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  • Nov.26.2021
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what is the best hookup app

Are you in a bit of a dating slump? Did the pandemic leave you feeling less interested in leaving your house to try to find a date and more engaged in the online scene? Do you want to hook up with someone who is in the same boat as you? It seems like these days the most common and popular way to meet up with people is through a smartphone application.

Hey, if you can get a hot meal delivered with the swipe of a finger, or finish your bachelor’s degree with video calling apps, why couldn’t you use your phone or computer to find love (or maybe just lust)? Dating networks have been around since the beginning of human history, whether that be through matchmakers or newspaper advertisements.

These days, smartphone apps are where it’s at. We truly are living in an era of advanced technology. Learning the lay of the land with these apps isn’t second nature, and there are definitely pros and cons to using them for the purpose of finding a new hookup partner.

If you’re looking to use an online dating app or a hookup app to meet someone new, you should probably select the best hookup apps for your intended purposes. There are plenty of apps out there that are used for dating, meeting people, and even making new friends. But hey, is there an app just for hooking up? The answer to this question is yes! Infact, there are hundreds of apps to find hookups in the app store.

There are some that you may have heard of and others that are a little bit less mainstream. Be cautious when downloading or purchasing an adult hookup app without knowing whether it’s a good one or not. Although there are a lot of apps like this out there, not all of them are the best app for hookups. This article will give you the information you need to find hookup apps that actually work.

What is the best hookup app?

apps to find hookups

There are plenty of top hookup apps available for download right now. Although Tinder is a classic option, there are so many more apps around for you to try out if Tinder isn’t your thing. From Hinge to Adultfriendfinder to Grindr, there are so many choices that can be perfectly suitable for your unique needs and situation. Want to hook up with someone who you know a lot of information about first? Maybe try Hinge or Bumble. Want to hook up with someone with no strings attached? Maybe try adultfriendfinder or Grindr. Whatever your interest may be and however serious you want this hookup to be, we’ve got you covered with this list of the best hookup apps for iphone and android hookup apps. Do hookup apps work? Check out what people have to say about these popular examples to find out.


Most people in the dating pool have heard about, and possibly taken a go at, the king of the easy hookup apps called Tinder. Tinder is an app that has been around for some time now, and as its user base has grown the features that it includes have increased and become more user friendly. Of all of the apps out there, this one is one of the most popular hookup apps for a reason. While it is more and more frequently becoming the spark that ignites a flame of love leading to a long term relationship or even marriage, it is most well known for being a good app to use for casual dating and hookups. Tinder is a starting point for getting to know someone. The profile that you can create on Tinder is very image centric, and while new features make it easier to display information about who you are and what you’re interested in, the information you can share on your profile is not so extensive, and the method of searching for potential dates on tinder makes it easy to just scroll through profiles like they’re pages in a magazine instead of complex individuals. This being said, once you swipe right on someone and they swipe right on you, you can then have a conversation which may lead to getting to know each other, or simply making plans to meet up. Another thing to keep in mind about Tinder is that it can be easy to find yourself frustrated with the casual and non-committal experience that Tinder can bring about. Because it’s so easy to swipe through mindlessly, you might miss out on an awesome match, or get too overwhelmed with matches to follow through on setting up a date with someone who you may have really gotten along with. Alternatively, you might see someone’s profile and think they would be great to meet in real life, only to be disappointed with the lack of compatibility because of the less descriptive user profiles that Tinder uses. Although it isn’t perfect, Tinder continues to be one of the most popular hookup apps in the app store. It has options for many different sexualities and gender identities, and it finds singles in your area in real time. You can also get a premium membership which allows you to have more features that could simplify the process of matching and chatting.


Bumble is known as more of a woman-centric dating app. This is because the app’s design makes it so that the women on the app have to message first in order for a match to occur. This can be a bit confusing for LGBTQ+ dating, but for straight men and women, this one can be a great option. Bumble can be liberating for the women who are tired of feeling like dating apps are just full of non-committal or lewd men. While this app may seem like it is for people looking for a more serious thing, it can be used however you want to use it. If you are a straight man, you may have to pay more for a bumble subscription, and it would be more convenient to use a different dating app for hooking up, if your mission is just to hook up once or twice. But the casual flings do still happen with this app, so go into every experience with an open mind, and be clear about your intentions from the start. Many people on Bumble may be looking for something short, spontaneous and spicy.


Hinge is an app with the motto that their users would be able to delete the app for good once they use it to find a great match. While a lot of people do find relationships on hinge, it can also be good apps for hooking up. The thing about Hinge is that it has a lot more information and more of a communicative layout which can take you away from the image-centric concept of other apps like Tinder. With personalized answers to questions being of equal importance to pictures on a user profile, this app is a lot more telling about the person’s personality, which may help you know whether you want to hook up with them, date them, or navigate away from their profile for good. Another thing that makes using Hinge a slower and more thoughtful process is that you get a limited number of matches per day, so you can’t mindlessly scroll through profiles and accumulate a lot of matches that you’re not actually interested in meeting up with. That makes you pay closer attention to the people that you match with and act with more selectiveness. For some people, this makes it a much slower process, but thankfully if you find this feature to be slowing you down too much, there is a way around it. You can buy a premium subscription which allows you to have more matches per day.


Feeld is an app that is LGBTQ+ and kink friendly and great for finding hookups online. Field calls itself a place for eccentric interests, and it would help you match with and meet up with likeminded people who are interested in exploring sexuality and sexual expression. It is also very well moderated to keep users safe from hate speech and unsolicited nudes. If you’re looking for safe hookup apps, this one gets gold stars for safety as well as inclusivity and explorative potential. It does have to sync to your Facebook account, which is a con for some people, but it doesn’t share any of your information to the site whatsoever. You can use a free version or purchase a premium subscription to unlock more features.


Grindr is the go to casual hookup app for gay men. It is anonymous and discreet if you want it to be, and that means it can get pretty unhinged. It tells you when you are close to other users in your area, and you can find all sorts of people on the app. While it used to be used by predominantly gay men, it is also open to be used by people in the LGBTQ+ community who do not identify as a gay man. It is one of the most top rated hookup apps around these days, so if it sounds like something that suits you, you can be sure that there will be plenty of users on the app to interact with.

Adult Friend FinderAdultfriendfinder is one of the great hook up apps for, well, hooking up! It is ideal for finding people that share similar sexual interests and want to meet up to explore them with you. Of all of the apps out there, this one can be seen as a guaranteed hookup app. This is because it’s users are on the app for the distinct purpose of finding a casual sex partner. The profiles are extensive and it has a huge user base that would guarantee that you would be able to find someone with similar interests. The free version is rumoured to be a bit limited, but the premium subscription is sure to get you all you could desire from a hookup app and more.

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