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Orgasm With No Hands

If you’re looking for a hands-free orgasm guide, look no further! Here it is! There are many reasons why a person might want to have a hands-free orgasm, and having one is totally doable, depending on what you’re envisioning when you think of “hands-free.” There are many hands-free orgasm techniques that involve touch but don’t involve hands, but there are also methods of figuring out how to orgasm without touching. While everyone can get something out of trying all the different techniques, including those that focus solely on orgasm without touch, not everyone is going to lead to a guaranteed hands-free orgasm.

Tantric meditation and pelvic floor exercises have made many people enjoy an orgasm simply through the use of concentrated thought, but not everyone will be able to get there even with a lot of practice. If you’re simply wanting to find a way to get off without the use of your fingers or a partner’s fingers, there are plenty of things you could try like a mounted toy, vibrating underwear, humping and grinding, and using the shower head that can teach you how to achieve hands-free orgasm. For all the information you could ask for about coming without using your hands, this hands-free orgasm tutorial has you covered.

Hands-free Orgasm Instructions: The Touch Free Category

Coming Hands-free

There are so many different ways to achieve an orgasm without the use of hands. The instructions for all of the different techniques can vary greatly. If you’re looking to find ways to orgasm without touching the genitals, there are many resources for hands-free orgasm training involving meditative practices, energy healing, and sexual hypnosis. These three areas are similar but different in their manifestations. In orgasmic meditation, the goal is to bring awareness to your body, specifically the pleasurable sensations that ripple and buzz through the body as a person becomes sexually aroused and stimulated. It is possible to practice orgasmic meditation while engaging in sexual activity or simply while sitting or laying down alone. There are guides and podcasts you can listen to take you through the process of bringing awareness to your pleasure and taking the focus and strain away from finishing and towards experiencing pleasurable sensations as they enter and exit your body and mind.

Energy healing can be done by another person, specifically a person who practices hands-free orgasm and tantric healing. Tantric massage can often provide a healing touch to areas of the body that aren’t sexual organs and provide a similar sensation of pleasure even when the focus is not directly on the penis or vulva. There are tantric massage parlors in most big cities, and while some of them come with happy endings that wouldn’t fall under the category of “hands-free,” others don’t involve that kind of sexual touch.

Orgasmic hypnosis is a method of relaxing the mind and body in order to release tension and allow for an orgasm to occur. This is another one of the touch-free practices that don’t always work for everyone, but in the process, you may be able to find some stress relief and good sensations.

The goal of all sexual experiences should mainly be to enjoy a moment of pleasure and connect with yourself and/or your partner, so if these totally touch-free methods are frustrating you because they don’t lead to orgasm, take them with a grain of salt. Know that they may not lead to orgasm, but that not all sexual experiences have to be centered around getting to orgasm as quickly or directly to orgasm as possible. In fact, it is generally more satisfactory to approach sex without feeling pressure to have an orgasm at all, but rather to take some time exploring sensations and enjoying the process.

Hands-free Orgasms that Aren’t Touch Free

Hands-free Orgasm Instructions

As I mentioned before, not all hands-free orgasms are touch-free. The ones that aren’t can involve any kind of stimulation that gets you there, as long as no hands or fingers are involved. An easy way that anyone can achieve orgasm is by grinding and rocking against another person or a soft piece of furniture. It brings out your primal and instinctual sexuality, and it can feel really great.

How to Have a Hands-free Orgasm for Men

There are mounted toys and sexual apparatuses that you can penetrate without hands, or that will mimic the sensation of oral sex without any thrusting required from you. These items often come with a bit of a higher price tag, but if you’re interested, they might be worth the expense. A cheaper option would be grinding on furniture or pillows, and this might be a bit more discreet as long as you’re completely alone when you do it.

Hands-free Orgasm for Women

People with vulvas can enjoy vibrating underwear or dildos and vibrators that have a wall mount or a bed mount, so there is no need to use your hands for any of it. These things work great, but the use of humping and grinding or positioning yourself in the right spot under the showerhead might be a less expensive and more discrete option as well. If any of these hands-free orgasm tips have inspired you to try something new and pleasurable in the bedroom, hurray! If none of these sounds quite as wonderful as using those faithful hands of yours, all power to you. There is no right or wrong way to experience pleasure, so try a wide variety of things and find out what you like and what you’re not that into.

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