Happy Bisexuality Day — Take Some Time To Learn About Bisexuality

  • Sep.22.2021
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bisexual visibility day

Most people who are interested in human sexuality understand that sexuality is a spectrum and not a binary. This is why there are many people who fall somewhere in between 100% straight or 100% gay.

Celebrate Bisexuality Day

It is easy when looking at whom a person is currently dating or what their social behaviors may be to assume that they are either gay or straight. This assumption completely leaves out the possibility that this person may be bisexual or pansexual, asexual, demisexual and the list goes on. Believe it or not, a majority of people who identify as LGBTQ+ are bisexual. September 23 is the official day of recognition for all who identify within the bisexual+ community. It is a day to learn about the history of bisexuality, to advocate for awareness and acceptance, as well as to celebrate the rich and beautiful community of people who identify as bisexual. On this day, feel free to say “happy bi day” to everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Why Have a Bi Awareness Day?

While it is true that pride month and pride parades are supposed to be celebrations of the entire LGBTQ+ community, they haven’t always been entirely outspoken about the existence of bisexual people. While the gay pride parades of the past may have been frequently attended by people who are bisexual, many bi people felt as though they were not accepted by the gay community because they weren’t “gay enough.”

Simultaneously, these same people faced challenges being accepted into the straight community because they weren’t straight enough either. It is apparent when anyone reflexively labels a couple as either gay or straight without stopping to consider that they may not be either one.

The History of Celebrate Bisexuality Day

bi awareness day

The first to celebrate bisexuality day was in San Francisco in 1999. It was proposed and brought to fruition by three American Bi activists, whose names are Gigi Raven Wilbur, Wendy Curry, and  Michael Page.

The proposed bisexual visibility day was later accepted in many cities throughout the world as a day to celebrate and bring awareness to bisexuality. When is bi visibility day? Since the first day of celebration in 1999, the date to Celebrate Bisexuality day is officially September 23. This is the last day in bisexual+ visibility week, which was an extension of Celebrate Bisexuality Day made by BiNet USA in 2014. This week of awareness focuses on education, acceptance, and pride, and it culminates on the day of celebration.

The week is often called bisexuality+awareness week and not simply bisexuality awareness week because of the variations and differences in sexuality that occur within the overarching label of bisexual. There are also many people who eschew the label of bisexual because they feel that the term pansexual aligns more fully with their sexual orientation. Pansexual is a term that describes a sexual attraction to people regardless of their gender. There has been a lot of discussion by many different bisexual activists and sexuality scholars about what the difference between bisexual and pansexual truly is.

Many people who prefer pansexual want to be very clear about the fact that gender does not play a role in their attraction.

Additionally, because gender isn’t binary, people who are gender non-conforming or trans are every bit as attractive as those who aren’t. Those who prefer pansexual often do so without condemning those who choose to keep the label of bisexual. Many people who self-identify as bisexual feel that they have always included non-binary and trans folks in their definition of attraction, and therefore don’t feel the need to change the way they identify. Some describe bisexuality not as an attraction to “both genders” but as an attraction to more than one gender, as an attraction to both femininity and masculinity, or as an attraction to both their own gender and a different gender.

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