When Is Global Orgasm Day? An Unusual Holiday And A Magical Night On This Day

  • Dec.21.2021
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global orgasm day

One of the strangest and most unusual holidays in the world is undoubtedly Global Orgasm Day, which is celebrated on the longest night of the year, December 22nd. According to pagan traditions, for example, the ancient Celts or Slavs, this is a magical night, it completes the annual circle and is an analog of our modern New Year. Night from December 21 to 22, the night of the Winter Solstice, when any magic, meditation, or prayer can work a real miracle. And it is no coincidence that this very night was chosen by the organizers of the holiday.

The Meaning of the Holiday

world orgasm day

Scientists have long proved the influence of the psycho-emotional state of people on the general energy field of the earth. The more people in the world feel joy, happiness, bliss, or delight, the more favorable the atmosphere on our planet is. The number of murders, rapes, and other unlawful acts is decreasing, and everyone is doing well.

Orgasm, as the highest point of pleasure, experienced simultaneously by millions of people on one of the most wonderful nights of the year, can change the world and prevent the most terrible global catastrophes.

Organization of World Orgasm Day

global orgasm day for world peace

World Orgasm Day action is organized by Donna Sheehan and her husband Paul Reffel, as well as their friends Victoria “Ani” Sinclair (Priestess Anela) and Steve Schweitzer. The first action of the worldwide orgasm took place in 2006. The impetus for its beginning was the entry of two US ships into the Persian Gulf, which could be the reason for the start of the war. The action mainly affects countries with weapons of mass destruction. But even in those states where it does not exist, people fully support the project. It has many goals: ending wars, preventing global warming, and promoting social and gender equality.

The organizers of the action at the Global Orgasm Day for world peace urge all people to spend in bed on the night of December 22nd and reach the maximum point of pleasure to change the biofield of the earth and prevent its destruction. They believe that such an act would be a great alternative to collective meditation or prayer. Initially, it was planned that people all over the world should have an orgasm at the same time. But this had to be abandoned, given the large time difference between different countries of the world.

The blog authors wish you a lot of fun on this beautiful and energizing day. You can join the action and become a part of the magic of this holiday.

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