Best Way to Ask for Nudes: How to Get Someone to Send Nudes in a Nice Although Fun Way

  • Feb.03.2021
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Asking for nudes can sometimes be a very subtle art. You have to understand the risks involved in asking, especially asking someone you don’t know very well. Know that how to ask a crush or an acquaintance for nudes is different than how to ask your girlfriend for nudes. There are so many ways to say send nudes.

There are fun ways to ask for nudes, sexy ways to ask for nudes, casual ways to ask for nudes and so on. The timing and the person you’re talking to play a huge factor in whether your requests will be deemed acceptable and whether your wishes will be granted. Here are some basic guidelines that will help you determine when and how to ask for nudes.

Know the Rules

The first thing to understand is that unsolicited dick pics are never the way to go. It can actually be illegal to send an unsolicited nude picture of yourself. This is why you should always ask if someone wants to share or exchange photos when sexting. The likelihood of getting sent a nude picture or having a good reaction to a nude sent out of the blue is low. The best way to initiate a nude exchange is through sexting. Using your words to describe a scenario, or telling your partner you can’t stop thinking about that thing they did in bed the other night. Once you have a good back and forth going you can start hinting at wanting to see some more skin. You can send a sexy but not totally nude picture and see if your partner reciprocates. If not, don’t push it. Don’t ever expect to receive a nude just because you sent one.

Get to Know the Situation:

ways to say send nudes

The best way to know whether someone would be interested in sending you a nude is to ask. An explicit “ask” can be quite the turn off even if you’re in a relationship. Often just saying “send nudes” won’t do the trick. That would be like meeting someone for a date and telling them to take their clothes off before saying hello. Maybe that works for some people in some situations but usually you need a bit of conversation before any nudity ensues. The same goes for texting. Flirt a bit before you ask. Say something to initiate a sexting conversation.

If the person is your significant other it should be pretty easy to strike up this kind of a convo and then ask them about whether they would like to receive a picture from you or send a naughty picture. If you don’t know the person as well you might need to do a bit more work when it comes to figuring out the best way to go about asking. You might need to get to know the situation better. The best way to know how to ask someone you don’t know super well for nudes is to get to know them better as a person.

Spend some time talking to them first and see if your conversations get to anywhere steamy. It’s possible someone might hint at the fact that they want to send you a nude photo without outright saying it. Read the hints they drop in casual conversation. These hints could sound something like I’m just getting out of the shower or I have the house to myself tonight what should I get up to. This flirtation is a good sign that they might be down for some sexy picture exchanges or just to send a snap or two of what they’re wearing (or not wearing).

Understand Emoji Lingo

proper way to ask for nudes

For starters, we all have to know that eggplant means dick and peach means ass. There is also the water drop emojis which could mean wet and the cat face emoji might refer to lady parts. Understanding what these emojis mean doesn’t mean that you should use them in a request but they can sometimes be worked into sexting in ways that avoid awkwardness and add a little cheeky fun. Speaking of fun, put some effort into making your request fun and flirty. If it’s really funny or there’s something sly about it the “ask” seems maybe a little less serious and in turn less demanding or creepy. Emojis can help with this too. Add a little devil face or raised eyebrows to your text to help explain the cues that you’re trying to send through the phone.

If you follow the person you’re trying to sext on social media and they post a picture of themselves, reply and tell them that they look great. This can get them feeling trusting and enjoying the response they get from you. That will make them understand that you are interested in them in some way and eventually might feel that sending you a nude pic would get a good response, make them feel sexy and desirable. It’s also helpful for knowing whether they’re interested in you at all. If they ignore or don’t say much to your comment or message, it might mean that they aren’t interested and that’s okay!

What Happens When You Get a Picture?

If you do get sent a nude photo it is super important to be very complimentary. For some people it can be a lot of work to take the perfect nude which means they would appreciate a good reaction. Say something like your body is unbelievable or I’m not going to be able to control myself. A good response can go a long way in terms of getting your partner aroused and maybe getting more nudes. Sending nudes can also be exciting foreplay for later on when the two of you can be together in person.

I hope that these tips have helped you get a little more confident and understanding of how to ask people politely but not too formally for nudes. Sending nudes can be a whole lot of fun so don’t miss out on the thrill of sending and receiving pics with that special someone. Remember to be super complimentary upon receiving any pics and if you don’t end up receiving any be polite and don’t keep asking.

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