How to Give a Hickey to That Special Someone: The Art of Giving Someone a Hickey

  • Apr.07.2021
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Hickeys can be a fun way to show your sexual satisfaction with your partner, and leave them thinking about you and the amazing time you shared long after the sexy time is over. Also called love bites, hickeys are a popular sign of affection, sensuality, and for some making a mark on your lover. Some people don’t like hickeys while others find them irresistibly satisfying, so it’s important to ask your partner about how they feel about visible love bites or marks. If your partner is down to have a hickey on their skin and you want to know how to leave a good hickey, this hickey tutorial will give you the information you need.

Things to Consider before Making a Hickey Visible

Giving someone a hickey is usually something that is done during sex or a heavy make out session, and because of it’s sexual nature, you have to be careful about giving a hickey or getting a hickey when you know you or your partner has to be somewhere that would consider it inappropriate. This would mean possibly at work, around children or around your parents or grandparents if you know they would not approve. Hickeys don’t last forever so you shouldn’t worry too much about a small hickey and you should know that there are ways to conceal a hickey that can keep even a very big and dark hickey under wraps in front of your coworkers or family. This could mean wearing a turtleneck or scarf for a couple of days or slapping on some extra pigmented liquid concealer, you do what you gotta do!

Where to Get Hickeys

Depending on whether your partner wants their hickey to be able to be seen or not, there are different places that you could give your partner a hickey or ask your partner to give you a hickey. If your partner doesn’t mind visible hickeys, the neck is a classic and popular place for hickey giving and receiving. If your partner wants to be able to easily cover their hickey, you might want to go for a spot that is generally covered by clothing or try an area of the neck like the back of the neck which can be easily covered if your partner has long hair or can wear a collared shirt. Generally, if you want to know how to give a girl a hickey in a good spot, you could go for areas of the body like the boobs or the upper inner thigh. For how to give a boy a hickey somewhere he might enjoy, you could go with the classic neck or the collar bone, hip area, clavicle, or inside of the arm.

How to Properly Give a Hickey

giving someone a hickey

Knowing how to give love bites is relatively easy, but you should know these hickey tips so that you can give the best hickeys. Remember, not everyone likes hickeys, and even if your partner does like hickeys, it is important to ask every time! People don’t like hickeys for a variety of reasons whether that be that they don’t like to have marks on their skin or they don’t like the feeling of getting a hickey or find them to be too painful.

If your partner usually likes hickeys, asking is important in case their feelings have changed or they have an event to attend and would not like to have visible hickeys for said event. If your partner is interested in getting a hickey then you’re good to go with the next steps. Firstly, you are going to want to read the room in terms of when is the right time to give a hickey. You won’t want to go straight in for a hickey on the neck before anything else takes place. People enjoy the sensation of getting a hickey when they are in the throws of passion.

This means you should start with some heated making out and then gradually get to a place where a hickey feels right. To give the hickey, start with a wet kiss or few kisses around the area you want to give the hickey. Then you will want to make sure that your mouth is fully covering the area and there is no space for air to escape. Once you have your mouth securely around the area of skin you can suck for about 20-30 seconds. Some people use their teeth to aid in the process but it is not necessary and some people find it too painful.

Some people really like the sensation of the hickey while others like them more for their appearance. If your partner doesn’t like the pain of the hickey but is still interested in getting one, you should break up the amount of time you spend on the hickey to feel less intense. This means you could suck for about 10 seconds and then stop to later go back to the same spot once or twice more and suck for another 10 or so seconds.

How Long Does It Take to Give a Hickey

If you want to know the best way to give a hickey, you are going to need to know how long to suck on your partner’s skin in order to make sure that the hickey shows up. Typically it only takes about 20-30 seconds of sucking to make a hickey, but note that the hickey will not become visible right away. The area might look a little bit pink or red depending on your partner’s skin color, but the hickey won’t turn into a bruise or darken until 5 or 10 minutes after the hickey has been given. If you wish to make the hickey even darker, or your partner asks you to, you can suck longer than the 20-30 seconds, or take breaks and go back for 10 seconds at a time.

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