What Type of Penis do You Have – The Common Penis Types

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normal penis shape

Humans come in many variations of shapes and sizes. While we’re all proportioned uniquely, we pretty much always fall into a similar range when it comes to our physiology. For example, we know that when meeting someone new they’re almost always going to have either brown, green, hazel or blue eyes. They’re going to have hair that is either thick or thin, curly, wavy or straight and they may or may not be going bald or completely bald. There are also metrics that can be used when talking about the kinds of penises.

If you haven’t seen a variety of penises you might be less likely to know what the common variations in normal penis shape and size are. Someone who only ever sees other people’s penises on porno videos will have a very unrealistic impression of what the average penis looks like, not to mention how many different shapes, sizes and variations there are within the world of penises. If you want to know what kind of penis you have and how to work with it in the best way when it comes to solo play or partnered play, check out this guide to the most common penis types so you can have all of the insights on this arguably important topic.

What Are the Different Kinds of Penis?

variety of penises

How many types of penis are there? While there are some people who have names and categories for each of the common penis shapes, it might be more helpful to talk about the different ways that penises can differ. Someone might find that their penis shape relates most to “hammer head” but their length is shorter, they’re uncircumcised and they have freckles. The main categories of differentiation that will be discussed in this guide are average penis shape, penis length, penis girth, different penis curves and things that make for different looking penises.

Hopefully it goes without saying that there is no best penis shape or even an ideal penis shape despite what you might see in popular media and porn. All penis shapes have their perks and their possible drawbacks. If you haven’t heard it before I’ll repeat it for the people in the back: It’s the motion of the ocean not the size of the boat.

All types of penis in this penis type chart can pleasure a partner and make for a lot of pleasure for the person attached to the penis! Let’s take a look at some of the different ways that penises can vary.


all penis shapes

Contrary to what many people might think, the average penis size is actually around five inches long when erect and around three inches when flacid. According to Kinsey, 90% of penis owners have penises within the range of four to six inches. This means that the dicks you might see in porn that are reaching seven or more inches are actually quite uncommon! If you’re rocking a member that is less than four inches while erect, you are on the shorter side of the spectrum, but not to worry, there are plenty of things that you can do that can make your lover feel incredibly satisfied with not as much length. Not to mention, longer penises do not indicate that a lover will be good at satisfying their partner.

Sometimes penises can be too big for someone, particularly if they’re newer to vaginal or anal sex and they haven’t quite figured out how to best prepare. If you have a short penis, try positions that allow for deep thrusting and access to the other erogenous zones while penetration is occuring. If you’re having P in V sex, you could try CAT (coital alignment technique) which entails lining up your pelvis with your partner in a way that allows for grinding and rocking during penetration which can lead to clitoral orgasm. If you have a longer than average penis you should try positions that don’t allow for super deep penetration, and try to avoid hitting your partner’s cervix if you’re doing P in V penetration. If you’re doing anal or vaginal penetration make sure that you have plenty of lube and good communication.


Girth is reportedly more important for satisfaction during penetration according to those who enjoy being the penetrated partner. If you have a short but girthy penis you’re going to be able to deliver some satisfying sensations of fullness to your partner during penetration. Some people like to refer to this penis type as the “kielbasa” after the sausage. If you have a long and girthy penis, make sure that you use a lot of lube and get into positions that don’t maximize depth of penetration.

For people with short and thin penises, the coital alignment technique is a great option and for those with longer and skinnier penises, positions where the legs are closer together can make for more of a feeling of fullness than if the partner who is receiving penetration has their legs spread apart.


Penis shapes can vary in a few different ways. The head of the penis can be bigger or smaller and the base of the penis can be bigger or smaller or the shaft and the head can be pretty similar in girth and shape.

More cone shaped penises with a wide base and narrow top are good for anal sex because they are shaped similarly to a toy with a narrow tip and flared base. They allow for a gradual increase in girth as the penis is inserted further into the anus which is optimal for stretching and relaxing the organ.

The mushroom top or the kind of penis that has a narrow shaft and a large head is great for internal stimulation of the clitoris or prostate because the sensation of that larger head going in and out with every thrust can be electric and allow for a lot of different sensations.


Some penises curve left, some curve right, some curve up and some curve down. Regardless of the direction that they curve in, a slight to moderate curve is extremely normal. Even a severe curve can be quite benign and make for some really enjoyable sensations for your partner. If you’re working with an intense curve, you can use that to your advantage by doing your best to position yourself to have the curve pointing towards the anterior wall of the vagina or the anus to allow for internal clitoral or prostate stimulation with each in-and-out motion.

The thing to be careful of when you have an intense curve is if either you or your partner feel that the angle is difficult to get pleasure from or even uncomfortable. In this case, be ready to switch things up and try a different position or simply a different angle in the same position. If your penis is super straight and curve-free, you can really choose any position you and your partner decide on without putting any thought to this concept.


The penis is going to look, feel and move differently depending on whether there is foreskin or not. Both can give immense pleasure and neither is better than the other, but the way that you might give a handjob could differ depending on circumcision status. The foreskin allows you to glide the skin of the penis with your hand as you stroke it, making the need for lots of lube less apparent. If you’re giving a handjob to a person who is circumsized, you will want to use a lot more lube to allow for more of a gliding sensation.

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