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  • Nov.19.2021
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how common are sex dreams

Have you recently woken up from a dream and wondered about what it could mean for your reality, or whether it was a dream that only disturbed or complicated people might have? This article about sex and dreaming is one that will teach you some important information about the way that we study dreams and the commonality of having dreams about sex. Having a sex dream can be exciting and steamy or it can be disturbing and confusing. Depending on whether you’re happy about the dreaming that you’re doing, you feel neutral about it but want to understand its meaning or you would like it to stop, this article about what causes sex dreams and which kinds of sex dreams are frequently reported will help you understand all that you could dream of knowing.

Is having a sex dream normal?

sex dreams meaning

How common are sex dreams? If you’re having reoccuring sex dreams, weird sex dreams, or dreams that make you physically aroused while you’re unconcious, you might be wondering if there is something abnormal going on with you. The fact that 70% of adults report having had a sex dream is a figure of information that makes sex dreams common. Sex dreams are part of adult life for most people, and while it can be hard to predict when one might happen, they are bound to happen at some point. If you’re having a lot of sex dreams, or if you want to understand what is going on with your subconscious that caused you to have a very memorable sex dream, you might be pleased to find out that there are ways that you can approach figuring that out.

What do your dreams mean?

what sex dreams mean

While there has been an extensive amount of scientific study that has gone into sleeping and dreaming, there is unfortunately less of a solid and scientific grasp on the content of our dreams. The mechanism for dreaming and the state of the body that occurs while dreaming happens has been pinned down by scientific researchers, but those who are able to tackle the information that dreams give us thus far have been psychologists. Even the most notable and trustworthy psychologist can only give you an idea of what your dreams mean because our subconscious minds are far too subjective and unique to be put into an exact rule and most of us have trouble adequately remembering our dreams much of the time. While some people believe that dreams are just your brain trying to organize the thoughts you had the day prior and that could mean making a bunch of nonsense out of neurons, many people believe that your dreams can tell you about what you might be needing to work out in your life. Why do we have sex dreams? Well, dreams that are sexual in nature may inform you of a desire to get more intimate with a person, an idea or a part of yourself. That doesn’t mean that if you have a sex dream about your boss that your sunconcious is telling you that you should try to seduce them, but it could mean that you are craving a little bit more power and control in your life, particularly in the work place.

Having sex in dream meaning

Common sex dreams that people report having are often linked to wanting to gain a certain quality or connection from the person that they’re having sex with in the dream. The most common sex dream involves having sex with an ex-lover. This can mean a few things, and these few things can contradict themselves so it is important to pay attention to the details in the dream. In order to have your sex dreams explained, details about the location you were having sex, the qualities of the person that you were having sex with and your current satisfaction within the many spheres of your life can be important in trying to decipher the meaning of the dream. Continue reading to get sex dreams examples and a guide to figuring out what they might mean for you.

Sex with an ex

There are a few different ways to interpret having ex-lover sex dreams. This means that you would have to pay close attention to the details of the dream and reflect on your current situation to figure out the sex dreams meaning. The first possible meaning of a dream about sex with an ex could be that you’re missing them. If you’ve recently broken up with your ex or you’re feeling unhappy about the breakup, a sex dream could beyour subconcious yearning for intimacy with them again. Be careful not to rush back into a relationship because of a dream like this. While it may notify you of this desire, your conscious mind is a lot better at making major life decisions than your subconscious mind. A steamy sex dream about your ex while you’re in a relationship might mean that you are lacking a little bit in the intimacy department with your current lover, and it might do you good to give your relationship a little TLC in that area. Another completely different way to interpret a sex dream with your ex is the interpretation that the sex dream can signify closure or current contentment with your relationship having ended. If you had a messy break up and harbored a lot of resentment for your ex for a long time, having a sex dream about them might mean that you’re ready to let go and be happy with yourself in your singleness or your new relationship.

Sex with a stranger

Sex with a stranger is the second most common sex dreams out there, and this might be for a different reason than what you would guess. For starters, the stranger in the sex dream might be someone you saw on the street briefly or some combination of people that you’ve run into before but don’t know. This may be in part because the brain is more likely to recycle faces than try to conjure up new ones, but it could be this particular stranger because you saw something in them that you desired for yourself. Maybe they were particularly fit or they were particularly fashionable, maybe they looked like they had their life sorted out. Whatever it was that made this stranger memorable to you might be something that you’re wanting to have more of in your life.

Sex dream about a friend

This is one of the most common sex dreams for women and it’s also quite common for everyone else. Sex with a friend might seem like one of the more crazy sex dreams, but if you’re starting to understand the pattern of thought when it comes to figuring out what sex dreams mean, you can understand how sex dreams about friends may just mean you want to emulate something that your friend does. If your friend is really supportive, kind, good at their job, social, strong, beautiful or funny, you might be craving some of those qualities in your life or wishing to adopt some of those qualities for yourself.

Sex with a superior

Another super common theme for sexual dreaming, this aspect of sex dreams interpretation is not dissimilar from the other kinds of dreams we have discussed so far. If you’re having sex with a teacher, a manager or a boss, you are possibly doing so because you want their approval or because you want to be successful in work or in school. If your dream is about your philosophy professor, you might be wanting to improve your logical thinking and reasoning skills. If you’re dreaming about an English teacher, you may want to be more well read or feel you could benefit from tutoring in that area. If you’re having sex with your boss in a dream it might be because you want to succeed in work or you want a promotion. If you think your dream is telling you that you actually want to have sex with this person, just know that if you wanted to have sex with them before the dream, you would have thought consciously about that before you dreamed it.

Sex in public or at home

If you’re having sex in public in a dream, this might be because you’re feeling overwhelmed or as if your personal life on display. It could also mean that you’re spending a lot of time in a specific public place so it is hard to separate your public and private life. If you’re having sex at home pay attention to where it is that you’re having sex. Some people think that having sex in a bathroom means that you want to cleanse yourself of that person, and that having sex in a kitchen means that you want to nourish your relationship with that person. If you’re having sex in an old home or bedroom, this may mean you’re needing to or ready to reflect on the time in your life when you were living in that bedroom and how that relates to your current life as it stands.

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