Food Play In Bed: The Best Edibles For Hot Sex Tricks With Your Partner

  • Dec.29.2021
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fun sexual things to do with food

Regardless of whether you prefer the traditional option or want to try something savory, food can come in handy in the bedroom. The secret to success lies in cool sex ideas with food and safety precautions.

If you are looking for vivid sensations, want to diversify your sex life, but are not ready for extreme, try splosing. True, not everyone knows this. Sploshing is the use of various foods in a love game. It goes without saying that it is light, tasty and enjoyable. And there is nothing surprising here: sex and food play in bed, thanks to dopamine, a powerful neurotransmitter, cause us strong emotions, a feeling of pleasure, satisfaction. Therefore, sploshingsplosing can be called a double pleasure.

Sploshing: What Is This Fashionable Fetish?

Champagne, ice, strawberries with cream are already classics of the food and sex rubric. The term itself comes from the name of the magazine “Splosh!”. It was his publisher who once introduced the fashion for sex while eating, so to speak. Usually, in the process of such foreplay, partners eat everything that they have coated or somehow decorated their bodies with. And what can it be, except for banal cream or strawberries? We have a small selection of options for you!

Lightly whipped cream

food play in bed

Whipped cream, it goes without saying, tends to really mix things up between two people. It’s an unspoken food rule that women adore whipped cream. And if you’re one of those people who don’t like giving him a blowout because it makes you gag (it happens), whipped cream is one of your best buddies. Remember cold edible sex foods add a special treat, so refrigerate a can of cream before use, but never refrigerate.

Always begin from the very top. Spritz it on the side of his neck and lick it off. Repeat this procedure on his chest, navel, and penis. Allow him to do the same for you, starting with your neck, breasts, belly button, and lastly your clit. It’ll be a celebration you wish would never end.

Condensed Milk

food and sex

Milk is that it’s the ideal one of the foods to use during sex. Sweet topping for french toast or desserts. Eat it right out of the can with one, two, or three fingers. I like how it just oozes down your bottom lip from your fingers. It appears to be the most sexually charged food attraction. So, why not spice it up with some sex?

Pour a trail of it all over his body, from head to toe. Then let your tongue and fingers work their magic on his skin in a variety of ways that he won’t be able to get enough of.


best foods to use in the bedroom

What is the best food sex? Sure, it’s honey, because it’s sticky and oily, and no matter what you do, it’ll get messy. That is, however, why honey is so delicious. You might put it on your cereal, bananas, or pancakes, for example. But there’s something else you can use it on: his body. However, be prepared for some sloppy and sticky sex. You won’t be sorry. Also honey can be a great substitute for syrup, and a small amount applied to the correct areas would give you a new sensation.

We recommend mixing it with sweetened cooking oil and slathering it all over his body (it could be a wonderful way to give him a massage; think of how you grease up your food right before you eat it). Allow the honey to fall and trickle after that. Do this while standing or sitting for the best results. Even better, on the kitchen counter!

Frozen Berries

foods to use during sex

Girls who do not like to please their partners with oral sex probably simply do not know how healthy and tasty it can be thanks to best foods to use in the bedroom. Of course, if you put a few of these cold and aromatic little things in your mouth first.


sex ideas with food

You can’t go wrong with fruit, and everything from bananas to strawberries would come in handy in the bedroom. If you choose large fruits, peel them beforehand and cut them into pieces. Also prepare two cups, one for fresh fruits and one for used ones. While licking the juice of your partner’s skin can be energizing, be careful with citrus fruits, as they can irritate sensitive areas.


edible sex foods

This is undoubtedly one of the best foods for fun sexual things, but it needs to be melted so you can use it in your love game. You can use chocolate body paint or opt for chocolate sauce. Melting regular chocolate is also a good idea, but it hardens quickly at room temperature and can be difficult to use.


having sex with food

You can get a partner with kinky sex with food. It could be the sexual art of nyotaimori, also known as body sushi. Choose large bites and avoid wasabi. One wrong move and a wasabi roll can provoke irritation and ruin your mood completely. Remove the sticks and have your partner take each bite with his mouth.


using food during sex

Candy is suitable for having sex with food due to its versatility. You can experiment with them, from being used as a garter to being used as a rope for discreet punishment. Spray candy can substitute for honey, but it leaves a sticky residue, so get ready to shower if you overdo it.

Lollipops and Popsicles

bedroom foods

This is a real classic and top food for sex. Ask your partner to show on the candy what he wants you to do, or tease him with cold fruit ice. Prepare a cup ahead of time because it usually melts faster than you might expect.

Peanut Butter

what is food sex

You can lick it off your fingers or more erogenous zones, and it’s great if you’re worried about smudging your sheets with something sweeter. Unlike honey or chocolate, peanut butter doesn’t run, and you can add some marmalade if you don’t mind messing up your bed a little and eating it off your partner.


kinky sex with food

The tingling of bubbles on the skin can be very sensual, and there are many possibilities for experimentation. You can lick it off your skin or kiss it with champagne in your mouth. Don’t choose dry varieties, and remember: before using bedroom foods, they’ll need to be refrigerated.


top food for sex

If you don’t know how to use food during sex, then choose wine. You can feel free to experiment and do not forget to chill the wine a little before using it.

It is very exciting if a girl asks her partner to kneel in front of her and open her mouth between her breasts. Gently start pouring a thin stream of wine onto your chest and your partner should drink delicious wine in such an erotic way.

Who Is This Kind of Sex Suitable for?

Sploshing would suit those who like to eat and enjoy the process, those who like to constantly try something new and unusual, people with a rich imagination, those who are not afraid to get dirty and make a creative mess.

However, using food during sex does not excite everyone, because of personal beliefs, this action is annoying for someone. Remember, we were taught from childhood that indulging or throwing food is not good? Sploshing also means fooling around with food, using it for other purposes, and throwing away what you could not eat. Thrifty housewives are unlikely to like it, as well as for connoisseurs of etiquette or people who hate crumbs in bed.

And if we talk about the types of sploshing, then such a love game can begin right in the kitchen, at the table, or by the refrigerator (whoever has enough imagination for that), then go into the bedroom. And when a person, for example, is squeamish, pedantic in matters of cleanliness, sploshing may also not be pleasant. Or you are indifferent to food in principle, considering food only a source of energy, and not at all pleasant. You prefer an uncomplicated kitchen and don’t imagine how you can smear something on yourself, pour it on, and then lick it off. Or go on a diet, there is no time for sploshing. Therefore, choose experiments according to your taste.

By the way, with food, there are often incidents – it is difficult for someone to wash their clothes, while for someone everything sticks and causes unpleasant feelings. So choose your products carefully. If you don’t want to scrub the floor or wash the sheets for a long time, go to the bathroom or buy a set of bed linen especially for such cases, which you don’t mind throwing out afterward.

The blog authors recommend paying attention to the quality of the products and the shelf life. Also, do not forget to check with your partner about his personal preferences and other nuances related to food. Suddenly he is allergic to peanut butter or chocolate, or maybe he does not like dairy products at all, so cream is not your option.In any case, you need to discuss the topic of sexual things to do with food and organize everything so that sexual play brings positive emotions. Preparation is already half the battle. For example, in tantric sex, she also plays an important role. But eating food can be compared to meditation.

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