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There are a lot of reasons why you might not be able to go out and purchase a sex toy. If you don’t feel like you can afford one, you don’t want anyone to find it, or you simply don’t feel like you have enough time when a moment strikes you, don’t worry! There are plenty of DIY sex toys and household items that can be used as dildos for you to chose from and use when you want a little extra stimulation or fun in the bedroom. Homemade adult toys can either be household items as sex toys or actually homemade sex toys that you put a little effort into constructing. Either way, you are going to be surprised about what can be used as homemade masturbation toys and the best things to use as a dildo that you can find in the veggie drawer or bathroom cabinet.

Homemade Sex Toys

So here we go! Take a look at these improvised sex toys!

What to Use Instead of a Vibrator

Things to use as vibrators are actually pretty easy to find in today’s high-tech age. There are a lot of items you probably own that have some sort of vibrating feature. Here are a few good ones:

Back Massager/ Muscle Massager

A back massager is a great improvised sex toy because it’s meant to vibrate and massage you, so it’s already at a great setting for massaging the skin. If it’s a larger back massager, you could sit on top of it and rock back and forth. With smaller massagers, use them to stimulate yourself or a partner, making sure to check in about whether the vibrations are too intense or not intense enough.

Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush can easily double as a discreet vibrator! You can take it anywhere with you and no one needs to know about its added double usage. If you want to insert it, don’t do so without first putting a condom on it to prevent infection!

Electric Razor

With the blades off of course! An electric vibrating razor emits good vibrations and is another example of a discrete multipurpose tool. Just make sure again not to insert anything without a condom and really truly, take off the blades!

Removable Shower Head

The removable shower head is an all-time favorite when it comes to getting a little bit of extra pleasure in the shower or tub. The steam and pressure of the showerhead can feel great on the vulva and/or anus. I wouldn’t advise getting the water too deep inside, keep it casual and external for best safety practices.

Jacuzzi Jet

If you’re lucky enough to have a hot tub or jacuzzi tub, those massaging jets on the side can feel absolutely great up against your nether regions. They can take some steamy action in the hot tub to another level for sure!

Washing Machine/Dryer

Sitting on a washing machine or dryer can provide you with some excellent vibrations. Take your afternoon delight to a higher place by getting some laundry done and going at it on top of the washing machine as it vibrates!

Cell Phone

It’s so obvious you might not have even thought about it! A cell phone can give off plenty of vibrations, and in fact, there are cellphone apps for sexual stimulation through the vibrating feature which can make your phone vibrate to the beat of your own drum.

Best Homemade Sex Toy: DIY Sex Toys

DIY Sex Toys

Here are some toys you can make yourself using household items! These may be the best homemade dildos because you can really shape them yourself!

Ice Dildo

A fun craft that you get to use for your own pleasure afterward, this dildo made of ice is relatively easy to make. All you need is a condom or a popsicle mold that you can fill with water and then freeze. When using these ice dildos, just be cautioned that the area you’re using them in will get wet as the ice melts. What a simple DIY sex toy!

Make It Out of Clay!

You can also make a homemade sex toy, dildo, or a butt plug from clay! If you have access to a ceramics studio or kiln, then you can fire the dildo or butt plug you’ve made to your liking twice to make sure it’s safe for insertion, otherwise make sure to pop a condom on your clay dildo or the butt plug to prevent residue or infection!

Biodegradable DIY Sex Toys

Okay so here is where mother nature does her thing. There are actually a lot of fruits and veggies that are pretty phallic or yonic and believe it or not they sometimes do the trick!


Yes, you’ve been wondering if I was going to say cucumber, and yes, I am. These cool tubular vegetables are found in a variety of sizes and are pretty damn simple and easy to use as a dildo. You will want to either wrap the cucumber in saran wrap or a condom before inserting to prevent infection and if you go for the saran wrap option, you can still eat it when you’re done as a refreshing snack. Other phallic veggies include zucchini, Chinese eggplant, or carrots. You can even cut or peel the veggies to get the size and shape of your liking.


A tropical fruit that can serve more than one purpose! You can absolutely use a banana as a dildo, but again you absolutely must put a barrier of protection like a condom or saran wrap over the banana, especially with the pesticides they put on non-organic ones.


Melons are a super sensual fruit, with velvety flesh and a sweet fragrance. After leaving a melon out of the fridge and allowing it to get to room temperature, you can cut a hole in the melon about the size of your or your partner’s penis and use it as a natural fleshlight. As an added bonus, whoever uses the melon will have a sweet taste after oral sex.


If you’ve never seen the popular video “How to Grapefruit Your Man” I highly suggest it for both an educational experience and maybe a bit of a laugh. This video shows you a trick that is actually really helpful and sexy in the bedroom. If you want to “grapefruit your man” or your partner, or yourself, all you need is a grapefruit! In the video a blindfold is suggested, so the person getting “grapefruited” doesn’t know that fruit is involved, but you can do it with or without the blindfold. Cut the top and bottom of the navel off of the grapefruit and then make a hole in the middle, large enough for a penis to fit through. You can press the insides with your fingers to make the hole a bit wider if needed. Then (if you’re with a partner) you can do a combination of oral sex and using the grapefruit in your hand for a partial hand job. I promise it will be sexy and sweet!

DIY Sensory Items/Sex Toys You Didn’t Know You Owned

best DIY sex toys

There are a lot of items you can find around the house that can be used in a kinky or sexy manner. Now we’re moving past the dildos and vibrators and getting into some fun sex accessories. So here we go:

For Spanking

Disclaimer! If you’re going to engage in spanking/hitting during sex, make sure you have a conversation before about what you’re okay with, and where your boundaries or limits are. You may also want to implement using a safe word. When you’re good to go, here are some household spanking options.

Hair Brush

Hairbrushes can be used to spank on the flat side, and the bristles can also make for a sensual scratching sensation. If you want to insert the end of the hairbrush, you should make sure to use a condom to prevent infection.

Wooden Spoon or Spatula

Like the hairbrush, a wooden spoon or spatula is great as a makeshift paddle! Again just like the hairbrush, well at this point you know what I am going to say about insertion: use a condom!

Old Sports Paddles

Old sports paddles like a cricket paddle or a small rowing paddle can make for a pretty intense and effective spanking paddle.

For Rope Play


You can ball up a pair of panties and use them as a gag for some BDSM play! If you’re averse to the idea of using the pair you had on, you can always grab a clean pair for this usage!


Stockings are really sensual either to rip off of a partner, or they can be doubly used as a blindfold or even a gag. They are stretchy, soft, comfortable, and wearable.

For Nipple Clamps

Paper Clips

If you’re not used to using nipple clamps, maybe don’t go for this one right off the bat, but if you’re experienced in this kind of nipple play, paper clips make great nipple clams in a pinch. Haha, get it? A pinch?

Okay, so now you have it, a very comprehensive list of things you might have in your home right now that can double as a sex toy, vibrator, dildo, or ball gag. Who knew home goods could be so sexy, or that sex toys could be so easy and inexpensive. So go ahead and proceed with the fun so long as you follow the health/safety tips and have enthusiastic consent!

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