Penis Enlargement Methods: What Can You Do To Make Your Penis Larger

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penis enlargement methods

Penis, dick, willy, shlong, pecker, prick, cock, and Johnson are just a few of the terms that we use commonly for the phallic part of male anatomy. In our society, most people feel that this organ is a pretty big deal, and penis owners in particular often feel that society may judge them by this body part. While the average penis length differs from country to country, the concern about being below average can be difficult to deal with for many. When a person has a penis  that is below the average length, they can feel undesirable, like the butt of a joke, or as though their ability to please their partner might be in jeopardy. While none of these feelings are really necessary, they are unfortunately quite common.

How to Enlarge Penis

ways to enlarge your penis

You can totally please your partner in other ways than just penetration, and even penetrative sex can be absolutely amazing with a person who is working with smaller equipment. However, the ego in all of us wants to ensure that our most intimate parts are up to snuff with the rest of the world, or even that they are more desirable than most. People with smaller than average penises may go a long way to try to find penis enlargement tips. This is the entire premise of a documentary called “Unhung Hero.”

In this movie, a man who was dumped for apparently having too small of a penis travels the globe with a film crew to document his journey to attempt to find the best penis enlargement methods. Long story short, while he finds a lot of options, the ones that he thinks would make a big difference are pretty few and far between. While there are plenty of tinctures, pills and exercise guides that are marketed towards men with the promise of increasing penis size, many, if not most of them, aren’t actually things that make your penis bigger. With so many of these so-called remedies ending up scams or snake oil, it begs the question of whether anything works at all! Is It possible to enlarge your penis?

This penis enlargement guide will take you through a series of methods to increase penis size. Not every method works for every penis owner, and we will lay out all of the facts, side effects and effectiveness of each one so that you can be truly informed. If you’re really dying to know what to do to make your penis bigger, this article might help you figure out what you need to do to get there.

Home Remedies to Enlarge Penis

penis enlargement options

The first category of penis enlargement techniques is going to be methods of penis enlargement at home. There are quite a few natural ways to enlarge the penis that you can partake in from the comfort and privacy of your own dwelling. The first option and arguably the best way to enlarge your penis is through a daily practice of what is called tugging. Tugging is pretty much exactly what you might think. Simply pulling and stretching the tissues in the penis can actually lead to an increase in length from half of an inch to one inch.

This is a pretty significant increase, especially when you compare it to other, often more invasive penis enlargement options. Studies show that using a device that functions by pulling on the skin of the penis can be one of the least harmful and most likely ways to increase the length of the penis while flacid and erect. For this, a person would need to wear a penis extender under their clothing for multiple hours per day. It might be a time commitment, but if you’re really committed to finding a safe way to enlarge the penis, this might be your best bet. There are also penis pumps and viagra, both things that are used to help with erectile dysfunction, that are effective in providing a strong blood flow to the penis. This enhances the erection and can make the penis appear larger, longer, and more girthy.

These erectile dysfunction cures can seem like the fastest way to enlarge the penis, but they don’t do it for too long. After using a penis pump or erectile dysfunction medication, the penis would return to the same size that it always was in a matter of hours. Another important thing to note is that overusing a penis pump could cause issues with the skin of the penis, and overuse of viagra can cause problems for your general health and circulatory system.

Miracle Pills, Lotions, Scrubs and Jelqing

tricks to enlarge penis

Can you enlarge your penis by using ointments, creams, pills, supplements and a practice called “Jelqing?” The answer according to most doctors, and people who have tried these tricks to enlarge the penis, is an astounding “No.” Despite a lot of companies making a big chunk of change off of the insecurity of many average sized penis owners, there are very few actual ways to increase penis size, and most of them include an intense surgery or injection into the penis. Pills and supplements may potentially help with erectile function, but they won’t permanently make your penis larger. Ointments and creams won’t do the job either.

Jelqing is a practice that is believed to have evolved in the Middle East, and while it has a cool name, it might actually cause more harm than good. It is a practice that involves squeezing the penis like a tube of toothpaste in the moments before the penis becomes erect. Doctors say it could actually cause your penis to curve or become misshapen.

