Harvey Milk Day: Find Out Who Is Harvey Milk, What Is It About and Join Us on May, 22

  • May.21.2021
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who is harvey milk

Despite the daily struggle against inequality, the problem still exists. The concept of equality is that gender, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or race should not be a hindrance to people in the exercise of their rights and freedoms. One of the most prominent advocates of equality is Harvey Milk. By the way, he was a homosexual politician. Mr. Milk not only did not hide his sexual orientation but also promoted diversity in government. If the topic of equality is close to you, then we would like to invite you to celebrate Harvey Milk Day on May, 22. And of course, we will tell you what kind of day it is and exactly how you can become a part of it.

What Is the History of Harvey Day?

Since 2009, we have officially honored a person who, despite the risk of his life, continued to fight for equality. So who is Harvey Milk? Imagine a teenager in a Lithuanian Jewish family in the middle of the 20th century who realizes that he is homosexual and has to keep it a secret. In 1972, when Harvey moved to San Francisco, he began to take steps to support the local LGBT community. And since 1978, he became involved in politics and actively promoted a bill prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation in housing, public places, and work. In the end, he succeeded but was soon killed. Now, on May, 22, we honor the contribution this brave man made to his community.

How to Celebrate Harvey Day?

Anyone can celebrate this day: who is in the LGBT community and who provides support. We have prepared a small guide for you on what you could do on May, 22:

  • You can display a rainbow flag on your balcony or near your home. This is the flag of peace and freedom, which has been an attribute of the LGBT community for more than one year.
  • Be sure to read the “Hope” speech Harvey Milk told it in the elections. And later at the gay pride parade but with a more extended version. This speech contains everything: humor, hope, a message to fight.
  • Did you know that the Harvey Milk Foundation was founded after his death? This non-profit organization fights for the ideas that he supported during his lifetime. You can donate even a small amount to the foundation.
  • Make a post or story on your Instagram account. Let as many people as possible know about Harvey Milk and his struggles.

Equality in all spheres of life has not yet been achieved. Therefore, let’s not stand aside. Happy Harvey Day!

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