What are the Best LGBT Shows Out There: The Ultimate LGBTQ+ TV Show Watch List

  • Jul.23.2021
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best lgbt shows

Best LGBT Shows

June may be over, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop finding ways to celebrate queerness and the LGBTQ+ community. If you’re looking to #keepthatsameenergy you might be interested in finding more things to watch, listen to and learn that continue on with the celebration of LGBTQ+ content. You may have read my articles about the top LGBTQ+ movies and the most iconic gay anthems, but today we’re going to talk about the top LGBT shows to binge. This helpful guide will take you through the best LGBT TV shows from the past and the present, and let me tell you there are quite a few absolute gems. Without further ado, let’s get to our comprehensive list of LGBT TV shows to watch ASAP.

Queer Eye

Queer Eye, previously “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” is a popular queer tv show about love, acceptance and getting your life together. In the show, five queer and thriving human beings take on the challenge of helping people who have been having a hard time getting everything in their life on track. From makeovers to home improvement projects to therapy, each episode takes a chosen real life person on a journey of self-improvement with the help of the five show hosts. Be aware that this LGBT TV series can be a bit of a tear jerker, so bring a box of tissues with you for viewing.


Glee is a wildly successful TV show from the 2000s that followed the lives of highschoolers in the glee club. It was certainly an important on our list of TV shows with LGBT characters with its illustration of the journey, struggle and important coming of age stories of characters who come to terms with their sexualities while in highschool. From its marvelous musical mashups to its heartfelt monologs and intimate scenes, It certainly makes our list of important gay and lesbian tv shows.

The L Word

One of the most important gay drama series of all time, The L Word is a TV show about Lesbian and Queer women living in Los Angeles California, and the ways in which their genders and sexualities color the way they are treated and how they move through the world. It was a queer TV series that made a huge impact on a lot of people’s lives and adolescence because it was one of the few series of its kind at the time of its 2004 debut.


One of the more recent on our list of popular gay TV shows is the hit series Euphoria. Euphoria stars Zendaya, a highschooler who struggles with substance abuse issues who finds romance with a transgender girl named Jules, a new student from another district who comes into her life at just the right time. The show follows the intricate and juicy drama that I can’t say went down at my highschool, but that certainly makes for one of the best tv shows with LGBT characters. It’s hard not to have your eyes glued to the screen at all times when watching this brilliant show with dazzling colors, complex relationships, makeup that inspires trends and arguably some of the best gay storylines on TV.

Sex Education

Sex Education is another show about a character navigating highschool and one of the most wonderful gay comedy tv shows you can watch these days. It is a relatively recent show that follows the main character Otis, a slightly awkward and gangly British teen, through a complex plot to earn money and friendships by running a sex therapy business out of his highschool’s public bathroom. His mother, played by Gillian Anderson, is a registered sex therapist who has published books and gotten many prestigious degrees. Otis, however, is a virgin with a gentle bedside manner and a lot of practical advice. His best friend in the series is a gay guy with a vibrant personality and (spoiler alert) a love interest in season two turns out to be less interested in Otis and eventually more interested in girls. This show illustrates the complexity of sexuality and sex in ways that the viewer might learn from while simultaneously finding charming and hilarious.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race

An absolute must-watch for anyone who hasn’t seen it, Ru Paul’s Drag Race is an essential and iconic competition in which drag queens from all over the world compete to win over the judges and win the title of Ru Paul’s top drag queen. With many seasons, spin-offs and global locations for filming, Ru Paul’s drag race is certainly one of the best queer TV shows ever made. The show is funny, charming, touching, brilliant, unique, creative and exciting. It educates as it makes you laugh, cry and stand in awe of the talented individuals competing. There is plenty of drama, plenty of humor and plenty of marvelous looks.

Orange is the New Black

Certainly one of the most popular and best LGBT shows on Netflix, Orange is the New Black is a TV series that made waves as one of the first globally renowned Netflix originals to be produced. The show takes inspiration from the memoirs of Piper Kerman to create the main character, Piper Chapman, whose girlfriend gets her involved in international drug trafficking and lands them both in a women’s correctional facility. In the prison, plenty of twists and turns reveal the hardships and details of everyday life in prison. The show has plenty of steamy lesbian sex scenes and illustrations of the complicated experience of sexuality in an all women’s correctional facility.


This recent show on FX about LQBTQ+ life, drag balls, and drag culture in the 1980s covers so many issues from the past that still surface today. The way that the show details the rise of Donald Trump foreshadows what will happen in the future when he becomes president. The show is smart, quick, thrilling and heart breaking. It covers topics like the AIDS epidemic, LGBTQ+ struggles and identity, race, politics and sex work. It is an absolute must add to your important gay tv shows list and it also includes a lot of absolutely breath taking dance and fashion.


This new show on Amazon Prime is about siblings who deal with questioning themselves and their lives as their parent comes out as transgender. The show gives a detailed look into the ways in which family and friends color our understanding of gender norms, sexuality, and personal explorations and growth. It is a good TV series to watch if you’re looking for LGBTQ+ series.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A show about a teenage vampire slayer with a talking cat is one that has inspired a lot of fanfictions and personal sexual awakening stories for a lot of girls who like girls. This TV series is an iconic one for many lesbians and queer people, who remember it fondly and rewatch it often.

Now that you have this list of great LGBTQ+ TV series, the issue won’t be what to watch, but which show to watch first. It is easy to go on a binge of these excellent shows, and if you accidentally watch a whole season in one night, no one would blame you!

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