when both parties have an orgasm at the same time. This can be reached through multiple sexual acts including oral, digital, vaginal or anal sex. Shared orgasms can bring about a magical intimate moment and bring couples closer emotionally and physically. Good sex can often be the corerstone of a happy relationship, so it is certainly worth your while to attempt to figure out how to achieve this special feat.

How do You Achieve a Shared Orgasm?

Well, we know that shared orgasms are possible because one study showed that 80% of couples have achieved it at some point, while 37% claim that it happens roughly half of the time they have sex or more. There are certainly tricks to figuring it out, but if you can’t figure it out there are still ways to find intimacy and bonding even without orgasming at exactly the same time.

Tips to Help You Achieve Simultaneous Orgasm

shared orgasm

If you want to cum at the same time as your partner you will need to understand how you can cum on your own. Masturbation is a perfect way to figure out how to orgasm and how to control your orgasms in a way that will make it easier to come at the same time as a partner. If you can figure out the fastest route to orgasm or the best way to hold off from orgasming until your partner is ready, you are that much closer to cumming at the same time. You can try out mutual masturbation to cum simultaneously, which can be quite intimate and satisfying. This could be enough on its own, or you could then implement the techniques that you learned from the mutual masturbation session to try to cum at the same time while you’re having sex with your partner. Touching yourself while your having sex is a good way to help control the orgasm and make sure that you can achieve it at the same time as your partner.

Pay Attention to the Clit and the G-spot

One reason why a couple might not have an easy time orgasming at the same time is if one partner is working with a vagina and a clitoris, because many people with vaginas aren’t able to orgasm from vaginal penetration alone. In fact, roughly 80 percent of vulva owners need some clitoral stimulation to reach that O. If you can figure out a way to get this stimulation while having penetrative sex, you might be able to figure out how to time your orgasm.


Kegeling is important for maintaining strong pelvic floor muscles which will either help you achieve an orgasm or help you prevent orgasming too quickly. Studies show that men tend to reach orgasm more quickly than women, so often what has to happen to allow both partners in a straight sexual relationship to cum at the same time is for one partner to hold off and wait for the other partner before allowing themselves to cum. For this it is important to have strong pelvic floor muscles and a good understanding of your sensations and body.

If you can’t achieve this shared orgasm because one person cums before the other, remember that sex doesn’t have to stop there. Even if it isn’t physically possible to continue with penetrative P in V or P in A sex, you can still help your partner achieve orgasm or feel good manually, orally or with toys even after you’ve cum.

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