The Wildest Sex Positions Ever – Try These Positions If You Dare

  • Oct.29.2021
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Feeling a little bit adventurous in the bedroom department? Want to try out some new and potentially strange sex positions? You’re in the right place. There doesn’t have to be a reason for wanting to spice things up in the bedroom. You may be interested in trying something new because you’re bored of the usual two to three positions that you and your partner have as go-to’s when it comes to getting down and dirty.

You might not be bored, but interested in exploring how sex in weird positions can heighten your sensations and bring your sex life to a new level. Whatever the reason, you can find a lot of pleasure and intimacy from changing up your normal routine and trying some unusual sex positions. If you’re worried that these crazy sex positions aren’t going to be for you, I suggest that you try them out with patience and curiosity to see whether a position that seems very out of the ordinary might become your new all time favorite.

Sex is all about angles, whether that is angles of penetration, romantic storylines or different ways to go in and kiss your partner, the positions matter and changing them can totally change the overall sensation and experience. Once you learn that some of the most uncommon sex position are actually incredibly wonderful, you might really enjoy adding them into your bedroom repertoire.

You might also find that trying a couple of crazy wild sex positions can make missionary and cowgirl feel so much more interesting and comfortable to come back to when you’re done exploring for the moment. If you’re not sure what to try out when it comes to the freakiest sex positions, this guide will fill you in on the best crazy sex positions you have to try. Grab a consenting partner and see if any of these tickle your fancy!

Wild Sex Positions to Try

As requested, here are some of the weirdest sex positions ever with some tips and instructions on how to get into them. A pro-tip before we get into these gems: don’t worry if you don’t get them perfectly smoothly the first time. These are probably referred to as bizarre sex positions and aren’t the most common ones because they’re not as intuitive to get into as some others. This being said, really weird sex positions can make for some really mind-blowing sex. That means many orgasms, new sensations, intense intimacy and fantastic visuals. Taking some time to practice getting these wierd sex positions down can pay off big time with some truly wonderful sexual experiences.

The Butter Churner

The Butter Churner Sex Position

This one is on the more acrobatic side of this list of odd sex positions. The penetrated partner is the one who would take on the role of the butter in the churn, and penetrating partner would churn the butter. To get into this position, the penetrating partner would lie on their back and then roll to allow their legs to go over their head. It is something of a shoulder stand, so if you’re flexible and agile it might be easy, but if you don’t do yoga or Pilates it might be more difficult. Once the underneath partner’s legs are behind their head as they’re laying on their back, the penetrating partner will then squat over their partner’s pelvis as if it were a stool. From this position the penetrating partner can use their legs to support them and thrust down into their partner for some yummy sensations. This position allows for really deep penetration, so if you’re working with a shorter dildo or strap on, this might be an excellent one for you. Make sure that the partner who is being penetrated is comfortable with a soft surface under them. This isn’t a position that can be sustained for a very long time unless you’re a yoga legend, so if you get uncomfortable, feel free to switch into one of these other great and bizarre positions.

The Spork

The Spork  Sex Position

This is one of the most sexy positions and simultaneously weird sex position names, especially if you think about the sexiness of this eating utensil (not much). This position is easy to switch into from the spooning position (a classic favorite where one partner penetrates from behind while both partners lie in the spooning position on their sides). The sporking position is when the partner who would be the big spoon moves to their knees and penetrates from behind, while the partner being penetrated lies on their side with their knees bent in front of their partner. It is a really lovely position that allows for great stimulation of the clitoris from the interior wall of the vagina. It’s also really damn sexy despite the name being that of a school cafeteria utensil. Give it a try and see for yourself what you think.

The Spider

The Spider Sex Position

In this sex position, you and your partner would come together at the pelvic region to create a beast with many legs. The spider position requires both partners to get into the crab position (bum on the ground or bed, arms supporting you behind your body and legs bent and supporting in front). Then you can both crab walk (or shimmy in a sexier fashion) toward each other until your pelvises meet. This position is really sexy, and you can see your partner and all that is going on in front of you. It requires a bit more effort from both partners and a bit more rhythmic understanding of when to thrust and when to let your partner take the lead. Truly, either partner can take the lead on this one. It is a lot of fun, and it can be done in any location. Try it out in the bathtub if you dare. Spooky!

The Snow Angel

The Snow Angel Sex Position

For this one, you can imagine the 69 position and then slide the on top partner down so that the two meet at the fun parts. One partner is on top while the other partner lies on their back. The partner lying on their back can do so comfortably with knees bent. The partner who is on top would get into position with their entire body facing their partner’s feet. Instead of taking a seated position like the reverse cowgirl, the partner on top would lie down with their stomach on their partner’s legs and their arms supporting them on either side of their partner’s feet. The partner who is on top would be the one receiving penetration, whether that be anally or vaginally and with a penis or a strapped on dildo. This one is really fun and unusual. It allows for a lot of focus to be on the penetrating partner doing most of the thrusting and control by bracing with their arms and backing up with their pelvis to thrust. It can also allow for the underneath partner to thrust from their laying down position.

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