Plastic Surgery and Injections

what to do to make your penis bigger

There are a few different invasive procedures that are proven ways to enlarge the penis. The most effective way to enlarge the penis is with a penile implant. This can make the penis 1-2 inches longer, but it does come with some side effects. This procedure is invasive, and runs the risk of infection. In this case, the patient then also runs the risk of having to live with erectile dysfunction, or worse, removal of the penis entirely. Even if the procedure does not result in infection, there is still the side effect of a stiffer penis due to a permanent silicone implant residing inside the penis. The days of complete flaccidness would be no longer for anyone who got this kind of penis implant. There are very few doctors in the world who are willing to perform this particular surgery, but even so, over a thousand people have successfully gotten the surgery. We hope they’re happy with the results. The next possible surgical procedure would be a fat implant into the penis. This would increase the girth and possibly the length of the penis by adding more tissue to it.

The risks of this one include infection, which again, could get very ugly and possibly result in dysfunction or removal of the penis. There are a few ways that the fat injection could happen. Either the fat is grafted from another part of the patient’s body, or it is not. Typically, patients who do the graft have a higher success rate. Other potential issues with the fat injection are that it is possible that the added girth or length could go away over time, another injection might be necessary, and there is a chance that the penis could be misshaped after the injection(s). Lastly, there is a surgery that can be done to snip the ligament that attaches the penis to the body which can give the appearance of a longer penis. This has been a popular solution to a lot of people’s worries about having too small of a member.

Unfortunately, this can result in erectile dysfunction, due to the fact that the ligament was there for the purpose of helping to support the penis while erect. If these surgeries sound a bit scary to you, it might be a good idea to take a step back and examine what your true feelings about your penis are, and why.

Why Do People Search for Penile Enlargement Techniques?

increasing penis size

Studies have found that the majority of people who wish to find an easy way to enlarge the penis are actually within the normal range for penis size internationally. The average penis on planet earth comes to around 5.16 inches (ca. 13 cm) when erect, and around 3 inches (ca. 8 cm) when flacid. This means that the massive penises that are frequently displayed in popular pornography and sex toys are actually quite unusual. In fact, penis owners who have penises larger than 7 inches in length while erect actually only make up less than five percent of the population of people with penises. If that comes as a shock to you, pornography is probably to blame. In all seriousness, the issue of penis anxiety is a real problem.

Having frequent feelings of anxiety, and even body dysmorphia directly related to the penis, is unfortunately common among penis owners. This can impact day to day life and make it particularly hard to enjoy physical intimacy and bodily autonomy. If you feel nervous about getting undressed around others because you believe that your penis is abnormally small, what might help more than fancy penis pumps and invasive surgery could be therapy. Talking to a therapist about your feelings of anxiety around penis size are getting in the way of your sexual health and happiness could actually relieve a lot of the stress and pressure you feel around having an adequate ability to pleasure your partner.

Speaking of pleasure, even if you happen to be in the 0.6 percent of penis owners around the world who could be medically diagnosed with a micropenis (a penis shorter than three inches when stretched), there is way more to sex than penile penetration. You could use toys, digital stimulation and/or penetration, fingering and oral sex to make your partner orgasm even if you didn’t have a penis at all. Truth be told, many people with vulvas and vaginas actually prefer oral sex to penetrative intercourse. Even when it comes to penetration, in a survey of heterosexual women, 85% reported satisfaction with their parter’s penis size. That is a pretty good indicator that most partners don’t care as much about penis size as one might think.

Bigger Dick Tips

Do you still feel like you want to have a larger penis, but don’t want to go through with an intense surgery or every day stretching? One of the absolute simplest ways to enlarge your penis is to grab your electric razor and give your pubes a trim. It’s that simple! By reducing the amount of bush surrounding your magic wand, you can effectively make it appear a lot larger and longer. You can even have fun with it and shave a landing strip or some other intricate manscaping.

Another way to achieve the look of a larger penis is to get fit. That may sound odd, but excess fat tissue in the lower abdomen can actually take away up to an inch of penis, and having less adipose tissue surrounding the vital organs is a good thing for your overall health.

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