Tips on How to Have Sex While Camping – The Sexiest Camping Trip

  • Nov.24.2021
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Camping sex tips

If you’re planning a camping trip with a lover or a partner, you’ve done the smart thing to do your research on sex and camping before you hit the road. This article will give you some solid advice and camping sex tips to ensure that you have the steamiest and most memorable trip that you could imagine. According to studies, people are more likely to have sex while on a camping trip than they are in their normal day to day life.

This might be because of the spontaneity of it, the closeness that is often necessary when sharing a small camping space together, or the excitement of an adventure with someone you’re into. No matter the reason that people tend to have more sex on camping trips, you should know that this phenomenon exists and plan accordingly.

You want the sex that you have while camping to be memorable for the right reasons and not because it was a disaster. There are many ways to go about having sex at camp sites, and many different pieces of advice depending on whether you’re in a tent, in an RV, at a public camping site or off in the wilderness. We’ve got camping sex tips for any and all camping styles, so buckle up and let’s learn about the best ways to have camping sex.

How to have sex while camping

how to have sex while camping

If you’ve never tried getting down and dirty on a camping trip you should be warned that there can be a bit of a learning curve when it comes to getting maximum satisfaction. For starters, depending on whether you’re at a campsite with others or if you’re alone with your boo thing under the stars, the steps that you would want to take to make it a special (and private) night will be different.

If you’re at a campsite and you don’t want your camping neighbors to witness you doing the deed in your tent or RV, there are some things that you can do to prevent everyone around you from knowing what you’re up to. If you’re in an RV, you should know that the expression, “If the RV is a-rockin’, don’t come a knockin’” is an expression for a reason. Note that if you plan to have sex in an RV, the neighbors would be able to see the rocking unless you get X-chocks or stabilizers to make sure that the RV rocks the least amount possible.

You should also note that there isn’t much of a sound barrier when RVs and trailers are parked close together at a campsite. If you want true privacy and freedom to make as much noise as you wish, you might prefer to go to a private campsite or to a location in nature that just the two (or three) of you can enjoy.

This way you might even be able to enjoy a naked dip in the lake or a shower together outside. You can also rock the RV and make as much noise as you like. It is important that you follow some safety guidelines if you’re going at it alone in the wilderness. Firstly, make sure you tell a friend or a loved one where you’re going and where you end up if your plan changes so that you can be located in an emergency.

Secondly, make sure that you use bug spray and sunscreen, that you pack everything you might need, and that you check out what kind of wildlife might be present in the area. If there are bears or big cats that frequent that area, you might be better off in a different location, or at the very least, taking precaution not to leave any garbage out or anything that could attract bears. If you’re interested in taking that dip in the water, make sure that you read about whether the water is safe to swim in first.

Nothing ruins a camping trip like surprise diarrhea from bacteria-infested water. Next, make sure that you’re parked somewhere stable and safe if you’re in an RV (or a car for that matter). Another important element of sex while camping safety is making sure that you’re not parked in an area that kids might happen to be hanging out in. You don’t want to end the night in the back of a cop car because of accidental public indecency.

Having sex in a tent

having sex in a tent

When it comes to tips and tricks for having sex in tent, we’ve got a bunch. Firstly, bring wet wipes, they’re going to help you out a lot. It might also be helpful to bring condoms, even if you don’t usually use them, because they help a lot with ease of clean-up.

You should make sure that there is plenty of padding underneath you so that you don’t end up with accidental injuries from rocks or pebbles on the ground. Another important thing is to turn off any flashlights or lanterns in your tent unless you want to make a sexy puppet show for anyone outside of your love cocoon.

When it comes to camping sex positions, usually the intimate and close positions like spoons and close missionary will do well in a small space like a tent, or an even smaller place like a sleeping bag. If you have two sleeping bags you can zip them together for extra room, or screw the sleeping bags altogether if you’re camping on a really hot night and get on top of the bedding you brought.

The bottom Line

is that you should do as much as you can to maximize comfort and privacy while making as little mess as you can. Sex while camping can be really fun, especially because it feels so magical and sometimes even animalistic in the scenery of the forest. Have fun and be safe!

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