What is Flogging: Get the Facts About Flogging With This Helpful Guide

  • Aug.30.2021
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types of floggers

If you’re interested in learning about flogging, you’ve come to the right place. Flogging is a technique that is similar to whipping, but what you’re using to do so is what makes it considered flogging specifically. Some people are into that pain that hurts so good, and when this is the case, flogging is an excellent option to get that painfully pleasurable feeling in the bedroom. While you might get so excited about this concept that you want to start right away, you should consider taking a slow and communicative approach to learning to flog 101 before you try it out.

Firstly, because flogging is in the milieu of BDSM, it is important that you get explicit and enthusiastic consent from your partner about what you want to take place. Have an open and honest discussion about your desires, fantasies, and most importantly your boundaries. This way, you will know how far you can go, and your partner will know how far they can go to keep things enjoyable and safe. You should also use a safeword when practicing any kind of BDSM technique, especially those which inflict physical pain like flogging.

A safeword is a word like “sardine” or “teacup” which can be said at any time to let your partner(s) know that the scene needs to come to a stop or a pause. If you are uncomfortable at any time, you can use the safe word to exit the scene, and the same goes for anyone participating. This safeword is important because in BDSM there can easily be confusion if someone says “it hurts” or “no,” as these words are often reflexive responses to pain or intense stimuli. They don’t always mean that you or your partner wants things to stop. By using a random and nonsensical word that everyone remembers, we can avoid this kind of confusion. Now that we’ve discussed some preliminary BDSM safety information, let’s get into more about the technique of using a flogger.

What Is a Flogger?

what is a flogger

So we’ve heard a lot about flogging, but what is the flogger definition? A flogger is a tool that is similar to a whip but instead of one long rope, the flogger has multiple tails attached to a handle. A person who flogs someone else could also be called a flogger, but in this context, we will refer to the tool itself as the flogger. There are many types of floggers, but they’re typically made of soft leather material, and they can range from small to large.

What Is a Flogger Used For?

flogger definition

A flogger can be used for multiple things but is often used as a form of discipline, domination or sadomasochism. A flogger could simply be a prop that a dom uses to appear powerful and dangerous. It could be used for sensation play, meaning just to stroke a partner, trail around their body and trace the curvature of their erogenous zones. Usually, it is used to flog a partner or two, respecting their boundaries and comfort level of course.

This could be done on the buttocks, the legs, or in some cases the torso or other parts of the body. Because of the sexual nature of this context and the fact that you don’t want to actually injure your partner, there is a lot to learn when it comes to flogging techniques. You will really want to avoid hitting your partner in the kidneys or on the spine.

These areas could cause serious injury, so if you’re aiming to flog your partner’s back, be extremely cautious and aware of these no-go zones. Another important piece of safety information and advice about flogging is that if you’ve never engaged in any kind of discipline or pain play, you should first try to experience it with either your own body or using your hands to begin with slapping or smacking your partner’s buttocks.

This way you will understand how hard you are hitting, and what the flog feels like, before you try it out on your partner. When you don’t have any idea how hard you’re hitting, and you’re using a prop or tool like a flogger, you can do some serious damage. It is best to try it out on your leg before you try it out on a partner, and try spanking your partner with your hand first to understand your own strength.

When you use your hand to spank your partner, you will be able to feel the heat and vibration of the smack, so you will have an idea of how hard the hit was. If you want more tips on how to flog someone, one of the best tips I can give you is to practice on a soft pillow or piece of furniture. The person flogging can often get tired quickly because flogging is not an easy or leisurely task. It can often require a lot of agility and physical stamina, so practicing can really help you get the stamina you want to be the dom your flogging fetish partner dreams about.

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