What is the Best Natural Lubricant: Organic Lubes

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Best natural lube

These days you have to be careful about what you put in and on your body. There are loads of chemicals used as fillers and preservatives for everyday cosmetics and foods that are potentially cancer causing and harmful to the body. If you are someone who cares to keep their diet natural and healthy, you should also invest in that same care when it comes to your sexual health by using all natural lube.

Have you ever thought about what goes into the lubricants that you can purchase for cheap at a convenience store or a club bathroom vending machine? Those are probably not the things that you want to be going into one of the most intimate parts of your body. Safe natural lubricants are where it’s at. If you’ve ever had problems with irritation, itching or infection after using a certain kind of lubricant, you shouldn’t simply nix the idea of lube altogether.

Adding lubricant for sexual activities can increase pleasure and decrease any irritation caused by friction, and if you’re engaging in anal play you’re really going to want to use lube liberally. Don’t toss the idea of lube just because the artificial sex lubes you were using were more irritating than helpful!

The use of natural organic lube can totally improve your sex life and save you from discomfort, irritation, itching, redness and in some cases infection. What is the best natural lubricant? Read our list of the top natural lubes to use and find out. 

What can be used as a natural lubricant

all natural lube

Some of the best natural lube might be sitting in your pantry right now. While you might not have expected that the oils that you cook with could double as natural edible lube, there are certainly a few kitchen staples that can be reached for when a steamy moment arises.

One of the most natural lube options is coconut oil. This thick oil is a really good natural lubricant and for some people, the only lube they use! It has antimicrobial properties so it does have the ability to kill any harmful bacteria that might be lingering where it is unwanted, but be cautious about this if you are prone to vaginal infection. For some people, coconut oil can kill the good bacteria, leaving them more vulnerable for overgrowths of things they don’t want.

For others, coconut oil is a miracle product that keeps everything in ship shape. If you know you’re really sensitive, try a small amount of this first to see how you like it. The other alternative lubricant for intercourse that you probably have in your kitchen is olive oil. That’s right, some extra virgin olive oil could really get things going if you want to use it this way. This is another one to be wary of if you’re super sensitive.

Another thing about oil based lubricants such as these natural ones is that they’re nice for anal play because unlike water based lubes they won’t evaporate so you won’t have to reapply as much. This isn’t quite as ideal for vaginal intercourse because it could be a hassle to get out of the vagina once the fun is over. Water based lubricants will naturally be easier to evacuate from the vagina because of their chemical composition, but oil based lubes will take some time to get out of there.

Never douche or try to manually wash the vagina! Like a cat, the vagina is self-cleaning and might react badly to you trying to clean it! You don’t need to go in there and try to do its job for it. The vagina lubricates and sheds cells all the time in order to clean and restore itself to the perfect balance of flora.

Another thing to be wary of if you’re looking to use an oil based lube like coconut or olive oil, you should note that these substances can erode condoms and render them ineffective. For this reason, if you’re using a latex condom as your only form of birth control or STI prevention, you should probably go with one of the natural water based lubricants.

What are some natural lubricants sold in stores?

natural lube brands

If you’re very sensitive or prone to chronic infections, you might want to go with a natural lubricant that is made specifically with you in mind. When shopping for lubricants at a sex shop, there will be many options that are supposed to make you feel tingly, or warm, or taste like strawberries.

These are probably not the best for your nether regions, and while the effect sounds appealing at first, it becomes a nightmare when it causes itching, burning or irritation later on. When shopping for lube, avoid anything that has parabens, additives, sugars (this will knock out most of the lubes that market themselves as fun flavored lubricant), fragrances (same idea), petrochemicals, plastics and spermicide.

Why no spermicide? The chemicals used to make spermicidal lube could potentially irritate the vagina and make for an infection or inflammation that would not be nice at all. Additionally, spermicide doesn’t really do much when it comes to preventing unwanted pregnancies. Instead of using spermicidal lube, use condoms, the oral contraceptive pill or an IUD for a more efficient form of birth control.

So what are some good natural lube options that are not going to give someone with sensitivities any irritation? One of our favorite natural lube brands is Aloe Cadabra, which is an all natural lube for sensitive skin made from the aloe vera plant. The great thing about this lube is that it is perfectly safe to use with barrier method forms of contraceptives such as condoms and dental dams. It is soothing, smooth and good for you, not to mention that it is a totally naturally derived formula free of any parabens, additives or sugars.

Another great one of our favorite natural lube alternatives is Sylk Personal Lubricant, which is a natural water based lube that is also totally condom and dental dam friendly. If you’re looking for a great oil based lube for anal, Sliquid Organics Natural Lubricating Gel has got you covered.

Not only does Sliquid have this amazing natural oil based lube, but you can also find natural water based lubricants from Sliquid, making it suitable for condom use. This gives Sliquid a gold star in our book, as keeping many different varieties of natural lube on the shelves makes this brand possibly the best natural lube for sex.

What is the best natural lubricant for women?

natural lube alternatives

As mentioned earlier, the vagina can be a little bit more finicky and prone to infection than some of the other human oraphuses. This means it is really important to make sure that what you put in the vagina is not going to disturb the naturally well balanced flora that exists there.

Lubes with glycerin (aka sugars) can cause yeast infections, lubes with scents can cause irritation, and lubes with parabens are not likely to be good for you in the long run (hint potential carcinogen), so in order to avoid these things you’re going to need an amazing natural female lubricant. 

Some people have less vaginal sensitivity than others, and may find that they’re fine after using lubes containing these things, but you never know when something might just cause some irritation, and in the long run, natural lubricant will be much better for you than cheap strawberry lube from the sex shop.

Überlube Luxury Lubricant is a great option, possibly the best. It is water based which is perfect for using with condoms (or sex toys) and it won’t leave residue in the vagina. It is also made with only four ingredients and it is raved about for being great for people with allergies or sensitivities. It is a bit on the pricey side, but if you want to put your comfort first, invest in this one for sure!

Now that you have some great and useful information about what should and shouldn’t be going in your body via your personal lubricant, you are ready to make an informed decision about what kind of lube to use.

When purchasing, remember to avoid anything that has scents or fragrances, glycerin, parabens, flavors, petrochemicals or spermicide. If you’re going to use an oil based lube, you won’t be able to use a condom, so plan accordingly.

Water based lubes are safe to pair with condoms and sex toys, so if you’re using something water based, go ahead and rock out with any and all of those things. Natural lubes are great, but oil based lubes can sometimes leave a residue, so be aware of this before grabbing the organic coconut oil or olive oil from the pantry.

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