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  • Apr.02.2021
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anal sex for guys

If you want to know why guys like anal, specifically heterosexual men, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will take a look at responses from guys who like anal in order to understand why it is that guys like anal and want to have it in their heterosexual relationships. If you’re interested in anal sex with your guy or simply asking yourself “why do guys want anal?” we have some information for you.

Do Guys Like Anal?

There are many people of all genders who enjoy anal sex, anal play, and rimming. Today we’re going to talk about anal sex for guys in heterosexual relationships and some of the reasons why many men want to have anal sex with their girlfriends, wives, or sex partners. Not all guys like anal or have any interest in trying it even once, so it’s important to understand when talking about the anal sex guys want we’re not talking about every single straight man, just the ones with an interest in anal sex. If you’re an anal sex guy or a woman who wants to find out more about why her boyfriend or partner wants to have anal sex, you might find some of the reasons that men want anal sex interesting.

In an article interviewing men about their experiences with anal sex for Women’s Health magazine, many of the men said that while they were really interested in trying it either once or a couple of times, they preferred vaginal sex for the ease with which it can happen, and the lack of worry over lubrication and accidents involving, you guessed it, poop.

Why Do Guys Like Anal Sex?

Why do guys like anal? The answer to this question is different depending on the guy you ask! Many guys see anal sex as a taboo thing or something that excites them because it’s different and a little bit mysterious. To some guys, a girl wanting to have anal sex with them is the epitome of sexy because it could mean that girl really trusts him or wants to explore her sexuality with him. For some guys, anal sex is something they only want to experience once just to see what it’s like, whereas other guys love anal and might want to have it often, or even have a fetish for anal sex where they can only find true sexual gratification through the act of anal sexual activities. Some men are intrigued by the idea of anal sex because of the concept that the anus may be tighter than the vagina, but not everyone feels the same way or agrees that this is a better sensation.

Some men find the idea of doing something that is taboo to be incredibly sexually enticing. This is why there are those guys who will constantly ask their partner to have anal sex hoping that one day the answer of “no” will switch to “yes.” It is a classic example of delayed gratification or wanting something that you can’t have.

The forbidden fruit tastes so sweet when you’ve been thinking about it and unable to have it for so long. This said many people who only want to have anal sex for the reason that it is taboo don’t find themselves having it very often after they try it for the first time.

As we should all know by now, you should never pressure someone into doing something sexual that they don’t want to do. If someone doesn’t want to have anal sex, they will most likely not find it very enjoyable because they will be stressed and not relaxed. This may very well be the reason that those people who pressure to have anal until their partner gives in don’t have it regularly.

How to Have a Good Experience with Guy and Girl Anal

anal sex guy

The female reproductive system may not include a prostate, which is the pleasure center or male G-spot that can be reached in males through the anus, but not to worry, there are plenty of pleasure centers located around the female anus. This means that as a woman, you can totally derive a lot of pleasure from anal sex, or simply anal stimulation. Once you get past some of the social or psychological issues some people have with the idea, you may find that there is absolutely nothing to fear or feel negatively about so long as you prepare for anal properly. Many men and women find themselves in a situation where first-time anal is a drunk experiment or a spur of the moment idea.

When this happens, you’re not giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy anal sex fully because you have had little preparation. If you figure out how to prepare you might also find yourself way less nervous about accidents and experiencing a lot of pleasure from the sensations. You need to be able to truly relax if you want to get the best out of anal sex.

This means if you are a guy who is always pressuring your partner to have anal sex and she doesn’t want to, the experience really won’t be so great for her. If you have a discussion about your hopes and fears about anal and figure out a game plan for relaxation, lubrication, and accident prevention, you might find that both of you could become a couple of people who genuinely love anal sex. If you are really into anal sex, you might be the girl anal guy really loves.

What is most important for having a relationship where anal sex is an item in the routine, there need to be positive sensations for both parties involved. In order for this to happen, you should make sure that there is plenty of preparation and care that goes into having anal sex. If you haven’t read them already, check out my articles on anal lubricants, anal training, and how to prepare for anal sex so that you can be sure to take all the steps involved in having the most smooth and sexually satisfying experience.

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