During Sex Things Can Get Messy, So Let’s Learn How To Clean Up After Sex

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Clean up after sex

Do you want to know the best ways to clean up after sex? This article will help you discover the best after sex care following a good romp in the sheets. If you’re unsure about your sexual hygiene routine and you want to make the best after sex clean-up choices, reading on can help you find the best ways to care for your space and your body.

Cleaning Up After Sex

how to clean up after sex

While many people have specific rituals or practices that they swear by surrounding how to clean up after sex, the scientifically researched reality is that there is very little necessary cleaning to be done once sex is over. If you have always thought it was necessary to rush up immediately and clean yourself or your space to prevent infection, this news might come as a comfort to you. There is not a high risk of infection from most of the messes made by sexual activity. Yes, this is even true for people who have sperm in their vaginas. This being said, depending on their personal preferences, many people feel better after doing a little bit of a post-sex cleanup routine.

Additionally, there are some sexual activities that would require a bit more cleaning up and if you’re at high risk for infection, you may feel better just doing a bit of post-sex hygiene as soon as you can. For instance, anal sex may require a bit more cleaning up than oral sex, and period sex, while not likely to heighten any risk of infection, might be done on a towel to keep your space from getting stained. For the most part, as long as you haven’t introduced anything particularly messy when it comes to what to do right after sex, the best thing might just be to lay with your partner and bask at the moment.

Should You Shower After Sex?

cleaning up after sex

While some people may feel better showering right after sex, this is not necessarily essential. If you’ve gotten particularly messy and you would feel uncomfortable without taking a shower, by all means, hop in there! Sex can get sweaty, sticky, and slick, so showering may be necessary if you’re about to go to a business meeting or important dinner. Keep in mind that while it might be compelling to wash your genitals with delicious smelling soaps and body washes, you might actually end up having the opposite effect that you set out to achieve. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, so when it comes to washing the vagina, the best way to clean it is to leave it alone. Douching, vaginal cleansers, sprays, and soaps are actually more likely to flush away the good bacteria in your vagina and put you at higher risk for infection. Avoid douching or putting anything into the vagina itself when taking a shower. As for penis owners, depending on whether your foreskin is intact or not, cleaning methods will be a bit different.

How Does a Women Clean Up After Sex

should you shower after sex

What is the best way to clean up after sex for vagina owners? If you are a vagina and vulva owner and you wish to do a little bit of cleaning up after sex, there are a few options that you can consider.

For starters, if you have received oral sex, it might be a good idea to take a quick shower or use an unscented baby wipe on the vulva. Some studies have found that vulva owners who are more regularly receiving oral sex are more prone to vaginal yeast infections than those who are not. If you’re going to take a shower after sex, simply rinse the vulva in warm water, getting to all of the folds and delicate parts with the stream.

You don’t need to use soap on the vulva, a rinse would do the trick. If you must use soap, go for a gentle, scent-free option. As for the vagina, nothing needs to be done. If you have just had penetrative intercourse and there is semen inside of your vagina, you should be aware that the semen drips out. Do not try to wash it out with any soap, cleanser, or vaginal douche.

It should come out on its own and the vagina’s natural discharge would soon enough push out anything that lingers. For many vagina owners, peeing after sex is a regular ritual. There is not a ton of scientific evidence to point to this practice preventing urinary tract infections or other vaginal problems, but many women swear by this solution. If anything, the act of urinating may push out any bacteria that may have been exposed to the opening of the urethra, helping to prevent any infection from the beginning. Urination can also help to propel any semen in the vagina out in a convenient place and time.

This is because the pressure release of emptying your bladder may also help the semen find its way out. A push of the abdominal muscles could also help at this point. If you’re not up to taking a full-on shower, peeing after sex is something easy enough that might help you prevent infection and feel clean. If you’re much too relaxed and full of enjoyment to want to break out of that post-sex cuddle moment and run to the bathroom, a strategically placed unscented baby wipe can work too.

If you’re perfectly comfortable falling asleep or hanging out after having sex, there is nothing wrong with that either. If you want to wait until the morning or after your nap to do any of this, there isn’t anything dangerous about that choice.

Clean Up After Sex (men)

after sex care

For penis owners, there is similarly not much to be done after sex. If you have received oral sex or engaged in penetrative P in V sex, your normal hygiene practices of showering daily should suffice. If you are uncircumcised, it is important to pull back the foreskin and rinse around the head of the penis to avoid any buildup of sexual fluids. This can be done with warm water or a gentle unscented soap and warm water. If you’re circumcised, simply washing your penis with warm water whenever you happen to shower would suffice.

When it comes to hygiene after sex, immediately running to the shower is not necessary, but if you feel like it would make you more comfortable or happier to do it, you can get up at your own pace and rinse off. You could also use an unscented baby wipe to avoid having to get all the way to the bathroom to shower.

Clean Up After Anal Sex

best way to clean up after sex

This article would be incomplete without some after-sex clean-up tips regarding anal sex. No matter how much preparation you put into it, anal sex can at times be messy. Putting a towel down or having anal sex in the shower (don’t forget the lube) can help some people avoid too much mess. For those who are receiving anal penetration, taking a shower afterwords can help reduce any chance of infection. Because the skin inside the anus is quite sensitive, people often get microtears after participating in anal. For this reason, washing with a gentle, unscented soap around the area can help prevent infection.

If you have penetrated someone’s anally, it is important to wash your penis, as e coli and other harmful bacteria reside in the anus, and could be present on your genitals. This is extra important if you plan to have any other kind of sex following anal sex. Never switch from anal sex to vaginal sex or oral sex without thorough washing in between. This could cause a serious infection for your partner.

Now that you have knowledge of many ways to clean up after sex, as well as the information that it isn’t always necessary to hop up and get to it immediately, you’re on your way to the best post-sex hygiene and care!

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