DDLG Kink And The Main Principles Of Daddy-Little Relationship

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ddlg kink

In the modern world, what types of relationships you won’t find, but for the most part, they are all offshoots of some large groups. Today we’ll talk about one such branch of BDSM.

What Is DDLG?

ddlg definition

If we consider a typical DDLG definition, then this is not a simple relationship of a dominant and a submissive, to which people are accustomed in BDSM. Here, the main emphasis is on trust and caring for the submissive, or as they used to call them here – little. This is not pedophilia, which more mature people shout about, but an ordinary role-playing game, where everyone plays a role and performs a certain range of responsibilities.

A person who plays the role of a dominant in such a relationship is obliged to give his warmth and care to his submissive, sometimes punishing him for bad transgressions and teaching him. Most often, the top one in such a relationship is affectionately called “Daddy”.

Also, from the meaning of DDLG, it can be understood that the submissive or “Little” performs in such a relationship the role of the lower one and pretends to be a child, willingly giving all power over himself to his dominant and trusting him in everything. They truly believe that their daddy would take care of them and protect them if needed. Often such relationships do not go beyond the bedroom doors, but there are also cases when the submissive gives all power over himself for life completely into the hands of his dominant. This is highly valued in BDSM circles and is the highest degree of trust and love, so that the upper ones treat their lower ones with reverence, trying to justify this trust.

How to do DDLG? In a DDLG relationship, the dominant can have much more control than in any other BDSM relationship, that is, he can almost completely or partially control the personal life of the submissive. For example, he can say how to dress, behave, control finances, monitor nutrition, engage in upbringing, etc. In general, everything that parents do for their children, taking care of them)

People always enter into such a relationship voluntarily when they reach the age of eighteen , so that both parties are completely satisfied, and everyone is given their role. Also, people in such a daddy and little relationship always talk with their partner and discuss each of their actions so that there are no unpleasant incidents.

Ageplay in DDLG

daddy and little relationship

Another component of DDLG is ageplay, which is a game in which a submissive participant, as an adult, turns into a moody five-year-old. Some people call this age regression.

Age regression is also used to describe psychotherapeutic practices aimed at relieving a patient of trauma. And it can also denote a defense mechanism in the psyche of a person with a mental disorder (for example, with a dissociative or post-traumatic disorder). Such regression occurs involuntarily, for example, in response to a trigger. In contrast to these cases, in ageplay, a person regresses on purpose – simply because he likes to feel and behave like a child. For him or her, this is a fun practice and a way to relieve stress.

How to Be a Little DDLG?

ddlg guide

Being a little DDLG, you can surround yourself with toys, watch cartoons, start sucking on a pacifier, put on a pink ruffled dress, romper suit or special diapers, which, by the way, cost a lot of money (a pack of 12 sells for $40 or more). Children’s paraphernalia helps people enter a little space – a virtual space in which you can safely be a little girl or boy and get away from everyday worries, such as paying for a communal apartment or writing a master’s thesis.

No matter how cute age regression looks in daddy dom and little lifestyle, this element of the game gets the most criticism from the outside, because the relationship between children and adults is taboo.

Little space in DDLG Relationships

meaning of ddlg

Little space helps some “toddlers” cope with anxiety, as in this state they can not only throw off responsibility for all “adult” responsibilities but also “forget about their mental problems.”

When treating depression, some psychotherapists teach their clients relaxation techniques because rest is considered an effective method of dealing with the symptoms of the disorder. Dasha considers little space as one of the working methods of relaxation: “Little space helps you completely forget about who you are in ordinary life, what your affairs and concerns are. At this moment, you are just a toddler. Watch cartoons, play dolls with a partner, or just drink from a bottle. That is, a person goes deep into himself, calms down, and feels that he is in his comfort zone and no one would offend him here.

By the way, therapeutic ”hang-up” in little space is practiced outside the DDLG guide as well. There is a whole community in which people roll back their age on their own (LRE or Little Regression) or under the supervision of a person acting as a caring adult (CGLRE or caregiver / Little Regression). Unlike DDLG, there are no BDSM elements, and sex in regression is prohibited.

