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  • Nov.03.2021
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Crazy sex world records

Most people aren’t trying to be a new Guinness book of world records holder when they’re having sex, but with everything, there are records to be made. Some people are out there holding a sexual record that is the highest in the world.

These sex-related world records are pretty fascinating from a scientific standpoint, and they can also make you realize that bigger isn’t always better and that while you might fancy yourself above average, you’re probably not record-breaking. It’s hard to measure a lot of what makes sex good or unique, but there are certain measurements that are possible to attain when it comes to the equipment you’re working with and the number of people you’re getting down and dirty with and around.

These crazy sex world records are bound to make you laugh, fantasize, cry, cringe or thank your lucky stars.

Sex Records and Facts

Among the Guinness world record holders, there are those who are in the category of Guinness world record sex-related titles. These official world records for sex include measurements of sexual organs, the number of people having sex with one person in the span of a day, the fastest trajectory of ejaculate, the largest orgy, and the longest time spent masturbating. There are more weird sex records out there, but not all of them are as easy to measure and discuss. Now let’s get to some of the craziest sex records you didn’t know you needed to learn about!

Largest Orgy

The largest orgy to this date was held in Japan in 2006 and it was created by putting 250 couples in a room together as all of them had sex. If it’s hard to imagine an orgy of 500 people, just consider that on a 747 airplane, one of the largest commercial flights, the number of passengers that can be seated is 467. You would need to include 33 flight attendants or air traffic controllers to get that number up to the number of people who attended the world’s largest orgy. This record has been attempted to be broken, but so far, no other orgy has gone on record with even close to this high of a turnout.

weirdest sex world records ever

Largest Sexual Parts

It might sound like one of the freakiest sex world records, but the record for the longest penis is currently standing at 13.5 inches while erect. This is a pretty outstanding number, especially considering that the average penis length globally is around 5 inches and that a very tiny fraction of the population varies more than an inch or two from that size. The world record for the largest boobs is a jaw-dropping 102ZZZ, and that is what nature gave to a woman with the appropriate nickname “Norma Stitz.” She is in the history books for having the most enormous tits known to humankind, and they’re all-natural, baby!

Most Consecutive Sex Partners in 24 hours

This might be one of the most bizarre sex worlds records out there, specifically if you think about the way it all had to be set up and how almost 1000 men came to be in line to have sex with one person in a 24 hour period. Lisa Sparks of Bowling Green, Kentucky, formerly known as Lisa Sparxxx, is the woman responsible for setting the record of 919 sexual partners in 24 hours. There is video footage of the feat, and it was the winning number in a competition between Lisa and two other girls whose totals came in the 600s and 700s respectively. It is wild to imagine having sex with 919 men in one day, but it was more like speed dating in the sense that the men were only technically penetrating her for about 45 seconds each. Depending on your definition of sex, this kind of record could be held in a lot of different ways. For Lisa, who has been happily married since 1995, this is an achievement that got her a place in the Guinness book of world records and a lot of people’s search history.

Longest Masturbation Session

The king of masturbation is named Masanobu Soto. He hails from Japan and recently beat (haha) his own world record for the longest masturbation session, coming (haha) at one minute shy of ten hours. If you can believe it, this win took place in the context of a masturbation-a-thon which tests people’s strength and longevity in this intimate department. This 9 hour and 58-minute solo session must have required a lot of concentration and comfort with one’s self. Congratulations to Masanobu Soto on this record-breaking achievement.

sex related world records

Longest Orgasm and Most Orgasms Per Hour

Some of the most optimal records on the world sex records list have to do with extended pleasure. The longest recorded orgasm lasted 45 seconds long. This record is held by a woman, as is the record for the most orgasms achieved in a 60-minute time limit. The record was made in the year 1996 in a medical center in the United States and the woman is said to have orgasmed 134 times over the course of the hour. At that point, I am not sure whether the orgasms would have the same level of enjoyment, but the only way to find out is by trying to beat that record. Interestingly, the male equivalent for the highest number of orgasms achieved in one hour was a measly 16 orgasms. Talk about pussy power!

Farthest and Fastest Semen

This might be one of the weirdest sex world records ever, and it is hard to imagine the path that this person took to find out about their unusual achievement. A man by the name of Horst Schultz owns not only the record for the highest speed ejaculation of semen from the penis but also the farthest-reaching ejaculation in the world. You may have done a spitting contest as a kid at the playground, but not many people can say that they have competed in a contest to see who’s ejaculate can go the fastest and farthest. Horst Shultz has a record of speed of ejaculation at almost 43 miles per hour. For reference, most ejaculation can be measured at a speed of roughly 28 miles per hour, so this is really quite an outlier.

The next part is just as wild, trust me. Shultz’s stuff not only went fast, but it also went far away. To be exact, this man shot his shot a whopping 18 feet and 9 inches away from himself. That is the same length as approximately three of the tallest men you know stacked on top of each other, assuming the tallest men you know are all 6 feet and three inches tall. You only have to stay six feet apart to be in accordance with most government-sanctioned Covid-19 health and safety protocols.

Now that you have been briefed on some of the wackiest and interesting records that humans have achieved in our short time on earth, you might find your curiosity satisfied and go on to have a normal and undisturbed sex life. If you’re someone with a competitive streak by nature, you might end up attending a masturbation-a-thon or taking a tape measure to ejaculate. If you think all of this is too unsettling or strange, you could also attempt to make a go at breaking the record of the world’s oldest virgin but to do that you would have to live to the age of 109 to beat the current record holder, a virgin who passed away at age 108.

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