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  • Jan.26.2022
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how to have better sex

Interest in the topic of sex and sex education is becoming more open and public every year. But, in spite of everything, this topic is so vast and at the same time individual that there are no less unsolved questions. On the contrary: the deeper you dive into the knowledge of yourself and your body, the more interesting opportunities begin to open along the way.

We have collected only ways to make your sex life better and the facts, the knowledge of which can help you learn more about the nature of the body and get the most out of the process. After all, everyone dreams of an unforgettable night. But what if there can be as many such nights as you wish and you’ll learn how to have better sex?

Don’t Take Sex Too Seriously

Of course, sex is an important part of our lives. It improves health, improves sleep, improves mood. But if you take intimacy too seriously – say, as a useful wellness procedure, where everything must be perfect and sterile.

The element of the game leaves the bed. You become too demanding of yourself and your partner. And as a result, instead of pleasure and benefit, you get dissatisfaction and frustration. You don’t have to be a perfectionist when it comes to sex. Turn off your head and think of it as a game whose sole purpose is to bring and enjoy.

Make Time for Foreplay

How good the sex would depend largely on the foreplay. Moreover, foreplay is almost as important for men as it is for women. According to studies, lovers of both sexes need 18–19 minutes to warm up well. But due to lack of time or the impatience of one of the partners, the prelude lasts an average of 11–13 minutes. A very important tip for those who want to know how to be better in bed.

Look into Each Other’s Eyes

At least from time to time. Eye contact enhances arousal and helps establish a deeper emotional connection. If it’s still embarrassing for you to look into each other’s eyes for a long time during sex, exchange short glances, holding them for at least a couple of seconds. The best way to improve sex is to develop this ability to feel true intimacy.

Drink of Love

In the course of studies on experimental animal models, scientists have proven the effect of pomegranate fruit extract on improving sexual function. So if you are looking for a natural and healthy aphrodisiac, do not deny yourself a glass of fresh juice. The thing is that pomegranate juice contains substances that positively affect the hormonal background, increasing attraction and passion. It sounds almost like a magic pill, but we know that the perfect night is a combination of several factors, so why not give it a try?

Attention to Detail

If you want to understand how to have great sex, then treat your partner with care. Foreplay is an important part of the whole process. Foreplay and “warming up” are especially important and necessary for girls and women, because about 8 thousand nerve endings are concentrated on the clitoris.

Starting Point

how to be better in bed

Don’t know how to improve sex? Don’t be afraid to try new things and explore your body. So quite recently, American scientists discovered a new erogenous zone in women, they gave it a working name – PS. According to sexologist Carol Quinn, the PS point is very sensitive and secretive, but it’s worth the search.

Slippery Moment

A great way to improve your sex life is to use a lubricant. When a woman is aroused, her heart rate increases, blood rushes to the genitals, which entails the release of lubrication. It is needed in order to minimize the risk of injury during sex. But natural lubrication for comfortable sex may not be enough, and there are many different reasons for this, in addition to insufficient arousal. Here comes the “finest hour” of the lubricant. Gels and lubricants perform the same function – they create a sliding effect to minimize friction during sex and help both partners achieve maximum pleasure.

Durex Play Feel Gel Lubricant can help make sex smooth. Play Feel Gel is water-based and easy to rinse off, can be used for oral, vaginal, and anal sex, and is also compatible with condoms. Use a few drops for extra hydration and reduce vaginal dryness. Be sure to read the instructions before use so that everything goes as smoothly as possible!

Toys for Adults

Don’t focus on how to improve sex life, but use adult toys. According to statistics, 10% of sexually active adults use a vibrator or other sex toys during partner sex (a study conducted by the University of Toronto in Canada). You can be skeptical about this, or you can try the toy yourself to better know the capabilities of your body and study the reactions.

Right Feeling

Some men are opposed to condoms and explain this fact by the fact that they reduce sensitivity during sex. This is not true at all. Condoms do not in any way affect the quality of sex and do not make it worse, and the variety of the modern product line would help you find something new for the most daring experiments. The most important advice for how to make sex better is to protect yourself.

The Body Is Faster than Brain

In 2004, at the University of Amsterdam, scientists investigated the physiological response of men and women to erotic images. The reaction turned out to be the same – the impulses of the body appeared faster than the essence of the picture reaches consciousness. At first, we feel the excitement and only then desire. That is why fantasies about sex itself and correspondence can be attributed to part of the foreplay.

Sex Instead of Exercise

If you are concerned about the question “How to make sex feel better for me?” Then try replacing night and evening sex with early morning sex and your body would thank you. Sexologists at Queen’s University Belfast have found a scientific basis for what we have long suspected: morning sex is good for health. Almost all muscle groups are involved in the process, blood circulation improves, breathing becomes deeper, blood is saturated with oxygen. And during this time, you can burn 300–400 calories. In addition, why not acquire such a pleasant and useful habit?

Avoid Pain and Discomfort

If any position hurts you, report it right away. Sex is about mutual pleasure, not silent self-sacrifice. The same applies to unacceptable erotic practices for you. A partner or partner fantasizes about BDSM or threesome sex, but is this taboo for you? Listen carefully, do not judge, but do not agree, breaking yourself. Just explain why you don’t want it. Discussion would be a great way to have better sex.

Strive for an Orgasm, but Don’t Obsess over It

how to have great sex

The French call the orgasm la petite mort, or “the little death”. Sexual intercourse without a climax may seem unsuccessful or inferior. Girls fake an orgasm so as not to upset their partner. Men have aare complex if they fail to ejaculate or deliver unearthly pleasure to their partner. And from stress at hand to consistently low libido.

But the main thing is not to get hung up on the result, but to enjoy the process. It doesn’t matter whether it all ends in a violent simultaneous orgasm or today you just fall asleep in each other’s arms without ever “dying”. Both of these are normal. We have tried very hard to give you the most basic tips for better sex. Do not get hung up, but just act as your body tells you and then everything will work out. Listen to your instincts and your partner’s desires. Enjoy your sexual experience!

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