Bisexual Songs: A Selection Of The Best Songs From Famous Artists

  • Jan.10.2022
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We have the best bisexual songs on the agenda today. In our world, there are a huge number of talented music performers in various genres. It was they who created the world-famous masterpieces and many songs contain lyrics about bisexuality. Let’s quickly move on to our selection and find out in more detail about each of the songs, as well as about the history of their creation.

Panic! At the Disco – Girls/Girls/Boys

bisexual songs

Boys and Girls – frontman Brandon Urie removed all doubts about the interpretation of the lyrics, announcing in the track’s release notes that this top bisexual song is about the best threesome he has ever had. In 2013, Uri confessed that he had experimented with sexuality in the past and had a history of homosexual and bisexual relationships.

Franz Ferdinand – Michael

bi songs

“Handsome boys on a beautiful dance floor” are words that, in principle, summarize the meaning of the song. The lyrical hero of the song (not gay!) Dreams that the beautiful “Michael” would be closer to him on the dance floor.

Rihanna – Te Amo

songs about bisexuality

One of the best songs about bisexuality. In this track, bad girl RiRi, who had affairs with hot guys like Drake and Leonardo DiCaprio, sings about love for a woman.

Katy Perry – I Kissed a Girl

songs about being bisexual

And don’t pretend you didn’t rush to your nearest pharmacy to buy cherry-flavored chapstick as soon as you hear this track! This electro-pop hit has become not only a classic on the dance floor but also a bisexual anthem of girls who first discovered their attraction to women.

Lady Gaga – Poker Face

bisexual anthems

Who would have thought that casino references could play up so many sexual innuendos and implications? “Blackface” is your facial expression when you have to hide your sexuality. Once in an interview with BBC Gaga, openly bisexual, admitted that she used to dream of women while making love with her ex-boyfriend.

Lou Reed – Kill Your Sons

bisexual playlist

The plot of this song about being bisexual does not contain direct references to the topic. The founder of The Velvet Underground suffered psychological trauma as a teenager. Parents, wishing to eradicate certain “oddities” associated with the manifestation of sexual orientation, sent their son to receive electric shock treatment, which led to a partial loss of memory and, according to the musician himself, feeling like a “vegetable”.

Halsey & Lauren Jauregui – Strangers

songs to come out as bi

This track is from the openly bisexual Halsey debut album. A stunning duet with Lauren Horegi, another openly bisexual performer.

Christina Aguilera – Beautiful

rock songs about bisexuality

There is not a word about sexual minorities in the text itself. The song is aimed at supporting and accepting oneself by everyone who somehow breaks the usual standards. However, the clip, in addition to the problem of anorexia and informal appearance, shows same-sex love and transvestism.

Elton John – The Last Song

best songs about bisexuality

Sir Elton John is known for his active work in the fight against AIDS. The Last Song – a song to come out as bi. This song is about how a father comes to a boy dying in a hospital bed, who disowned him many years ago because of his son’s homosexuality. The song has a theme of belated acceptance when there is no longer any possibility to change anything.

Kehlani – 1st Position

list of bisexual songs

An outspoken and sexy R’n’B track from open bisexual Keilani, who came out in 2015. A very melodic song with insightful lyrics and a pleasant rhythm. You’ll love this song with a touch of sexuality and frankness in our bisexual playlist.

Rammstein – Mann gegen Mann

top bisexual songs

It is difficult to make an unambiguous conclusion about what Till Lindemann wanted to convey by appearing in black latex panties surrounded by naked men, so we’ll leave everyone to decide for themselves. In addition to the fact that the musician finds himself in the center of the orgy, he also turns into a demon there! Incredible rock song about bisexuality and homosexuality.

David Bowie – John, I’m Only Dancing

David Bowie

One of the most legendary bisexual men reassures his lover, John, saying that he is only dancing and is not going to cheat. A true hymn to bisexual fidelity and irresistibility.

The Psychedelic Furs – Love My Way

The Psychedelic Furs

A life-affirming track was written for gay men who are worried about their sexual orientation. And he urges them not to be afraid! The song has become the soundtrack for several films, including widespread popularity after it sounded in the movie Call Me by Your Name in 2017. Interestingly, the leading musical instrument here is the marimba, a relative of the xylophone.

The Veronicas – Take Me On The Floor

The Veronicas

“I want to kiss a girl, I want to kiss a boy” – when there are so many beauties and handsome men on the dance floor, it is easy to get into bi-panic. Do not panic, but dance to the recent pop song about bisexuality!

Green Day – Coming Clean

Green Day

In this context, the title of the song can be translated as “Confession” or “Confession”. A confused teenager who has asked himself questions all his life finally finds answers and accepts himself as he is. Billy Joe Amstrong himself said that this is a track about “leaving the closet.”

Frank Ocean – Chanel

Frank Ocean

Fran Ocean came out as bisexual in 2012 and dedicated Chanel’s best song about bisexuality to this theme in 2017. “My boyfriend is handsome as a girl, but he has a lot to tell about the battles in which he had to participate. I see both sides, like Chanel” – this is how this sensual, frank track begins.

The Smiths – This Charming Man

The Smiths

A “charming man” in a “charming car.” Quite an ambiguous track with hidden subtext. Interestingly, in 2006 the future British Prime Minister, leader of the Conservative Party David Cameron said that This Charming Man from the cult The Smiths is one of the tracks he would like to listen to if he finds himself on a desert island. However, the musicians pulled back from supporting Cameron.

Blur – Girls & Boys


A list of bisexual songs completes another masterpiece. During a Radiohead speech on BBC radio in 2003, Thom Yorke was asked if there is a song in the world that he would like to be the author of. And Tom named this very track about gender roles and freedom of sexual preferences. The authors of the blog wish you a pleasant listening to the songs from our selection and we hope you enjoy the lyrics that the ingenious songwriters have incorporated into their masterpieces. In truth, world stars have created bi songs in various genres to please each of their fans.

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