Reasons for Crying after Sex: Understanding Your Body’s Physiological Responses

  • May.05.2021
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crying after sex

Have you ever found yourself crying after an orgasm or crying after intercourse whether an orgasm happened or not? You’re not alone. As it turns out, many people have experience with crying after sex whether they have done it themselves or been with a partner who has cried after (or during) sex. Being emotional after sex can be the result of many things and the emotions that bring you to tears aren’t always negative.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you might experience tears after sex, and what you might want to do if it happens to you or a partner.

Reasons for Crying after Sex

tears during orgasm

What does it mean when you cry after making love? For some people crying after sex can be tears of pure joy and pleasure. This might mean you are truly in love with the person you are having sex with and it makes you emotional to connect so intimately. Crying from orgasm or tears during orgasm could potentially indicate that you are having one (or multiple) of the best orgasms of your life, and that can be pretty emotional (in a good way).

There are many reasons that you could cry after sex that are the consequence of joy and feelings of closeness with another person. It could mean that you are in love or it could simply have to do with fluctuating hormones. If you don’t feel like the sex that you were having prior to the tears was particularly earth-shattering and you feel pleasant but not overwhelmed with happiness about the experience the reason for the tears could be purely physiological.

If you felt on the positive side of neutral while the sex was happening and yet the tears were still present after, it could just be due to the fluctuations of hormones that occur in our bodies when we have sex. When you have sex there is a buildup of tension and then a release when an orgasm occurs. The same can happen with the emotional body during and after sex. A build-up of tension can be released by crying, and sometimes it doesn’t have to mean anything sad or related to your life beyond the sex is going on.

If crying after sex happens to you or a partner and you know that you are not feeling particularly sad or negatively when it happens, you shouldn’t worry too much unless it causes you distress. If it causes you distress, there might be something deeper to look into, and talking to a therapist about it might help.

When Crying after Sex Is a Bad Thing

If you cry after sex because you are feeling sad, anxious, depressed, or disturbed, this might mean that making a change in your sex life or life, in general, maybe a positive and important thing for you to do.

Crying after sex doesn’t always mean something is wrong, but it could indicate that there is something that you’re not able to process, or that you are suffering from the presence of anxiety, depression, trauma, or shame surrounding sex and sexuality. It is important to notice if these feelings are present during your sexual experiences and whether they are because of past issues that are unresolved or they are due to something that you or your partner is triggering during sexual activities.

If you find yourself feeling any of these negative emotions during or after sex, and it isn’t just one or two times, you should consider reaching out for help. It is important to talk to your partner about this so that both you and your partner can understand what is going on and if something needs to be changed. Additionally, talking to a therapist about it may seem daunting, but it has proven to help tremendously for many people experiencing this kind of negative emotion surrounding sex.

Why Do Men Cry after Sex vs Why Do Women Cry after Sex

emotional after sex

In truth, the reasons why men and women cry after sex aren’t terribly different, and most of the time the same factors can lead a person with either reproductive system to experience crying after sex.

Crying after sex has a similar commonality between the sexes. This being said, there are some factors specific to women that could be responsible for crying after sex. Because of the way that women’s hormones fluctuate during pregnancy and breastfeeding, there could be more of a likelihood that a woman who is pregnant, breastfeeding, or on a kind of hormonal birth control that mimics the body’s response to pregnancy, may be more likely to cry during or after sex.

Even though the fluctuations in hormones are more prevalent in the bodies of people with female reproductive systems, there isn’t a significant discrepancy between the percentage of women who cry after sex and men who cry after sex. It is a phenomenon that could and does happen to anyone.

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