Daddy Dom Little Girl Rules

ddlg tips

The DDLG rules list is very simple and includes only 7 easy points that a little should do for her daddy:

  • Always respect your daddy and be a good girl;
  • Behave yourself in any situation;
  • Eat properly healthy foods. Snacks – only with Daddy’s permission;
  • You should always fall asleep feeling happy and loved;
  • Before going outside, ask your daddy what to wear;
  • Walk down the street next to dad, hold his hand;
  • Talking to other men and women is prohibited without Daddy’s permission.

DDLG Fetish as Therapy

daddy dom little girl rules

In types of DDLG, there is a category of compensators – these are people who relive their psychological trauma in an erotic setting. For example, a person may unconsciously try to replay a rape situation that once happened to him or her, but as if in control of the process. The DDLG format sometimes serves similar functions: for example, a girl may try to experience a father’s love, which she never had.

But some deliberately practice various fetishes and DDLG tips as an addition to psychotherapy. A young man in a BDSM relationship told Vice reporters that knifeplay, along with psychotherapy, helped him relieve the consequences of previous abusive relationships: his ex-girlfriend cut her throat in front of him.

Some survivors of sexual assault find that BDSM becomes an integral part of the healing process, a tool for restoring bodily autonomy and trust and working out PTSD in a controlled environment.

Cons of DDLG Relationships

ddlg terms

Although this cannot be called pedophilia based on the definition, adults should be in this relationship, but this absolutely does not prevent DDLG 101 from being a fetishization and normalization. Therefore, there are a number of problems that people who want to enter into such a relationship may face.

  • The nicknames little and daddy are only a small part of which they initially talked about and do not turn the relationship into DDLG. In these relationships, there would also be a fetishization of children’s things, nipples, diapers, overprotection, infantile (child) behavior, and others.
  • The main problem is most likely that DDLG is one of the most comfortable places for pedophiles, people who are members of thematic groups sometimes write.
  • Another reason for this DDLG kink is a lack of parental love in childhood or a desire to control another weaker person. Only a small part went through a psychotherapist and did not go to project their childhood traumas in BDSM
  • DDLG implies that the educator enjoys the weakness and defenselessness of the partner, some want to “re-educate for themselves.” In this form of relationship, it is very easy to get into an abusive relationship, because one would be dependent on the other.

Most Frequently Asked Questions for People in DDLG Relationships

  • What is the main difference between a sadist and a “daddy”, if such a relationship can be attributed to BDSM, and what are DDLG basics? Not every sadist is a daddy, but not every daddy is a sadist either. To be already a sadist or not is the choice of each top and a matter of only his preferences, as well as the fetishes of his bottom.
  • Is sex compulsory for DDLG? No, and this is the worst mistake of all newbies. Any BDSM relationship never immediately implies sexual intercourse. BDSM, like DDLG, is a relationship with a specific role, and it is not related to sex.
    BDSM is a type of relationship where the bond is built on the trust and pleasure of the lower one in the first place. It’s the same with DDLG. Having sex or not is always negotiated by two people before the session or similar kind of relationship, and those people who claim to have sex are just stupid liars who want to use the bottom and satisfy their fetishes.
  • Is it obligatory for a Dominant to be a man and a submissive woman in DDLG for beginners? No, it is not necessary. Two people of either gender can enter into this kind of relationship and choose the appropriate role for themselves. This is just a matter of preference and taste. Role-playing several always helps to get pleasure and enjoyment, as well as diversify your life. If it is also with a cute person, then it can increase, so you should always trust your partner and do what you like.

The authors of the blog do not urge you to enter into a DDLG relationship, but first read more about DDLG info and what threats this type of relationship can conceal. After all, when looking for a partner to enter into a DDLG relationship, it is very easy to contact a pedophile or other terrible people. Remember that such relationships have a large number of disadvantages and they are not suitable for everyone, and first you need to know the DDLG relationship explained.

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