Breast Shapes and Types – What Kind of Breasts Do You Have?

  • Oct.27.2021
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Breast Shapes and Types

There are approximately 3.5 billion people in the world with breasts, and of those people, no two are exactly alike. When it comes to boobies, it’s actually even normal and healthy to have one boob bigger than the other, or one that is a slightly different shape than the other.

There are many different breast types that exist in the world, and there is nothing wrong with any of them. There are a few shapes and occurrences that we will identify as potentially indicating that you need a mammogram. Otherwise, although there are plenty of breast shapes and types, there is not one that is better than another.

Finding out about breast types can be helpful for finding the most supportive and comfortable bras. This article will give you a sense of all of the different types of breasts and their names. If you’re wondering about whether your natural breast shape is a healthy breast shape, take a look at this guide for more information.

Why should I Learn about Breast Types?

All type of breast shapes can be normal and healthy, but depending on where you shop, not all bras are made for all boobs shapes. Most bras are made for the most common breast shape, and the most common shape for younger people. The issue with this is that the average breast shape is something only 50% of bra-wearers even have! That leaves the other half of the population uncomfortable and having to spend lots of time looking for a bra that actually fits or saying to hell with bras altogether.

The issue with settling for a bra that doesn’t fit right or throwing your bras to the wind altogether is that those with bigger boobies can experience back pain, postural issues, and breast pain from doing a physical activity without a properly supportive bra. Hopefully, this helpful boob type chart can allow you to find the best bras to look into no matter which of the female breast types you may have.

What Type of Breast Do I Have?

Let’s take a look at the different ways that human breasts can vary in order to identify what kind of breasts you might have! Do be aware that although you might find that your best-fitting breast type is “the average” today, you might grow to find that your boobs become more teardrop-shaped as time goes on. Maybe now you have athletic boobs and when you get your period they will become a little more round. Not only do boobs change over the years, but they can also change over the menstrual cycle, so if you feel like some of your bras that used to fit perfectly don’t fit as well now, just know that that’s perfectly normal.

The Average

This one is something that apparently half of the boob-owning population has. It is also certainly a shape that doesn’t last forever for most people. The average boobs are pretty round, symmetrical, evenly spaced, and full with the nipples facing front. If this sounds like the ideal/ common standard of beauty look, that’s because it is. Half of us don’t have boobs like this and those who do probably just have to wait a few years before some changes occur. Most bras will fit this shape because most bras are made with this shape in mind.

What Type of Breast Do I Have

The Athletic

Athletic boobs are boobs that are relatively small, muscular, and perky. You don’t necessarily have to be a pro athlete to have this shape. Some people are genetically predisposed to a more muscular build, and this can mean more muscular-looking boobs too. If you have athletic breasts, you might be interested in the pepper bra, a bra built for small chested people. Sports bras are also often made with athletic breasts in mind, but a bra with or without a simple underwire would also do the trick.


Round boobs are exactly what they sound like! The shape of the breast is pretty round, they don’t taper or sag much, and they are pretty much the same in all directions. Most bras will work well for a round shape, but if you have larger boobs you might like the support that is offered by the Knix bras for bigger cup sizes or the magic bra.

Bell Shaped

Bell-shaped boobs are tapered and kind of make the shape of a bell. These boobies are smaller at the top and get wider at the bottom. Depending on your size, bell-shaped boobs can be well supported by a T-shirt bra or pepper bra.

Tear Drop

Teardrop breasts are similar to both round and bell-shaped breasts. They taper at the top but are round and full at the bottom just like the shape of a teardrop. Most bras will work with this shape too.

Cone Shaped

Okay, so they’re probably not actually the shape of a traffic cone, but depending on how warm or cold it is in a room, sometimes these boobs might make a pretty triangular extrusion. This is very normal, despite what most magazines, Instagram advertisements, and movies might have you think.

Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, any bra will work with cone-shaped boobs. If you want to make your boobs look more rounded, a padded bra or a pushup bra would do that for you. There is no reason that you need to have round boobs, so if you don’t vibe with this kind of bra, rock any style you want!

Different Kinds of Breasts

Wide Set or Narrow Set

Wide-set breasts are farther apart on the chest and narrow-set breasts are closer together. For wide-set breasts, a bra that hooks up in the front might be most comfortable and supportive for you. For more narrow-set breasts, a bra that has lots of back support might be best.

East West

This is the name given to boobies that look in different directions. If you have these breasts, your nipples face the left and the right (or the east and the west) respectively. This particular breast shape is pretty normal, but you might not see it as often in movies or porn. For more support, you might feel best with a bra that hooks in the front or a push-up bra.

Downward Facing

This name refers to boobs with nipples that face down to the floor. If you have this kind of breasts you might enjoy a pushup bra for a bit of extra support, a sports bra, or a pepper bra.


Sometimes boobs are not the same and it could be for a variety of reasons. Some people find that once they hit puberty, the left or right boob simply never gets quite as big as the other. For some, it’s a very obvious difference and for others, it can be quite subtle.

Many if not most people have a super slight asymmetry in the size of their boobs. Other people have bigger asymmetry due to breastfeeding or mastectomies. Whatever the reason, just know that you are normal and you are beautiful!

Now that you have had a gander at our “types of boobs chart” you might feel more understood and be more equipped to ask for the right kind of bra when you’re at the lingerie store. If you have looked through this list and found that you’re experiencing something you worry isn’t normal, here is another bit of advice. If you have any lumps, intense pain, lasting pain, bleeding, scabbing, or discoloration, you should talk to your doctor and potentially see about a mammogram. It is important to check for breast cancer often and get your mammogram when the doctor suggests that you do!

As long as you don’t have anything come up during a breast check, any shape that your breasts have is totally healthy and amazing!

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