High Sex: How to Have the Best Ever Sex in Your Life | Having Sex While High on Weed

  • Apr.28.2021
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sex on weed experience

Now that marijuana is becoming legal or decriminalized in more places, there is a lot more research being done to find links between weed and the human body and brain. So what do experts have to say about the sex on weed experience? Weed smokers have known the way that marijuana interacts with sensation and sensitivity for as long as they’ve been smoking weed, so it makes sense that weed would have a profound impact on sex and sexual activity. Some actually prefer to smoke before they have sex because sex feels better that way. Why does sex feel better high? Well, if we look into the way that cannabis reacts with the brain and how that changes our relationship to sensation and perception, it can give us a better picture of why some people prefer high sex.

All about Sex and Weed

Most of what we know about having sex while high goes hand and hand with our knowledge about how cannabinoids interact with the brain and alter sensation and perception. Most people smoke weed to relax, to feel good, to calm their thoughts, or in some instances to get themselves hyped up. It depends on the strain and the situation. People also like to smoke weed or take edibles to experience reality in a different way, or become more sensate and enjoy life’s pleasures more. This is why taking a walk in nature, listening to music, watching a comedy, or eating chips can be so much better when you’re high. Wouldn’t the same apply to sex? Increasing awareness of your physical senses and heightening your enjoyment of good sensations sounds like a perfect aphrodisiac and a great time in the bedroom. It might be surprising, however, to find out that in a self-reported study, 62% of women reported cannabis increasing their libido. While self-reporting is not always the best way to gather statistical information, 62% is a substantial enough percentage to show some kind of correlational relationship. This shows that it isn’t just a way to enhance sexual activity once it starts, but a way to get the engines going and increase the amount of sexual activity you might have. Weed smokers on average have more sex than non-weed smokers. Again, this is a self-reported statistic, so come to your own conclusions about its scientific merit.

Is Sex Better High: Some Things to Consider If You Want to Try High Sex

having sex while high on weed

There are some important things to consider if all of that information piqued your interest in what marijuana could do for your sex life. Firstly, bring up your interest with your partner to make sure that they’re into the idea. Maybe you could both try it out or maybe not, it’s up to the both of you. When starting out it’s best to test out your tolerance and reaction to weed before it’s time to get down and dirty. Try out a few different strains in small amounts, which may gradually increase intake if it feels right, and figure out what makes you feel best. The amount and specific strain of weed that you feel is a good fit for you might not be a good fit for your partner. That’s okay! You don’t have to smoke exactly the same amount or even the same weed. People have different reactions both physical and psychological to different kinds and amounts of weed. If you enjoy edibles or drinkables, you might want to save those for a time when you’re just relaxing and not engaging in sexual activities. This is because edibles can often be tricky when it comes to discerning how much THC you’re putting in your body and when it will kick in. Sometimes edibles take thirty to sixty minutes to go into full effect which can make people reach for more before they realize how much they’ve already been dosed with. You should also note that getting too high can leave you incapacitated and unable to give consent. Never try to get consent from someone who is too high.

How Does Weed Affect You Sexually?

does weed affect sexuality

So you might be wondering “Does weed affect sexuality in a bad way?” and the answer is, that depends on how weed affects you personally and how much you smoke it. Sometimes a side effect of smoking is dry mouth or cottonmouth. There is also a chance that you can experience something similar to cottonmouth, but down there. This is why if you’re going to engage in sex while high you shouldn’t spare on the lubricant and make sure that you’re plenty hydrated. You might also become lethargic or sleepy. While there isn’t a ton of research on questions like “does marijuana affect libido?” Some preliminary studies on weed and sex have also shown that people who use cannabis regularly or chronically can have difficulty with premature ejaculation, so be wary of this potential side effect. There is also something to consider when thinking about smoking before sex: some people have increased social anxiety and brain fog when under the influence of cannabis, so to assume that all people will enjoy having sex after smoking weed would be totally inaccurate and potentially harmful.

Find Out for Yourself If High Sex Is the Best Sex

So now you know all about having sex while high on weed. Through and through if you enjoy smoking weed or eating edibles, you might be among the people who find that it increases libido, improves orgasm, and enhances your sex life. Enjoy that! If you haven’t tried the combination of sex and weed at the same time and you’re interested, try it out in a slow process of finding out the right dosages and time frames for you and your partner. If you know that weed is truly not your thing, carry on with business as usual because there are plenty of ways to increase pleasure and libido and spice up your sex life that isn’t cannabis-related. To all those who celebrate 4/20, have a happy holiday this year and maybe think about celebrating in a sexy way!

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