What Does it Mean to Have a Forced Orgasm : Forced Orgasm Guide

  • Dec.06.2021
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bdsm forced orgasm

If you don’t know what a forced orgasm is, take some time to read this article because I promise it’s not as scary (and a lot more sexy) than it sounds. A BDSM forced orgasm is something that many people are interested in, and while it might be physiologically thrilling, it isn’t painful or frightening like the word “forced” might suggest.

Bringing the pleasure of forced orgasm into your sexual repitoire could be one of the best things you’ve ever done. To find out what it’s all about and how to have forced orgasm, use this helpful forced orgasm guide.

What is a forced orgasm?

forced male orgasm

Despite the fact that there is the word “forced” in the name, this sexual activity is completely and 100% consentual. If a person wants to have a forced orgasm experience with their partner, it is usually in a role playing or BDSM situation where a dominant partner stimulates their sub to the point of orgasm while the sub tries not to come (and then finally does of course).

The forced orgasm definition is when a dominant partner makes their submissive partner orgasm by the force of their own will. Forced orgasm kink is a very common kink for people to have and while the submissive in this kind of situation may say things like “No, please don’t make me come!” they have of course had an open conversation about what they want to happen beforehand, and this kind of talk while getting pleasured to the point of orgasm is exactly what they want.

There are different ways that you can spice this experience up, some of them being specific role play, bondage, gags, or temperature play. Whatever you’re into, a forced orgasm is something that could bring your sexy time to the next level. 

How to have forced orgasm

female forced orgasm

If you want to know how to force an orgasm, you will be happy to know that all you need to do is have a conversation with a partner about what your desires are. If you’re both consenting to this kind of play, you should be good to go.

We have plenty of forced orgasm tips to help you get there once the conversation has been had, but before you can get to that kind of good stuff, you need to make sure that boundaries are set and a safe word is in place. Communication is a really important part of a healthy and fulfilling sex life, but when it comes to things that are in the BDSM realm, it is crucial. When you’re role playing or exploring with something like forced orgasm, using a safeword can help you have the best possible experience and ensure no one gets uncomfortable or hurt.

A safe word is a word like “blueberry” or “sailboat” that has nothing to do with the context of the BDSM play you’re involved with. This word, when uttered, means that the BDSM play and all activities should come to a pause or a stop. A conversation can then be had to see if things will resume or if they’re no longer consented to. A safe word is really important for something like forced orgasm because words like “no” and “don’t” are really often part of the play that goes into forced orgasm fun, so when they’re uttered a dom might either stop when their sub really wants them to keep going or not stop when they should because they think it’s part of the play.

With a word like “bicycle” it would be hard to miss or mistake for something vague. Once you’ve discussed your boundaries and your desires, and developed your safe word, you’re ready to have the best forced orgasm of your life. Simply let your partner bring you to a climax while you pretend you don’t want to come. If you want to spice it up, keep reading.

Forced Orgasm Tips

best forced orgasm

Edging is a great technique to incorporate when playing with forced orgasm. Edging is a technique where you and/or a partner brings you right to the edge of orgasm and then stops stimulation so that the orgasm doesn’t happen, repeats this step a few times, and then finally an orgasm is allowed.

When that final time happens and the orgasm is achieved it can be super powerful and magical. This is a great tool to use for forced orgasm play, as well as withholding orgasm or stimulation, asking your partner if you can come and being denied a few times before they make you come, and trying not to come despite being stimulated.

Whether you are looking to have a forced male orgasm or a female forced orgasm, the use of some sexy props like ropes, restraints, blindfolds, gags or handcuffs could make things more exciting and develop a deeper sense of the dominant and submissive relationship. Toys are also a great addition, so use them liberally and you will be in pleasure heaven! 

Now that you know all about forced orgasm and how to achieve it with your partner, you are all set to start exploring how to do it just the way you like. Remember to be communicative and safe and enjoy this exploration into a common and rewarding kink.

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