The Best Remote Control Vibrators for All Bodies – Meet Your Favorite New Toy

  • Aug.27.2021
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remote vibrator for women

Best Remote Control Vibrators

Sex toys have been around for centuries, and they’re not going away anytime soon. They are a staple source of pleasure and self-care for people all over the world. Masturbation and use of toys in partnered play are super healthy and beneficial, and don’t let anyone tell you myths about sex toys causing you to be desensitized or anything of the sort. As our societies continue to advance technologically, the sex toys we love get stronger, better for health and hygiene, smoother, quieter, and gain diverse technological features, like remote control.

You can now put vibrators underwater, use them without worrying about a loud buzzing noise, charge them and go wireless, and enjoy the ones with suction functions, multiple speeds and vibration patterns, and a long-lasting charge. Then there is the huge array of possibilities for pleasure that open up when you get your hands on a remote-controlled vibrator. If you’ve never heard of remote-controlled vibrators, let me tell you they are a complete life changer. They’re perfect for getting intimate with a long-distance partner who is halfway across the globe, finding some risky friskiness with your live-in partner from the next room over, or even just controlling your pleasure without having to stop or disrupt the vibe from doing its thing. Remote control vibrators are honestly a choice investment for people of all walks of life, and I urge everyone who has a desire to try one out to go for it.

Before you click on the first option for remote control vibes on Adam and Eve, you should definitely take a look at this thoroughly researched article about what the best remote control vibrator is for you and or your partner. Check out our top-rated remote control vibrators to find out which one is the best option for your unique body and plans. After all, you deserve the greatest possible amount of pleasure, and you deserve the best bang for your buck.

So what is the best wireless vibrator that you can control through Bluetooth, a remote, or an application on your smartphone or tablet? First, let’s talk about what we’re looking for in the best remote-controlled vibrator. For one thing, the option of an app-controlled vibrator is pretty appealing for controlling the device from near or far and in detailed ways.

Additionally, we want the vibrator to stay in place nicely, hit as many pleasure centers as possible, be discrete, comfortable, and whisper-quiet. While using remote control vibrator apps we want to be able to understand what is going on easily and have fun features to help with the process. This sounds like a lot to ask from a sex toy, but I promise there are companies that deliver all of this and more. Let’s take a look at some of the highest-rated remote-controlled vibrators out there!

The Lush Remote Control Vibe – Lovense

best remote control vibrator

Let’s cut to the chase and get to the highest-rated Bluetooth remote control vibrator there is. The Lush remote control vibrator by Lovense has the highest range when it comes to remote-controlled usage, it has the highest ratings when it comes to comfort and pleasure, and it is whisper quiet with a long battery life. This vibe is a double whammy because it sends amazing vibrations to the clitoris and the G-spot simultaneously simply by way of design. The way to wear the Lush vibe is to insert it into the vagina on the thicker end, while the thinner end goes on the clit. As the website says, the vibrator “hugs” you as you insert it so that it stays in place even if you stand up.

Once in place, you can put on your regular clothes and use it discreetly in public, sit with your lover and play with the device via Bluetooth from a short distance or connect it with the app and use it with a partner across the world. If you compare the Lush vibe to other remote options, it is more effective in ease of use and ability to “hit the right spot” unlike vibrating panties, sex eggs, and many other remote vibes. Some notable features include the option to sync the vibrations to music, applying sound operated vibrations, a five-hour charge once you go wireless, a USB charging cable, body-safe silicone, being completely waterproof, and a one-year warranty. What more could you want? This is truly a top product that you should get your hands on if you have a vagina or a partner with one and an interest in remote control pleasure. When it comes to the top-rated remote vibrator for women, the Lush from Lovense certainly steals the show.

Fuse – Ohmibod

remote controlled vibrators

The next banger on the list of amazing remote control vibrators is the Fuse by Ohmibod. This vibe is best for partnered play because it is a system of two remote control vibraters that is especifically made for fun with a lover. It is a Bluetooth-enabled “dual stim massager” which can be controlled by two users on a smartphone app. It can be used from a very far distance just like the Lush and the app is totally accessible and easy to work with for multiple users.

Other really great features of the Ohmibod Fuse include the medical-grade silicone, built-in sensor technology and visual feedback through LED lights, ability to connect to a Kiroo device including the optimal Kiroo Fleshlight Launch™ and to other Ohmibod devices, and ability to connect the Fuse not only to another sex toy but to webcams, and some technology for virtual reality experiences. This is the ultimate toy for long-distance relationships. You thought you might find a good remote-controlled vibrator in this article, but you are truly striking gold with these high-tech pleasure-filled finds.

The Hush Remote Control Butt Plug – Lovense

best wireless vibrator

A wonderful remote-controlled vibrator for him, her, or them, the Hush by Lovense is an excellent investment for mind-blowing butt play. This remote-controlled toy is a vibrating butt plug made with medical-grade silicone that is waterproof and connected via Bluetooth or through an app to your smartphone. It is a highly rated toy that can be used by both members of a couple, as long as the proper washing and disinfecting takes place in between uses. It comes in a smaller and bigger size depending on your comfort levels with anal play, and it also has ridges on the neck of the plug to help keep lube in for as long as you plan on wearing the toy. You can wear it all day if that’s your thing. Like the Lush, the Hush toy comes with a one-year warranty, so if it ends up malfunctioning you can get your money back. It also has lots of built in vibration patterns, and you can sync it with another device for some double trouble fun.

What Now?

app controlled vibrator

Now that you have top options for vibrating remote-controlled toys, what should you do once you’ve added them to the cart and clicked complete purchase? Well, there are a few different ways to enjoy the toys. For starters, you don’t have to have a partner waiting in the wings to use the toy with you, you are totally capable of enjoying the remote control factor by yourself. You can decide to put the vibe in and do your chores for the day while controlling it sneakily from your phone. You could also just take a few hours to explore every possible option with the app while lounging in bed on a lazy Sunday.

If you do happen to want to use the toy with a partner, there are many ways you can go about it. For starters, you could put the toy in and go to a park in the evening. Your partner can decide how much of that vibration power to give you and at what moments. It can be a sultry and sexy surprise whenever the boosts of vibration come around. You could also go on Skype or Facetime with a long-distance partner in another country and watch each other as you each take turns controlling the other one’s pleasure through the app. This would make for a very intimate long-distance call.

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