What are the Best Non Latex Condoms: Best Brand of Latex Free Condoms

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best non latex condoms

Most condoms are made from an inexpensive and durable material called latex. While it might be the most popular type of condom in the world today, a condom made of latex is not always a good option for everyone. Many people might not be thrilled about the idea of using a latex condom because the material irritates their skin. Latex is a common allergy, and it can cause really dreadful skin reactions. If a rash breaks out on your skin when you use a latex bandage, you would probably rather not find out what happens when that same material is rubbing up against your most intimate regions. If you already have had that experience, let’s make sure it doesn’t happen again by recommending a good alternative to latex condoms. People with severe latex allergies aren’t the only ones who might be interested in non-latex condom options. Wait, are there latex-free condoms? Yes, condoms for people allergic to latex do exist, and you don’t have to be severely allergic to latex to use them. Latex is also a material that some people find uncomfortable, even if they don’t have an acute allergy. That is why making a condom latex-free was a brilliant idea. Let’s take a look at some information on the best non-latex condoms.

What Are Latex-free Condoms Made of?

condom latex free

Figuring out a latex allergy condom alternative is great, but if the condom isn’t made of latex, what is it made out of? There are a few different types of non-latex condoms, but many are made with a slightly different polymer. Some are made out of polyurethane, polyethylene and polyisoprene while others are made out of animal skin. The three polymers are commonly used among the top condom brands, but if you’re looking to go a bit more old school, you could try an animal skin version. The animal skin condoms are totally not vegan, and if you have an upset stomach over the idea of being penetrated with a lamb’s intestine, they might not be for you.  Most of the top non-latex condoms are made out of polyisoprene, which is a polymer that is just as durable and safe to use as latex is, without the allergy issue. So what is the difference between these condoms and latex condoms? Should you be concerned that they won’t be as good? Well, polyisoprene is actually a bit more expensive than latex. Think of it as the more luxurious option. Some people actually prefer to use condoms made out of polyisoprene because they find the condoms softer and more comfortable. Whether you have a latex allergy or not, condoms made with this material are good condoms for sensitive skin. Concerned about these more luxurious latex-free condoms being hard to find? Don’t worry, there are many popular condom brands that have latex-free options as well as hypoallergenic condoms brands that sell them online and in many stores. You can totally find some of the best non-latex condoms at your local drug store and save yourself from the discomfort of using a latex condom or the lack of protection and safety of ignoring condoms altogether. Now that we have established that finding condoms that are latex-free is not too difficult, what are the best non-latex condoms you could buy?

What Condom to Use If Allergic to Latex

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We have identified that there are plenty of latex alternatives out there, but what is the best choice when it comes to condoms to use if allergic to latex? There are several brands with latex-free options, and of those brands, some have multiple styles and subcategories within their latex-free genre. Skyn by Lifestyles is a brand that has multiple latex-free condom options and their latex-free plant is actually a factory that exclusively works with polyisoprene and not latex, so you won’t even have to worry about any little cross-contamination when you go for this brand. Skyn has latex-free condoms that are super thin, ribbed, extra lubricated and in larger sizes for those who have a lot to work with. Skyn latex free condoms are in most drug stores and other places that condoms are typically found, so you don’t have to worry about going across town or ordering in bulk to get these super soft and wonderful latex free rubbers.

Popular condom brands Durex and Trojan also have a latex-free condom option. The Durex brand latex-free condoms, like the Skyn brand, are made from polyisoprene so they’re super soft and luxurious. The Trojan latex-free condoms are actually made of polyurethane, which is another excellent latex alternative. The fantastic thing about the polyurethane option is that it can be used with oil-based lubricants. This is quite a game-changer because latex condoms can not be used with oil-based lubricants, or they will erode and stop working. Using a Trojan latex-free condom seems like an excellent option if you’re interested in preventing STIs during anal penetration. Because the anus is not a self-lubricating organ like the vagina, oil-based lubricants can be more ideal for anal penetration. This is because the oil-based lubes will not dry up and need to be reapplied often as water-based lubricant would. This poses a problem if you are using a latex condom, but with a polyurethane condom like the ones made by Trojan, you can actually use an oil-based lubricant with your condom to have the most pleasurable experience and prevent STIs during anal sex.

What about Lambskin Condoms?

condoms to use if allergic to latex

We have talked extensively about the different latex alternatives that are sold in most drug stores and by most popular condom brands, but we have yet to talk about the animal skin condom options. This option is only for those who are really wanting to go old school. Some people like them for the feeling and the natural element of animal skin. They are made out of lamb’s intestine, and they are specifically preserved in a way that will make them effective. Don’t go trying to take the casing off of sausage when you’re in a pinch! All jokes aside, lambskin condoms have a lot of benefits. They are said to have a more skin-like feeling, which makes for more intimate and pleasurable penetration. They are also biodegradable, meaning that depending on your feeling about the use of animal products, you might feel good about less plastic in the landfill. Furthermore, they are, without a doubt, the less common and more luxurious option. Despite the fact that they are not common, big brands such as Trojan do have a product made out of lambskin. Lambskin condoms are more expensive, but they are readily available online and in sex shops that carry them. The lambskin condoms might be effective for preventing unwanted pregnancy, but do be advised that they are not as effective in preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted infections. The pores in the animal skin are small enough that they do not allow for the passage of sperm, but they aren’t small enough to keep viruses from moving freely through the material.

Now that you have plenty of options for latex-free condoms in your arsenal, you get to decide which option is the most appropriate and fitting for your needs. Enjoy trying out all of these different latex-free condoms and feel good about the fact that you are taking responsibility for your sexual and physical health!

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