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  • Dec.07.2020
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So the holidays are coming around and maybe you wanted to get your lover or partner something a little bit extra spicy this year. Skip the cliche necklace that never gets worn or the practical but not very exciting pajama set and consider purchasing wireless remote control vibrating panties.

Hell, who needs a holiday as an excuse to buy some wireless vibrating panties? Buy them for yourself or significant other just as a spur of the moment investment. I promise you you won’t regret it. Buying vibrating panties with controller properties can be fun, but most would say the best vibrating panty experience happens when someone else is controlling them. These panties work best on female anatomy, but could still bring a sexy vibe to any kind of body.

So why do people love remote-controlled vibrating panties? Because they’re a super easy and inventive way to get you off, and you can even do it without anyone knowing. Remote control vibrator panties can be used with or without a partner(s), and the remote-controlled vibrations can happen at any time from any location.

How is that for a little sexy surprise? Among the happiest with the best vibrating underwear are women with families or people who are very busy and don’t always have time for the full-out-with-feeling experience in the bedroom that they wish they could have. Bluetooth controlled vibrating panties can be accessed via your smartphone or smartwatch. Technology has brought us to some pretty incredible places with pleasure, but who knew how easy and seamless it would be to use vibrating panties?

These panties are extra fun because of the taboo and sexy idea of having uncontrollable vibrations occurring in your panties at any given moment. Some women wear them to work or to a party or bar and leave the remote which is either operated by a phone app or by remote control in the hands of a partner.

This can be extremely sexy and thrilling. You could be having an orgasm in the middle of a public place, without even taking off a single article of clothing and via the actions of your partner. We don’t suggest getting off in public with these incredible panty vibes, because that could get a little awkward or even bring about some legal issues. We do, however, suggest that you play with the idea of having this secret pleasure center under your clothing wherever you may be.

Some women do use the panties in public but retreat to a private setting if it gets too hot. Other people may wear the panties in public without having the vibrations switched on because just knowing you’re wearing them is sexy enough to make going home and using them so much more rewarding and pleasure-filled.

Let’s take a look at some of the best vibrating underwear out there. There are many options to choose from when searching for the best remote control vibrating panties. There are the best remote control panties sets that have the vibrator built-in, and there are detachable versions that can be inserted into the panties.

If you buy a set that allows the addition and removal of the vibrating parts, you can wear the panties with or without the vibrator attachment. The best wireless vibrating panties connect to a phone or remote control and are rechargeable, washable, sexy, and comfortable. Here are our top vibrating panties picks.

Screaming O Ergonomic Vibrating Panty Set

best vibrating panties

This high rated vibrating panty set has a 50-foot distance remote controlled vibrator inside a cute Lacey pair of panties. The discrete 3.75 inches vibrator slides inside the pocket of the panties and is rechargeable, lasting about 60 minutes straight when fully charged. There are 20 different modes to choose from all of which will have you stifling gasps from pleasure.

Adrien Lastic Pan-T Vibe With Remote

remote controlled vibrating panties

One of the highest-rated wearable vibrators, the Adrien Lastic Pan-T Vibe is a G-string that packs a lot of power. Its bare stature makes it perfect for wearing under sexy panties of your own choosing, or even under a strap on! The belted waist portion is adjustable and fits a variety of bodies. Another amazing feature is that it is waterproof so you can enjoy it even in a tub or pool! The remote works from 30 feet away and the battery is rechargeable. It’s 10 settings are impossible to choose from because they’re all so great, but go ahead and try them all out.

OHMIBOD Club Vibe 2.OH

wireless vibrating panties

This super sexy pair of vibrating panties are made for a fun night. Its modality includes club beat vibrations, which will make you want to get your party on in more ways than one. The panties come with a remote that works for up to a 20-foot distance. Made for play with a partner, the panties have the ability to be sound operated either in person or via web connection if need be. This amazing pair of panties can make a long-distance partner feel so very close.

We-Vibe Wearable JIVE

top vibrating panties

This medical-grade silicone toy is wearable and waterproof. It’s a tiny toy that you can wear in your underwear and get to business. The smartphone app connected to the wearable JIVE has options for partner play or solo play. You can either spice things up with a long-distance partner or get to know yourself better and have a little fun evening exploring the different modes yourself with these Bluetooth hands-free vibrating panties.

We-Vibe Moxie Wearable Vibrator

wireless remote control vibrating panties

Another model of the We-Vibe wearable vibrator, the Moxie style comes with magnetic attachments that can make it wearable in any pair of undies. It also connects to the We-Connect app by We-Vibe and can be controlled through Bluetooth on your phone or the remote control that comes with the vibrator. It’s got 10 different amazing modes to choose from.

Stuck On Love Clitoral Heart Panty Vibrator

best vibrating underwear

This cute little pink panty vibe comes with a sticky multi-use attachment pad that allows you to place it on any of your underwear and go to town. This one is not remote controlled and does not have any fancy features. It is simply a really sweet and simple panty vibe that sells for a very low price. Only 20 dollars for this neat and discreet clitoral stimulator.

Love Rider Vibrating Panties

best vibrating panty

Another remote free panty vibrator, this one is unusual because it offers the option of penetration, while most of the vibrating panties on the market are purposed more towards clitoral stimulation only. It may not have remote access, but it is definitely something to look into if you want to spice up your underwear drawer.

Love Honey Desire Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator

best wireless vibrating panties

This one has got a lot of amazing features. An amazing Eight speeds and twelve patterns go through this deluxe pair of rechargeable remote control vibrating panties so if you find a pattern you like best you can slow and quicken its pace. There are so many combinations of pattern and speed that you’re bound to find one that drives you up the wall with bliss. They have cute bows on the sides, and the vibe which slips into the pocket of the panties has a 2-hour long-lasting charge and remote control that works from a little bit over 25 feet away.

Cal Exotics Lock-n-Play Wristband Remote Panty Teaser

bluetooth controlled vibrating panties

This set comes with a magnetic vibrator that can attach to any pair of underwear, turning them into a sexy and stimulating pair of vibrating panties. The remote control wristband is a fashion statement in itself, and it has a lot of different modes to choose from (twelve to be exact). The design of the attachable vibe was made to stimulate your clitoris like no other, sending vibrations at all the good angles

So now you have it, a well-researched list of the best and most highly rated vibrating panties money can buy. If this article hasn’t convinced you to treat yourself to a pair of vibrating underwear, let me just say one last time that they’re a tonne of fun. You deserve to get a little more fun out of your undies! Happy vibing!

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