What Natural Foods Lower Your Sex Drive – Mood Killing Foods

  • Nov.01.2021
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Natural Foods Lower Your Sex Drive

If you’re noticing that your sex drive isn’t quite as robust as it once was, or that some nights you have a higher libido than others, and you’re not sure why to pay attention to what you’re eating and drinking to fuel your lovemaking sessions.

The culprit could very easily be that you’re overconsuming drinks and foods that kill sex drive. What we eat can be a natural medicine, and because of that, it can also be a natural toxin, making the things that should function properly function less well. You certainly don’t want to be eating a lot of foods that kill sex drive if you’re going on a romantic date, and you should cut them out of your diet if you’re experiencing difficulty with libido and sexual proficiency. Instead, switch those anti aphrodisiac foods out for some foods that make you want to get it on like oysters, avocados, pistachios, zinc-rich foods, and whole grains. In order to stop eating foods that lower sex drive, you need to identify those foods first!

Thankfully this article is here to clear up all the mistakes you might be making with your diet that make sex a little more difficult. Here are the top foods that kill sex drive and what makes them mood killers.


Foods that are extra salty can be real anti-aphrodisiacs. This is because sodium acts as a deterrent for good blood circulation, which is something that you would really want to have if you’re attempting to get an erection or have arousal occur in the vagina and vulva. The immediate effects of a high sodium diet are water retention, dehydration, and negative impacts on circulation, but the long-term effects are a lot more grave. High sodium over a lifetime can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney problems, and hardened arteries. These are all things you really don’t want to have to go through, so keeping your sodium lower is probably a good idea for the long term. If libido is what spurs you to make that diet change, it’s only going to benefit you in the long run.

Some foods are sneaky with sodium content because they don’t taste so outright salty, but they’re absolutely packed with the stuff. Things like canned soup and instant noodles can make you go over your daily sodium limit if you’re not careful. Additionally, restaurant chefs can be quite heavy-handed with the salt. If you dine out a lot, and you’re having issues in the bedroom, you might want to consider a lower sodium option, or even ask that the chef keep your low sodium diet in mind when preparing your meal.

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Dairy and Eat

Meat and dairy are typically pretty rich in sodium, but this isn’t the only reason that they can make your sex drive lower. They’re also often sources of high estrogen content due to the hormones commonly given to livestock in the factory farming industry that is the norm in North America and abroad. High estrogen can negatively impact sex drive, especially in men.


Soy is a product that is in so many foods and beverages. It is a great, protein-packed alternative to meat that many vegetarians thrive eating. The issue with soy is in part the way that it is farmed in North America, but it also has to do with the pseudo-estrogens that soy is rich with. This is a food that can impact your sex life depends on your hormone levels. If you are a woman with low estrogen, and you want to increase it, soy can be helpful for your hormone levels. However, this is certainly one of the foods that kill male sex drive because while it increases estrogen, it lowers testosterone. This can lead to big problems with libido, so if you’re someone who depends heavily on soy to get protein, you might want to look into other options if you’re struggling in the bedroom.

Alcohol and Weed

It’s important not only to think about what food kills sex drive but also what beverages and edible substances do to your libido. Substances that alter your mind might also alter your body in ways that you didn’t foresee or intend. Contrary to most people’s motivations to drink, alcohol can really be a downer for your sex life. It might seem like the best social lubricant, but when it comes to getting an erection or getting wet, alcohol can slow down the body’s response to stimulus in ways that prevent the fun stuff you had planned for later in the evening. This is because alcohol is a downer, and it can slow your reaction time and communication between the brain and the body. It also dehydrates you and lowers blood circulation to certain areas. Having one or two drinks might make you feel warm, social, and sexy, but past that you might find problems with “whiskey dick” or “whiskey vag” may arise. Weed, whether you smoke it or take it as an edible, can also lower sex drive. If your ideal date is going to the movies high with your lover, you might want to make sure that there is plenty of time to sober up when you want to start getting frisky or simply make sure that you don’t take or smoke too much.

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One of the more surprising natural foods that lower your sex drive is berries. What’s more surprising is that it’s not the berries themselves that have the ability to impact libido, but the chemicals that are sprayed on them. If you really love berries and find them romantic, you could opt for the organic options at the grocery store so that you don’t have to miss out on nature’s candy. The reason non-organic berries are so bad for libido is that berries are often most highly saturated with pesticides and preservatives that are harmful to the body and cause lowered testosterone among a slew of other health problems. If you are buying non-organic berries, it’s best to give them a very thorough rinse or wash them before you consume them.

Foods That Make You Bloat

Bloating foods are among the most common foods that kill womens sex drive. Bloating isn’t something that is specific to the female body, but it does naturally seem to occur more often in women, and it’s something that can make being penetrated more uncomfortable. It can also make penetrating or receiving any kind of sexual pleasure feels less appealing. When we get bloated, we don’t want to move around as much, and often it can make a person feel less sexually appealing.

Not to mention that bloating can often lead to gas and if you want to do anything involving anal pleasure or having your genitals near someone else’s face you probably don’t want to have to deal with gas whatsoever. To avoid gas and bloating, steer clear of foods with too much fiber-like high fiber cereals and granola bars, as well as fibrous veggies and legumes like broccoli, kale, cabbage, beans, and peas.

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