How to Drive Your Man Crazy in the Bedroom: The Top Sexual Fantasies for Men

  • Apr.30.2021
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Do you want to do something a little extra special in the bedroom for a certain man in your life? When it comes to sex and intimacy, most of us aren’t just in it for ourselves. There is a strong desire to pleasure and satisfy another person’s body, mind, and soul when it comes to partnered sex. Oftentimes this desire is stronger between two people who have an established and strong relationship bond, but this desire to fulfill another person’s fantasies can be present even in a one-night stand with a stranger. So how do you fulfill men’s top sexual desires?

First, you have to know what this particular guy’s sexual fantasies are, and then you can find out how to truly rock his world. If you don’t know what his desires are the best thing to do is to ask. However, if you can’t ask, or neither of you is entirely certain, it’s good to know about some of the most common male fantasies so you can do some research and make some good suggestions. Good thing we’re here to share with you some of the most popular sexual fantasies for men.

Top Sexual Fantasies for Men

what do men fantasize about

Just like favorite foods, vacation destinations, jobs and clothes differ from man to man, sexual fantasies do too. This being said, when asked about what their top sexual fantasies were, many men will come up with similar answers. Some of the fantasies men have are acquired through watching porn, talking to their friends, or consuming information on popular TV shows and Movies.

This can often lead men to fantasize about specific things in the bedroom, whether they be mens secret fantasies or sex ideas that they’re very open about. Some of the sexual fantasies men have might be surprising because they flip gender roles, while others fall in line with what might be expected.

Straight men often have different sexual fantasies to gay or queer men who may have more varying roles and explorations within their sexual relationships. Be this as it may, it does not mean that straight men’s fantasies fall into the category of hyper-masculine dominant sex. Many straight men would like nothing more than to be tied up or dominated in the bedroom, and some would like to watch as their partner has sex with another person.

The desire to have a threesome is thought to be the most popular male fantasy, but not all guys are interested in having sex with more than one partner. Threesomes or group sex can also have a huge range of sexual activity within the constitution of three people. This means it could be different mixes of genders, the added person could be a friend or a stranger, there could be different rules for different groups and different lengths of involvement with the additional partner(s).

Another fantasy many men have is exhibitionism. It can be super thrilling to have sex in a place or a manner that might get you caught. Be careful with this one, however, because public sex is illegal. Know the right place to have sex with a bit of risk but not too much in order to bring this fantasy to life without too much of a consequence should you actually get caught.

Another popular of the men sex fantasies is exploring new territory. For many straight or bisexual guys, this means anal sex. Because of its taboo nature, there are a lot of men who are super aroused by the idea of anal play, and perhaps even more so when their partner suddenly shows a new interest in it. If butt stuff isn’t for you, not to worry, because not every guy is into it either.

What Do Men Fantasize About?

Sexual fantasies men have range greatly from man to man, so while this guide should be used as a helpful tool to introduce you to some common male fantasies, the best way to go about fulfilling a particular guy’s desires is to have a conversation about it with him. Talking about sex isn’t something that comes naturally or easily to everyone, so find a time to do it that feels comfortable and appropriate. Sometimes the best time to talk about sex is right after you’ve had sex and you’re feeling calm and full of endorphins.

You could ask your partner what he’s into by simply stating the question “Do you have any sexual fantasies?” or “Is there anything you have always wanted to try in the bedroom?” Make sure your partner knows that you want to fulfill their desires and that they can feel comfortable talking about them to you. If your partner’s fantasies are acts that you’re not entirely comfortable with, don’t make them feel bad about it, but simply say that you aren’t into that and see if there is something else you might both be interested in.

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