How to French Kiss Right: Learn How to French Kiss

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how to french kiss

Have you ever wondered how to french kiss really good? Here is a helpful guide for you to learn how to french kiss for the first time, learn how to french kiss better, or learn how to french kiss like a pro. Think of this as your how to french kiss tutorial whether you want to know how to french kiss for beginners or just how to kiss in the french style.

My first french kiss was a bit of a disaster. If you’re like me, leading up to the event of having to know how to french kiss with tongue was a nerve-wracking experience. I remember clearly kissing a boy at the dance and thinking wow, french kissing must not be for me. Both of us could have definitely used a little bit more practice and I could have 100% avoided that situation or that negative feeling if I had learned how to french kiss correctly from a guide like this one beforehand. That is why I am giving you some really important tips for how to french kiss step by step. Even if you think you know how to french kiss like an expert, there may still be a few really useful or fun things in this article that will show you how to make french kissing even better.

How to Practice French Kissing

Practicing for a french kiss can be tricky because ideally, you would have someone to practice with, but if you’ve never french kissed before, maybe you want to try to figure out what to do before you try kissing another person. Learning how to french kiss is often something you do as you gain more french kissing experience, BUT, you can totally practice on your hand before you get to practice on someone’s lips. What you will want to do is simply make something of a fist shape with your left hand, but don’t close the fist all the way. The shape that your index finger and thumb are making will be your practice “lips,” and the rest of your fingers will act as the interior of a mouth. Put your lips on your index and thumb finger to get a feeling for what that might be like and then you can follow the rest of this kissing tutorial and try them out on yourself to practice what the techniques and sensations might be like.

Things to Note Before You Start

how to do french kiss

If you want to know how to french kiss in the best way possible, we have to go over some personal hygiene tips first. Start off by making sure you’re well-hydrated because you don’t want to have dry lips or bad breath.

Drink H2O before the kiss, and use a lip balm or chapstick to make sure that your lips are velvety and not chapped. If you’re in a pinch and you feel that your lips are dry but can’t get to any chapstick, just run your tongue over your lips once so that they’re at least a bit less dry. I would also recommend that you don’t wear any lipstick that could smudge or smear if you plan on having a makeout sesh unless you’re fine with getting lipstick all over both of your faces.

Avoid eating or drinking anything that would leave a strong scent or taste on your lips or mouth. If you’re thinking of smooching after a dinner date, avoid ordering those extra onions. It’s always a good idea to make sure that you have some mints or breath fresheners with you if you’re making a plan to kiss someone and you won’t have access to a toothbrush right beforehand.

How to Start a French Kiss

Say you had a really nice evening with someone and you’re about to go your separate ways and are standing together for a prolonged goodbye, or you’ve been vibing with someone at a party all night and you’re alone together and the moment feels really right. If you want to initiate a kiss, begin by making eye contact or looking at their lips. If they’re looking at your lips and maybe getting physically closer to you that is a good sign they’re wanting to kiss you.

Touching or very subtly licking or slightly biting your lips could hint to the human you want to kiss that you’re interested in kissing them. Don’t make the lip bite or lick too much and skip it if you don’t feel confident. Touching can be a wonderful way of easing into the kiss, like a light hand on the hand, shoulder, or back.

You want to ensure that both of you are consenting and comfortable with kissing and if it feels right you can ask or if you find it more appealing to say “I really want to kiss you right now.” That shows interest and asks for consent without the potentially slightly awkward question. Asking can be really sexy when done right, meaning it doesn’t ruin the vibe.

When asking, you should make eye contact and speak assuredly. If you are reading the moment and it feels right to just go for it without words, there are a lot of obvious body language signs that you should read such as tilting the head to the right or left side or moving physically close to your body. If this is your first time kissing this person you should go in very slowly and give them time to agreeably lean in too.

Don’t surprise someone you’ve never kissed before with a kiss! That is a major issue of lack of consent. If you go into the kiss slowly, they will have to either reciprocate or pull away and if they pull away you know not to keep going in. But if you’re not sure, it’s better to risk a little moment of silliness and ask permission as opposed to kissing someone who either isn’t ready or wouldn’t like to be kissed.

Learning How to French Kiss

how to french kiss better

When you’ve cemented that you’re going in for the kiss, tilt your head slightly to the right or the left to avoid colliding noses. Again, it’s important to go slow because this way won’t have a hard time gaging which direction to tilt your head. Close your eyes once you’ve figured out which direction you’re going. With your mouth, pucker a tiny bit but don’t make your lips rigid. You want softness and availability with your lips so present them but don’t harden them.

Don’t start immediately with the tongue. Get a measurement of what it feels like to simply kiss normally for a little while before you go all-in with the tongue kissing. Continue with a pretty slow pace. You definitely don’t want a lot of sharp fast kisses, but rather gentle and slightly firm kisses that are slow-paced. Once you have established the connection with these gentle kisses, then you can start to introduce the tongue. You will want to open up the pucker of your lips a bit wider so that you can allow for the tongue to be introduced.

You can very quickly and softly lick their upper or lower lip to show them that you’re interested in using the tongue. If your partner doesn’t seem into that, you need to respect their comfort levels. If they reciprocate parting their lips a little more and adding in a subtle tongue, then this indicates you can advance to the french kiss. Keep it rather slow and playful in the beginning, and whatever you do, do not shove your tongue too far into their mouth, this is not a nice sensation. Keep with the slow and soft theme, this means gentle and occasionally firm touching of tongues but never quick jabbing.

If you feel like you’re using a lot of tongues and they aren’t, then cool off with the tongue action for a bit. Breath through your nasal pathways instead of your mouth and if you need to take a break to breathe do it!

How to Do French Kiss Techniques

Okay, so you get the basic idea: a playful and fun mingling of tongues during a kiss. What can take this intimate experience up a notch? You can vary the amount of pressure, the pattern that you draw with your tongue, or the speed so it’s not all one thing all the time. You can even do a little love bite on the lip if it seems right. Keep your hands involved to enhance the overall experience and read that body language and rhythm. Don’t worry if something awkward happens once or twice, the best way to get better at kissing is to continue doing it and we all have awkward moments sometimes.

That’s just a fact of life. Don’t get embarrassed or let a little bit of awkwardness kill the moment, it’s better to laugh it off with your partner for a moment and go back in. Finally, things work well when there is adequate communication. Don’t be nervous to tell your partner what you like or ask them what they like. This takes the guessing out of it and allows you to get pleasure out of knowing you’re doing something that your partner gets pleasure from! Kissing should be fun so don’t shy away from communicating what is fun for you!

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