How to Practice Edging Sex – A Guide to Learning The Pleasures of Sexual Edging

  • Jul.30.2021
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what is edging

Edging Technique

Edging is a tried and true sex technique that you may have even been using without even realizing you were doing it. Edging is a form of orgasm play where a person holds off on having an orgasm when they’re almost there. This has the double benefit of lengthening the duration of sexual stimulation, and achieving a more powerful orgasm. There are multiple ways to use this technique, and it can allow you to better understand you and your partner’s body and generally improve your sex life. Find out about the proper edging technique and the benefits of this practice with this helpful guide to edging.

The Definition of Edging

We already know that edging is a form of orgasm play and that there are a lot of benefits to practicing it, but what is edging really? Can you do it by yourself? Can you do it with a partner? Can you use sex toys? Is it a form of BDSM? The answers to all of these questions are here for you in this guide. First and foremost, edging is the process of stimulating yourself (or your partner) until an orgasm is just about to happen and then stopping or slowing down stimulation, preventing it from taking place.

This action of almost getting there and then stopping can be repeated as many times as you wish, until you are ready to finally orgasm. When it does happen, it is often stronger, longer-lasting, or more sensational than it might have been without the process of edging. It is called edging because you get to the edge of the cliff, right before the point of no return orgasm-wise, and then you slow or stop stimulation. It is kind of like teasing, and in some cases, it can be part of BDSM play. although it doesn’t have to be.

Many people use this technique to help make sex last longer, especially those who struggle with premature ejaculation. It can allow someone who would otherwise only last a few minutes to continue enjoying sex with their partner for a much longer duration. As with all things sexual, edging should always be enthusiastically consented by both parties. You should never decide to use the edging technique on your partner without their consent.

How to Do Edging

how to do edging

There are a few different ways that you can practice the edging technique. During masturbation, it can give you a deeper understanding of your body and your personal pleasure triggers and indicators that you’re about to have an orgasm. Think of it as a practice,both for you and your partner(s), sexual and bodily awareness. To do it solo, you can simply masturbate the way you typically would. and when you’re right on the edge of having an orgasm, stop yourself by either stopping stimulation entirely or slowing it down enough to avoid actually having an orgasm.

Once the feeling that you are about to orgasm has passed, you can resume stimulating yourself until the feeling returns. You can do this as many times as you see fit until you finally decide to allow yourself to come, which should be a more intense or at least different feeling than if you hadn’t edged at all. Take note of how everything feels as it is happening so that you can gain as much awareness of your body and its physical abilities and sensations as is possible.

If you want to edge with a partner, you can do a similar thing where your partner stimulates you or you both take part in a stimulating activity until you reach that edge and tell your partner to stop or stop the stimulation yourself. Be gentle and patient with your partner, and respect that this is a practice that you can improve upon with time and communication. Once you and your partner decide that it’s time, the orgasm might blow both of your minds.

Why Does Edging Feel so Good?

Edging feels perfect because you are pumping a lot of blood into your genitals. An orgasm happens when the blood that has circulated to the genitals during arousal and stimulation is released back into the rest of the body, resulting in feelings of euphoria, the release of petrochemicals like oxytocin and dopamine, and sometimes contractions, shaking or moaning occurs. After you have had an orgasm, the body will regain its normal state, meaning your heart isn’t pumping blood faster, muscles aren’t contracting, and your genitals aren’t swelling. The more tension you build up to that moment, the better the release will feel. This is why edging can often lead to longer and more intense orgasms.

Does Edging Help You Last Longer?

edging technique

One of the most sought-after effects of edging is elongating sex. It can be a lifesaver for those who struggle with premature ejaculation, because every time you feel the need to orgasm, instead of doing it and ending the act, you can take a short break and then get right back to it. This is helpful because on average men take about 5-6 minutes to reach orgasm whereas women take about 15 minutes.

This can often lead to a gap in the number of male vs female orgasms that occur in couples who have P in V intercourse. If you want to have the divine simultaneous orgasm, help your partner get there by elongating your penetration time, or simply enjoying the experience for a longer span, the art of edging might be your new favorite thing.

Is Edging Safe?

Some people have the worry that edging isn’t good for you. You might be wondering, “Can edging hurt you?” The answer to this question is no. On the contrary, there are actually a lot of health benefits of edging. Edging might lead to frustration at first, and for some, it can lead to momentary blue balls. However, as long as an orgasm is eventually achieved that will quickly go away.

There are also other methods for preventing and getting rid of blue balls that don’t require orgasm or ejaculation. To be frank, although it might be uncomfortable while it’s happening, blue balls won’t hurt you, your sperm, or your genitals. This condition has no lasting effects.

Can Women Edge?

effects of edging

Of course, women can edge, and in fact, it is a really good idea for women to do this by themselves in order to understand and have a good command over their own pleasure. Edging allows you to take note of what really does it for you and what you need to reach orgasm. If you practice it long enough you will be better able to guide your partner to that sweet spot time and time again so that you can enjoy the best orgasms of your life.

There are more male edging exercises because of one of the best edging techniques called the squeeze technique, which helps penis owners stop themselves from ejaculating which can prove to be rather difficult sometimes. For this method, you simply squeeze the penis when you feel that you’re about to come, with enough pressure to stop the ejaculation from occurring. For the female body, instead of squeezing the penis, you could simply stop the stimulation and instead apply a good amount of pressure to the genitals. This should feel good but allow for the feeling of orgasm to pass for long enough that you can start it up again. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, repeat this edging technique a few more times.

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