How to Have Sex in a Car: Making Love in a Car

  • Dec.14.2020
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how to have car sex

Sometimes, the moment strikes and you need to find somewhere to hook up that is easy and accessible. Sometimes, that place is not the bedroom, or the living room, or the kitchen, but it is in fact, your car. Many of us have had sex in a car before, but it can easily be the most uncomfortable place to have sex if you don’t first understand how to have car sex, specifically, how to have sex in a small car. So here we are to learn not just how to have sex in your car, but how to have good sex in a car, or as the title suggests, making love in a car.

Whether you’re road-tripping, or attending an outdoor festival, or maybe you’re home with the kids and you want to escape to your car for a little bit of privacy, there are ways to ensure that you won’t be dealing with a crippling neck cramp for the next six months after having sex in a car.

Ways to Have Sex in a Car

There are many ways to have sex in a car, and you can mix it up by having sex on top of the car or with the doors or trunk open to facilitate different spatial arrangements.

The best seat in the house might be one in the front because you can lean the seat back or forward depending on the position you’re assuming. If you have the car seat in an upright position, you can do variations of cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, and use the car as support for deep or controlled thrusts. Hands can go on the roof, the seatback, or the steering wheel to prevent bumping and grinding that you don’t want to happen, and allow for the bumping and grinding you do want to happen.

If you want to take the backseat, you can use cushions or blankets to pad any areas that you might knock into or find uncomfortable. You could also open the back seat door and go for some penetration while the giving partner stands and the receiving partner lays across all three back seats either on their stomach, their back, or all fours, depending on the height of your vehicle.

The best ways to have sex in a car are those that prioritize comfort. You can even use the trunk to your advantage, or if you’re in an SUV or minivan that has collapsible seats, you could put those seats down and get comfortable on a blanket on the car floor. Want to bang on the hood of the car? Go for it! But make sure you’re doing so in a place where absolutely no one would be able to view whatever goes down, like in your personal parking garage (car turned off of course).

how to do it in the car

Logistically it is important to remember that you can get arrested for having sex in your car, so do be careful about the location you choose. Find a private and secure location, like a campsite with no neighbors, a home garage, or at a truck stop where you know you’re legally in your rights to stay overnight or camp.

Then there is the issue of having tinted windows. In many places, having tinted windows is a cause for ticketing, and you don’t want to pay a fine for having tinted windows AND having sex in your car, so instead, opt for another method of covering your windows like a camper curtains or shades.

Turn off your headlights and indoor lights to make sure no one can see from a location you weren’t privy to. There is more to know how to do it in a car than just the sex part! You have to be strategic about making sure you aren’t doing it illegally, or if you are going to really live on the edge, know how not to get caught! If you’re asking how to get caught, I will tell you it depends on the situation.

Sometimes it isn’t so much a question of how do you have sex in a car when you know cops are likely to patrol, but should you be having sex in a car at this moment? Don’t do something that you know poses a risk of getting fined, especially having sex in public, because you don’t want that on your record! Find strategic areas where you’re allowed to sleep in your car, use your window coverings, and make sure no one is around.

What you wear is also potentially very important to the ease at which you can get down and dirty in the car. Wearing loose-fitting clothing like a skirt or loose shorts, and shoes that are easy to take off and put back on can help you get in a quickie and stay comfortable and able to go about the rest of your day or the rest of your drive with ease. Don’t wear anything too complicated or tight like skinny jeans or that one cute jumpsuit with the impossible zipper. Keep things easy and breezy and you should be good to go!

Want to make your car more comfortable for having sex? Grab pillows and blankets to cover protruding car parts and fill in the awkward gaps or holes that your limbs might be able to fall into. Don’t put too much padding in, or it might crowd you and your partner out. Test out what the perfect amount of blanket to backseat ratio is to have the best possible car sex. If you’re going to make a habit out of sleeping with people in your car, you could invest in some car seat covers or other such accessories that up the comfort level of your car for both drivings in and doing other activities. Wink wink.

I hope that you have learned a few ways to manage to fit a little bit of action into your road trip, or finding a sweet and sexy get away in your own vehicle. If you use the tips in this guide, you should be having a good time in your car in no time.

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