How to Dick Pic: The Best Way to Take a Dick Pic Ready to Be Sent to Your Agreed Partner

  • Jan.11.2021
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If you want to know how to get the best home taken dick pics you’re in the right place. We will start out with some basic nude etiquette and then move on to the most flattering and appealing ways to take a pic of your junk with the intent to send it. There are several flaws in how guys take dick pics when they don’t understand the purpose of a raunchy snap or how to cater to their intended audience.

First and foremost you should figure out whether this pic is appropriate to send at all. If someone you’re in a relationship with asks for a nude, that’s a pretty definite green light to go ahead and take a few shots of your dick and send them over. If you’re trying to win over your crush by sending a snap of your penis with no context, you should probably splash your face with cold water a few times and rethink that idea.

When to Send a Dick Pic

The best time to send a dick pick is when it’s asked for (or in reciprocation to a nude that you’ve been sent) from a consenting adult whom you trust. It is important to be clear about why you’re sending the nude and who is going to see it. If you’re sending it casually to someone you don’t know very well, be very sure that it’s something they want first, don’t send it instead of a greeting, that is almost never appreciated.

If you know the person you’re sending the pic to is interested in receiving a dick pic from you, think about whether you trust them or not. If you trust them, you are trusting that they won’t share the picture with others and that they won’t put it on the internet. You don’t want a picture of your penis to be floating around for a potential employer or parent to see without your knowledge. If you’re cool with having the picture shared or viewed by people other than the intended recipient then you don’t have as much to worry about.

If you’re not comfortable with anyone else seeing it, make that totally clear that the photo is for their eyes only. Now that we’ve got the privacy policy settled, you’re ready to think about what kind of dick pic you should be sending depending on the situation.

How Should I Take the Picture?

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You should definitely cater the picture to the person you’re sending it to. There are also plenty of tips to be learned about angles, light, exposure, and what else should be in the frame. For starters, you will want to be clean and groomed well if the main focus of the picture is your penis. It can be super steamy to receive a nude of someone who just got out of the shower.

Pro Tips and Trick:

  • Moisturize your dick and balls, and honestly the whole rest of your body to make for the most attractive photo. In terms of angles, it’s better to take a picture from above to accentuate the length and body. You could also take a mirror selfie straight on or profile to include a little bit of cheekiness.
  • Use natural or soft light and avoid harsh fluorescents. You could take the picture in your bathroom, your bedroom, your kitchen if you’re feeling a bit funky or in any location that you know won’t get you arrested for flashing. Good backgrounds are typically uncluttered and clean like a clean bathroom mirror pic or you resting on your freshly washed cotton sheets. If your room is a mess you will want to tidy up or at least push all of the clutter over to the side of the room that isn’t in the picture. Nothing ruins a dick pic like a dirty bathroom or location. Keep everything tidy for your photographic composition. Focus the picture well and do a little 360 turn and check to see where the light is best.
  • It’s a pretty common protocol not to include your face in a dick pic for a number of reasons. Not only does this protect your identity should the photo be leaked but it also avoids the problem of making an unsexy face while you’re tourqing your body for the best dick angle. Focus on the body and send a cute selfie later. What you should include however is your body. You could make it a full body nude or you could focus more on the dick region but include some torso and thighs to make it less of an ominous floating member.
  • Another hot tip is to include your hand just lightly around the base of your dick for suggestion and size comparison. The art of the nude is really more about fantasy than anatomy. You want the recipient to want your hand to be theirs. If all goes well you should have a lusty back and forth and maybe get a few pictures back. Don’t expect a nude back when you send a dick pic, but if you do get one make sure to be encouraging and appreciative of their nude just as you would like to be.

So in conclusion never send a nude unless you really know the recipient wants it. This is harassment. Don’t include your face in the shot, especially if you know your employer or family would hang you out to dry if the picture got leaked. In addition, don’t be a dick and leak someone else’s nude. Not only is it just flat-out terrible it can actually land you with a criminal record so just don’t do it. Dick pics truly can be serious business. But they can also be a lot of light-hearted fun, so if you’re sending a dick pic to a trusted partner or friend, I hope this article helped you figure out the angles to get your best shot.

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