All About the Coital Alignment Technique: Understanding The Pleasurable CAT Method

  • Jul.16.2021
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Coital Alignment Technique (Cat) Position

In our society, coitus AKA penis in vagina intercourse is often touted as the most important or valuable form of sexual activity. In movies and pornography, “P in V” sex is often depicted as the crème de la crème, and the hottest and steamy option for both parties involved. In reality, reaching orgasm through vaginal penetration alone (meaning without some sort of clitoral stimulation in the mix) is something of a rarity for vagina owners. If this information surprises you, you can blame popular media and pornography for showing you an unrealistic image of sexual pleasure for people with female anatomy. While the typical deep and fast thrusting is not likely to actually do it for a lot of people, there are luckily ways that P in V sex can be altered to make for a more orgasmic experience for all involved. This is where the coital alignment technique comes in.

What Is Coital Alignment Technique?

For some, the cat sex position is a Godsend that can take missionary penetrative sex from just fun to mind-blowing. So what is the cat position? The coital alignment technique might as well be referred to as the clitoral alignment technique because of how it shifts focus to clitoral stimulation instead of in and out thrusting during vaginal intercourse. This coital alignment theory was discovered by a psychologist and sex researcher named Edward Eichel, who set out to find a way to increase the likelihood of orgasm for vagina owners during intercourse in the missionary position.

A significant increase in coital orgasm was documented for the women in a study over many months when the CAT position was implemented during vaginal penetration. While the coital alignment technique might have been coined with penises and vaginas in mind, it is also achievable for two people with vaginas with the help of a strap-on. In this instance, it is possible that the coital alignment technique will bring about orgasms for both parties (the one on top and the one on the bottom) due to the increase in constant stimulation of the vulva during intercourse.

The coital alignment technique isn’t just helpful for vagina owners, it can also be wonderful for penis owners for two reasons. The first reason is that it can bring your partner amazing orgasms, which is totally hot and satisfying on its own. The other thing to consider is that it can help with premature ejaculation because penis owners may find CAT makes things a bit less overwhelming or intense sensation-wise. This can lead to a longer-lasting experience and potentially shared orgasm, and who wouldn’t want that?

How to Do the Cat Position

coital alignment technique

So the coital alignment technique cat position sounds great, but how do you do it? The coital alignment technique position is essentially a modified missionary position, however, instead of the typical deep thrusting, the cat missionary position is more focused on grinding. Some people find it easier to imagine that instead of a lock and key, your genitals are two parts of a zipper, just zipping up and down in a rocking motion. This rocking motion and closeness between the clitoris and the base of the penis or the pubic mound can quite literally rock a vulva owner to orgasm. To get into the right position, you will essentially need to get into the missionary position but with a slight alteration. The receiving partner will lie on their back comfortably, and then the giving/penetrating partner will make their way over the giving partner’s body using their arms to support their weight.

The giving partner will want to position their body to allow for this zipper-like movement, and if need be, putting weight on your forearms is also an option for comfort and ease of motion. The slight difference between the coital alignment technique position and regular old missionary is that the on-top partner may need to position their body a little higher, meaning the on-top partner’s head might be more forward so you might not exactly face to face. Once in position, you will want to slowly and sensually rock and grind for the true coital alignment technique experience.

Variations and Tips for the Coital Alignment Technique

coital alignment technique cat position

While the most straightforward version of the coital alignment technique might be exactly what you and your partner need, there are other things you can try within this same idea to help you and your partner achieve orgasm. For some, the coital alignment position might be easier with a little help elevating their pelvis. To do this they can either put a regular pillow under their tailbone or a specific pillow for sex. You can buy a sex pillow or a sex wedge at any sex shop. One of the variations on the coital alignment technique position is the reverse coital alignment technique which involves the partner who is getting penetrated getting on top.

This position can be extra enjoyable and helpful for achieving orgasm because it puts the person being penetrated in more control of the movement and their own pleasure. This way they can do more of the movements that they know will allow them to achieve orgasm. Similarly, the lateral coital technique is a great variation of the reverse coital alignment. To do this, the person receiving will get on top just like the reverse coital alignment position, but instead of straddling with their legs, they will bring one leg up and over in a lateral position while the other leg can lay vertically aligned with their partner’s legs. This can help with range of motion, stability, and the ability to get better angles.

Now that you have these tips on how to do the coital alignment technique, you might be able to achieve a more orgasmic sex life. Remember, however, that people come in all shapes, sizes, and abilities. If the coital alignment technique doesn’t work for you, that’s okay! You can always try using toys or manual stimulation to help yourself or your partner to orgasm during penetration, or give your partner oral or manual clitoral stimulation instead of penetration altogether.

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